Using your available bandwidth

How Iplivecams uses your available bandwidth to instantly bring you peace of mind on the go

How Iplivecams Uses Your Available Bandwidth to Instantly Bring You Peace of Mind On the Go

Iplivecams WiFi security cameras stream video securely to you using your available bandwidth–in other words, your Internet connection. You can view live video of your home, your pets, or your loved ones from anywhere at anytime for peace of mind.

What is Bandwidth

You’ve heard people say “my Internet is fast” before right? Your Internet speed refers to your available bandwidth. In other words, “my Internet is fast” actually means “I’ve got lots of free bandwidth!” The easiest way to understand bandwidth is through the following example.

Imagine a multi-lane highway with cars traveling over it. The cars are data and the highway lanes are bandwidth. If the lanes are empty, the cars (your video data) can travel up and down the highway quickly and easily. If the lanes are narrow and there’s a lot of traffic, the cars take much longer to travel. Similarly, your video data travels across the Internet to you using your available bandwidth.

The more bandwidth you have –> the faster your data can travel –> the faster your Iplivecams security camera shows you what’s going on at home or work.

How Much Bandwidth Does Iplivecams Use?

Iplivecams uses around 150 kilobits per second (kbps) of your upload bandwidth to securely stream your video. This means that your Iplivecams is monitoring what you want it to every second of every day. Unlike similar WiFi security cameras, Iplivecams uses very little bandwidth and lets you:

  • Stream high quality H.264 video securely
  • Record video on your Iplivecams DVR for peace of mind on the go
  • Review any detected motion or audio in your online DVR

Iplivecams lets you instantly watch what you love for your peace of mind.

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Curious about how much bandwidth you have? Run a Speed Test service to find out! Remember, your Iplivecams WiFi security camera uses about 150 kbps or .15 megabits per second (Mbps). As a rule of thumb, try to keep around half of your bandwidth free for your personal use!


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