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The bombings of World War II caused as much damage as the great fires of the past, and in 1944 the smaller arch of the valley bridge was also damaged. Thanks to the engineer Aladár Márföldy from Veszprém, the larger arch of the then seven-year-old viaduct was saved. According to the plans, Veszprém had to become an industrial and scientific center. This is why the Veszprém University of Chemical Industry was established in 1949 together with several research institutes. The work of the institutes was related to the training of local chemical engineers, but also to the large chemical companies in the area. This planned - and we can already say that it was forced - development was accompanied by a sudden increase in the population of the city, the housing estates and the house factory came.

The third aspiration: Veszprém should be a cultural center! This was the goal that the people of Veszprém, who respect tradition, could feel the most. For decades, the city has had its own independent theater company, a museum known throughout Europe, famous schools, cultural institutions, and a musical life that has already attracted visitors from all five parts of the world to the International Singing Week or the European Cantat Festival. Exhibition halls and galleries are open, and guests welcomed in Veszprém are representatives of various branches of art.

The period from 1945 to the present day is, in fact, recent, from which we have been able to learn several chapters since the change of regime. We can say, for example, that among the famous bishops of Veszprém was József Mindszenty, the prince-prince of martyrdom, who held the office of archbishop in Veszprém in 1944-45. The Bishop of Veszprém also became Cardinal László Lékai and then László Paskai.

In 1990, Dr. Árpád Brusznyai, who was the president of the Veszprém County National Revolutionary Council in 1956, received a memorial plaque in the castle. The high school teacher would face life imprisonment after the defeat of the revolution, but several protested the county party committee - they demanded a harsher sentence.

Veszprém is a county town, whose life has undergone significant changes in the last decade. We managed to prevent the planned destruction of the city, to start the reconstruction of the Old Town.

Urban development was pursued both literally and figuratively by the bodies following the change of regime; the city self-government, which elected the then 33-year-old agricultural engineer, László Dióssy as mayor, is the county self-government, whose first chairman was Dr. Gábor Zongor. The first Minister of the Interior of the Hungarian government elected after the change of regime is the lawyer from Veszprém, dr. Balázs Horváth.

After the change of regime, but of course independently of it, a significant change took place at the head of the diocese of Veszprém, as it became the seat of the archbishop of Veszprém. His first archbishop was Dr. József Szendi, who had been the bishop of the church until then.

The city of queens is home to residents who adhere to traditions, are proud of their values, and are happy to join in on a new initiative that will make the beautiful place even more. The vibrant, colorful economic life will hopefully soon provide a solution to today’s problems: parking garages, a south-facing shopping mall, a much-anticipated new hotel will be built, and the reconstruction of the Old Town may be completed. And if we have it all, we'll figure something out anyway.

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