180 degree rotation and SD mode

With an incredible new lens and sensor, you can see the entire room or pinch to zoom in on the small details

180 degree rotation and SD mode

Iplivecams HD video monitoring cameras received a software update this past week to provide some new features. The new options are available in the Settings dialog found in the Iplivecams CPanel.

  • 180 degree rotation
  • HD/SD mode
  • Updated motion/audio detection system
  • Other bug fixes

You do not need to do anything to receive this update. Your Iplivecams HD will automatically update if it is powered and connected to the internet.

Mount your camera upside down with 180 degree rotation

Many users place their Iplivecams HD cameras on shelves or mount them on walls. If you want to place a Iplivecams on a ceiling or upside down, you can now flip the camera view 180 degrees with one click.

Save bandwidth by switching to SD mode

Are you experiencing dropped video? Do you have Internet bandwidth caps due to your service provider? If so, you can now switch your Iplivecams HD to standard definition (SD) mode, which will lower the average upload bandwidth from 200 kilobits per second (kb/s) to 100 kb/s.

Iplivecam’s event detection thumbnails continue to improve

As our motion and audio detection schemes evolve, you should see greater accuracy in event detection notifications. This software update provides more accurate, useful thumbnails in your viewer timelines when looking at events in your browser. iPhone or Android devices will also have better thumbnail accuracy.

Additional bug fixes enhance your Iplivecams experience

You should see an improved 2-way audio experience and increased stability with this release.


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