For small business

It’s what they want to keep an eye on all the time

For small business

We always think of Iplivecams as something for home - to keep an eye on our kids, our pets, our stuff. But for a lot of small business owners, a store can be just as important as a home. It’s where they focus so much of their attention, their energy, their hopes. It’s what they want to keep an eye on all the time.

Like when someone steals 46 bicycles from their bike shop.

A couple weeks ago, thieves broke into Bay Area Bikes in Oakland and made off with dozens of their best-sellers. It was a huge loss, but police made arrests almost immediately and started finding the bikes.

Iplivecams lets you check in when you’re not there, get alerts if there’s motion, and save and share video clips. If something important goes missing, that video may be the only way to find it.

And it’s not just good for the scary stuff. Iplivecams can also be a way for customers to connect to your business. Small business owners across the country are using Iplivecams to let customers see how busy the shop is, or watch musicians playing, or check the line for coffee.

  • It’s perfect if you have a guitar store and a mom who likes to check on your inventory;
  • Or if you teach mixed martial arts;
  • Or if an earthquake shakes things up;
  • Or you work at the Metro Richmond Zoo and want to share the cheetah cubs with the world (and, frankly, who wouldn’t).


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