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  • Aberdeen Downtown
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Change is imminent

All around us, in our downtown, things are changing. Some for the good, others for the not so good. A major development is beginning to become a reality and several stores are closing. Properties are being renovated and properties are being left to decay. All across the country, downtowns are being revitalized. In fact, over 1,700 programs are currently under way; most of which have been initiated by a city official or a downtown association. For nearly two years you’ve been hearing about the Business Improvement District and some of you have expressed your interest and concerns with the concept. The ultimate purpose of the BID is to assess a special tax on all properties within the 24 block "core" area of our downtown. This money will then be used to make improvements to the district.

In many communities, downtowns are being revitalized by downtown associations because the downtowners are the ones who have the most to benefit (and the most to lose if things don’t change). However, downtown revitalizations benefit the entire community with increased traffic to the core area, more unique shops and restaurants, events, and a well preserved collection of buildings used for dwellings, offices or stores. Revitalized downtowns quickly become a source of community pride for communities.

Aberdeen is a city of about 25,000 people in northeastern South Dakota. The city was founded in 1881 as a railroad stop and named for the Scottish hometown of the railroad president. As a temporary end-of-the-line town for the railroad, Aberdeen quickly became popular with land speculators, business people, and other adventurous types.

Early promoters saw a bright future for the city. Anticipating its selection as capital of a new state of Dakota, they nicknamed it the Hub City. When statehood plans didn’t go their way, flexible Aberdonians reapplied their nickname to the city’s role as a hub of railroad activity, and the name stuck.

Aberdeen enters the 21st century well positioned to take advantage of the best in high technology as it continues to focus on the values, hard work, and entrepreneurial spirit that helped it rise to prominence.

The Aberdeen Downtown Association (ADA) is a working group of individuals who want to make a difference in the downtown area of Aberdeen. We work in a 24 block core area; 6th Ave to RR Ave and from 2nd Street to Washington Street. We are all volunteers. Some of the people involved are from the core area that own businesses, are property owners, work and/or live in the core area. Many have no ties to the core other than that they want to help preserve and enhance our downtown because they think its worth the effort. We have several committees for people to get involved with which encompasses most people’s interests. We're sure we have one that you would like to get involved with. Committees meet, on average, once a month. We have lots of room for people to become involved. Everyone's idea and opinion is important.

Living downtown puts you close to the action. Shopping during the day, nightlife, and a wide variety of stores within walking distance. In a world of convienence, downtown is the place to be.

There are plenty of places in town to locate your business, but downtown provides a thriving, lively area where customers enjoy going. They can find items that are not available in strip malls and big discount chains. For businesses, downtown offers buildings with character and history. It has other amenities to support employees and business.

Downtown provides stability for business with support services within walking distance such as banking, governmental services, and supplies. Being downtown allows for a great work atmosphere as it provides a diversion and moral booster for employees on breaks, before and after work hours. Downtown also provides an on-going marketing opportunity for your business as well as employee recruitment with continual daily traffic passing by your business.

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