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A city at the base of Eyjafjörður Fjord in northern Iceland


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Eyjafjörður is one of the longest fjords in Iceland

Akureyri bustling with life - Akureyri bustles with life the year round. The town’s 16,000 residents make it the most populous town by far outside the capital city area. Akureyri is an entrepreneuri- al and service centre for all of North Iceland. Two of Iceland’s largest fisheries companies operate there, and the tourism industry is always growing in import- ance. Akureyri is a stone’s throw from many of Iceland’s natural treasures, and the town is a popular place for shorter or longer stops. An estimated 180,000 tourists visit the town each year.

Culture & the arts

The town’s museums are an inexhaustible so- urce of lore, beauty and entertainment. Artists’ Alley is one of the Akureyri’s most colourful neig- hbourhoods; its exhibitions have won deserved attention. The Folk Museum boasts remarkable exhibits, providing an entertaining perspective on the settled area’s development from the arrival of the first settlers to the present. The Town of Akureyri has fostered some of Iceland’s most beloved writers, such as Davíd Stefánsson, Matthías Jochumsson and Jón Sveinsson (Nonni). Commemorative museums and an information centre are operated in the town: Davídshús, Sigurhædir and Nonnahús. Among other things, Matthías Jochumsson wrote the poem providing the verses of the Iceland’s National Anthem, and Jón Sveinsson is one of Iceland’s most famous authors abroad. Other museums are worth mentioning, such as the Flight Museum and Museum of Industry, and two of the town’s most outstanding institutions, the Akureyri Theatre , the only professional theatre outside the capital city area, and the North Iceland Symphony, should not be forgotten.

Summer Art Fest

Each year there is a programme of culture and art called Summer Art Fest , which runs from mid-June to the end of August. This provides a colla- borative platform for those organising cultural events in Akureyri during the summer. The Fest opens the way for those wanting to stage cultural events in the town at this time, and the arts society Gilfélagid and the board of Summer Art Fest organise various events. The high point of Summer Art Fest is the Akureyri Arts Vigil held at the end of August. There, all the stops are pulled out and people enjoy fun and culture till the wee hours.

Artists' Alley

The centre of cultural life in Akur- eyri is on Kaup- vangsstræti, which curves through Grófargil in the middle of Akureyri. This street’s nickname is Artists’ Alley. These include the Akureyri Art Museum, the Ak- ureyri School of Visual Arts, and North Iceland artists’ studios, smaller galleries, restaurants, the multipurpose Deiglan and Ketilhús and guest studios for artists coming from all over.

Getting to & Leaving Akureyri

All communications to the town are easy, whether by air or land. Air Iceland has scheduled flights many times a day from Reykjavik, and Nordurleid buses run on the 380-kilometre route between Akureyri and Reykjavik.

Relaxation & Entertainment

Nature and outdoor recreation - There is contiguous open area around Akureyri where the biosphere and landscape are extremely diverse, and vegetation in many places is especially lush. In this regard, the Ós- hólmur area of the Eyjafjarðará River south of the town, Krossanesborgir north of the Glerárthorp area and Kjarna- skógur Wood, which is part of a forested, recreational area planned to surround the Town of Akureyri. Walking paths lie throughout Kjarnaskógur, and there is playground equip- ment, resting spots and barbecue facilities. Glerá River flows through Glerárdalur Valley, and its landscape is varied. Those desiring longer, guided hikes can turn to the Akur- eyri Touring Club, which offers numerous, organised hikes during the summer and cross-country skiing during the wint- er. Also, horses can be rented for a special way to ex- perience the area’s nature. One of Akur- eyri’s gems, it was founded by women in 1911, and it conta- ins nearly every plant found in Iceland as well as about 4,000 foreign plants.

Swimming and golf - The Akureyri Swimming Pool is one of the most popular pools in the country; every year about 300,000 people go there. The pool area has a 25-m competition swimming pool along with four geothermal hot pots, a Turkish bath, wa- terslides, a children’s pool as well as an indoor and outdoor pool. Next to the pool is a family garden with popular playground equipment. In the Glerá School Sports Centre there is also a good indoor pool. Akureyri has the northernmost, 18-hole golf course in the world, called Jadarvöllur.

Winter Sports Centre of Iceland - Eyjafjördur Fjord is one of the best places in Iceland for cross-country and downhill skiing. The Town of Akureyri and the Icelandic government began collaborating on the oper- ation of the Winter Sports Centre of Iceland in 1995. Akur- eyri’s ski slopes, which are on Mt. Hlídarfell, 5 km above the town, are in many ways unique. There are also magnificent ice-skating facilities.

Interesting tours - Very popular, guided tours leave from Akureyri year-round to the Lake Mývatn area as well as Jökulsárgljúfur Canyon and Dettifoss Falls. There are many beautiful and fascinating sites near the town, and letting others see to the driving while you listen to knowledgeable guides enhances the tours. There are many interesting spots near Akureyri. Below, a few are mentioned:

Eyjafjördur Fjord - The entire fjord offers many opportunities for relaxation and fun. Interesting museums can be found throughout the fjord, including the Svalbardsströnd Museum, and a short way from Akureyri in Eyjafjardarsveit are Smámunasafnid (Museum of Small Things) and Santa Claus House. Whether you want to go horseback riding, sailing, deep-sea fishing, whale watching, jeeping or sightseeing by plane, Eyjafjördur has it all.

Hrísey Island (20 km) - You drive from Akureyri through Arnarneshreppur Parish. In the farthest part of the parish is Fagriskógur Farm, the birthplace of the poet Davíd Stefansson. A ferry runs from Ár-skógssandur to Hrísey. There are beautiful hiking paths around the island, and it teems with a diversity of birds.

Vaglaskógur Wood (34 km) - Vaglaskógur Wood lies in Fnjóskadalur Valley east of Vadlaheid; it is the second biggest, natural wood in Iceland. The path into the wood lies through Víkurskard, but in the summer the old highway over Vadlaheidi Fell is open. There is a beautiful view from there over Akureyri and Eyjafjördur Fjord.

Grímsey Island - You can reach Grímsey Island by boat or airplane. The Arctic Circle runs through the island, and the birds are extremely diverse. Various species of seabirds nest there in the cliffs, and there are a lot of Arctic terns.

Godafoss Falls (40 km) - Godafoss Falls, which are very high, are one of the most beautiful falls in Iceland. Not far above the falls Skjálfanda- fljót River divides in two around the isle of Hrútey. The blanket of lava along Godafoss, Bárdardalshraun, flowed from Trolladyngja crater north of Vatnajökull Glacier. The lava is ancient, more than 7000 years old. It flowed more than 100 km from its source. The name Godafoss comes from when Thorgeir Ljós- vetningagodi, who was charged with deciding whether Icelanders would remain heathen or adopt Christianity, threw the columns symbolising the heathen religion into the falls, thereby rejecting it.

Mývatnssveit (90 km) - Mývatnssveit is on the edge of an active volcanic belt, and volcanic activity has been high in the region. Lake Mý- vatn is world-famous for its birds, and the countryside has innumerable paths offering many sights. Worth mentioning are Grjótagjá, Dimmuborgir, Hverfjall, Vindbelgjarfjall, Höfdi and Skútustadagígar. On the way from Akureyri to Mývatnssveit, there are many interesting sites. People frequently stop at Godafoss, mentioned previously, which is just off the highway at Foss- hól Farm in Bárdardalur.

Akureyri - the town on the fjord: No clear historical reference is made to Akureyri until 1562. The town’s name is ancient, related to the cultivation of fields (akur), but its growth was initially closely tied to trading and the export of agricultural products. In 1787 a trade monopoly for Iceland was abolished, and Akureyri was one of six trading towns in the country getting market town rights on the occasion. Danes or merchants related to Danes generally handled the trade since Iceland was under the Dan- ish crown. During their long stay, Danes contributed many things to the people of Akureyri, such as potato gardens, for- estry, architecture and culture. The original “Akureyri” is a small gravel bank below Búdargil formed from the deposits of a brook flowing through the gulley. The market town’s first settled area was built there, and the town’s oldest house, Laxdalshús at Hafnarstræti 11, is right there. The house was built in 1795. Oddeyri, the second-oldest part of the town, was an ancient meeting place and assembly site. Oddeyri is mentioned in Víga-Glúm’s Saga and Ljósvetninga Saga.

Jón Arason, the last Catholic Bishop of Iceland, and his sons were convicted of treason there, and their property was confiscated by the King in 1551. The operations of the Gránu- félag Company were in Oddeyri. Founded in 1872, Gránufé- lag conducted Icelanders’ first commerce from Akureyri. For a long time Akureyri’s northern boundary was the Glerá River, and the settlement there, called Glerá Village, was outside the town. However, it was incorporated into the Town of Akureyri in 1995 and its name changed to the Glerá District.

Extensive cultivation - The people of Akureyri were ahead of other Icelanders in cultivation of both trees and plants. Having beautiful gardens next to their houses became an early ambition of the town- speople. This is usually attributed to the influence of the Dan- ish merchants, and the potato gardens created by the Dan- ish merchant Lever at the start of the 19th century are still used today. The Botanical Garden, one of the town’s jewels, was opened in 1912.

Akureyri Church is one of the town’s symbols; it stands on a prominent site, on the edge of a hill above midtown. It was consecrated in 1940. There are many fine things in the church, and everyone notices its stained glass windows. The central picture of each window shows events from the life of Christ. Part of one window comes from the cathedral in Coventry, England. It was removed from the cathedral in 1943 to save it from air attacks during the Second World War and moved to Akureyri.

Akureyri Drama Society - The Akureyri Drama Society was established in 1917 and has been run as a professional company since 1973. The company's permanent locale is the well known "Samkomuhús" (community centre) which was built in 1906 and has always played an important part in the town's social activities. Each winter season 4-5 plays are performed which attract a large number of enthusiastic theatre-goers both from the town itself and from other parts of the country, thus playing a large part in the cultural life of Akureyri.

The ski slopes of Hlíðarfjall are a paradise for skiers; and if you are staying in Akureyri they are right on your doorstep. The ski lodge stands at a height of 506 meters above sea level and can provide sleeping accommodation in twin rooms for 22 persons, besides having a communal sleeping area which can take 70 persons.

The Winter Sports Centre is located at Hlíðarfjall Ski Centre and was established in Akureyri with the signing of an agreement between the Ministry of Education, The Akureyri Municipal Council, The Sports and Olympic Society of Iceland and the Akureyri Sports Association.

The North Iceland Symphony Orchestra works in close cooperation with Akureyri Music School and teachers from this school together with those from schools in the surrounding areas form the kernel of the orchestra. Music students in higher grades are also given the opportunity to take part in performances. This means that students are given as varied an orchestral training as it is possible to give within any one music school. The resident conductor is Guðmundur Óli Gunnarsson and the managing director is Þórarinn Stefánsson.

Top 15 Beautiful location To Visit On A Vacation To Iceland

In the past few years, Iceland has become one among the most well liked travel destinations.

If you love waterfalls, you will love Iceland, here you will see different waterfalls for your tour.

With such a lot of wonderful photos being shared of Iceland on thereforecial media it’s terribly simple to induce galvanized to jaunt Iceland so I finally gave in and purchased Associate in Nursing plane ticket to Iceland myself.

Bringing on my responsible Canon DSLR camera and alittle backpack, I spent Associate in Nursing epic week exploring a number of Iceland’s most stunning locations in an exceedingly camper van rental. The trip designing was super straightforward as most of Iceland’s attractions ar placed on its main route referred to as the bypass, additionally referred to as Route one, and don’t need abundant detouring off the bypass so as to go to them.

After outlay every week traveling around this wonderful island I needed to share a straightforward photographic guide with a number of my favorite locations for anyone designing a visit to Iceland themselves.

Here are Top 15 Places to go to On A Vacation To Iceland:

Seljalandsfoss Waterfall

Seljalandsfoss is one in every of the tallest and most well liked waterfalls to visualize in southern Iceland and that i counsel to create it the primary stop on the route drive. With its grandness and wonder, it’ll simply take your breath away! Visiting Seljalandsfoss is that the good place to kickstart your road trip around Iceland if you’re driving the island counter clock-wise.

Seljalandsfoss water is well settled simply some steps aloof from a parking zone and guests will walk around and behind this beauty. however though the hike to the present water is super shot, it’s additionally terribly slippery and muddy thus make certain to bring a decent combine of hiking shoes with you to Iceland. My favorite hiking shoes area unit these Vasque boots that area unit terribly comfy and slip resistant.

Gljúfrabúi Waterfall

The Gljúfrabúi Waterfall is hidden in an exceedingly cave simply a number of minutes walking distance from Seljalandsfoss. The cave contains a wide gap wherever guests will enter and explore it however if you are doing, check that to wear a water-proof jacket and hiking shoes as you’ll get pretty soaked coming into the cave.

Photographing Gljúfrabúi may be quite tough as a result of the mist from the falls can get everything wet inside seconds. If you don’t wish to induce your camera wet, my tip is to bring a camera lens and photograph the falls from outside the cave or bring some form of rain proof gear for your camera.

While I packed for my Iceland trip flare and brought on solely a couple of items of article of clothing, I did bring on my favorite Northface yellow rain jacket. Not solely it unbroken American state heat and dry, however it additionally additional a pleasant color pop to my photos.

Seljavallalaug Hot Pool

One of the foremost standard photographic locations within the Instagram travel world is that the Seljavallalaug hot pool. placed within the wild, its painting look could be a hot pool enclosed by soaring mountains. however as a result of this hot pool is extremely standard, you would possibly find yourself sharing it with several others. Get there early if you wish to avoid the crowds! and also the better part, this pool is totally free.

Skógafoss Waterfall

Who wouldn’t get excited to travel up about to a water to expertise it’s grandness because it soars down a cliff? I certain do!

At the Skógafoss waterfall, guests will hike around it, higher than it or walk up thereto as shut as they need. The Skógafoss waterfall is extremely straightforward to access that makes it a extremely standard travel stop on the route drive.

One of the good elements of this water is that the land site situated right next thereto. though I had a campervan rental on this trip that I may sleep in, for around $30 you’ll be able to additionally got wind of a tent within the grass space right ahead of the Skógafoss water. What a higher thanks to begin the day than awakening to the sound of a waterfall?

Kirkjufjara Black Sand Beach

Most of Iceland’s beaches are stuffed with stunning volcanic black sand. a well-liked beach in Iceland to look at this black sand is that the Kirkjufjara beach. At this beach, guests will explore the black beach from a viewpoint, hike around and even see the lovable Icelandic puffins up shut.

Kirkjufjara beach may be a protected wild|geographic area|geographical region|geographic region}area which implies that access to most places on this beach is restricted to preserve it. If you would like to photograph the lovable puffins up shut, you’ll wish to bring a strong camera lens to urge the most effective shot.

Scenic Green Lava Walk

A quick stop on the route is that the Scenic inexperienced volcanic rock Walk. The volcanic rock Walk may be a viewpoint and a brief hike through mossy volcanic rock rocks. though it’s not precisely a “wow” spot like a number of the waterfalls or iceberg lakes you’ll see on the drive, it’s a worthy stop to stretch out your legs and choose a fast walk.

Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon

One of the foremost lovely places to go to in Iceland is that the Fjaðrárgljúfur ravine. This ravine is therefore exciting, it’s nearly exhausting to explain in words.

The ravine consists of a brief hike on steep formation walls that area unit overgrown with inexperienced bryophyte and a watercourse running through it on very cheap. Hikers will favor to hike on prime of the cliffs or conjointly walk down through the watercourse. the doorway here is free therefore make certain to line aside many hours to completely fancy this place.

Svartifoss Waterfall

With its volcanic rock columns, Svartifoss Waterfalls may be a must-see stop within the Skaftafell parkland. The landscape in Iceland is really quite just like OR and through my trip, i used to be able to spot ten similar attractions in Iceland that looked a bit like OR.

The Svartifoss falls in Iceland is found at the tip of a 30-45 minute hike up a steep however well-traveled path. The falls encompasses a viewing platform placed next to that for guests since hiking on the rocks and vegetation is very discouraged.

For photography, this falls is best visited early within the morning. try and get there by eight to avoid the cruel shadow lines from the sun.

It prices 600 Icelandic krona /$6 USD to park at the traveler center so as to hike this falls unless you keep nightlong at the camping site during which case the parking is complimentary.

Svínafellsjökull Glacier Lake

If you’re a show geek, you may wish to notice that some scenes from tender Begins were recorded at the Svínafellsjökull ice mass Lake. inside a number of minute walk, guests will hike through the trail that tender himself set his foot on!

During the summer season, this ice mass lake gets stuffed with dark-brown coloured water and lots of of the glaciers floating within the water ar coated in black volcanic sand. though the Svínafellsjökull ice mass Lake will look muddy, it’s its own distinctive charm with huge glaciers floating around in it.

Fjallsárlón Glacier Lagoon

Much of Iceland’s southern half is stuffed with ice masss and glacier lakes. Another superb ice mass lake on the Route one drive is that the Fjallsárlón ice mass lake. among a number of minute walk, guests will walk up to the ice mass lake and observe items of ice floating within the water.

Fjallsárlón Boat tours amongst the floating glaciers area unit Associate in Nursing choice for guests.

Jökulsárlón Glacier Lake

If you have got time to solely see one ice mass lake in Iceland, the Jökulsárlón ice mass lagune ought to be it. Jökulsárlón is that the deepest ice mass lake in Iceland however it’s conjointly fairly new. This lake solely started forming within the 1930’s from a receding ice mass and over time it’s stuffed into an enormous ice mass lake with items of sky-blue glaciers perpetually abruption and floating through a watercourse resolute the ocean.

If you look closely at this lake, you would possibly even spot some seals swimming around in it that have created their means in from the ocean.

Jökulsárlón boat tours also are accessible for those that would like to possess a better verify the floating glaciers.

Fauskasandur Black Sand Beach

One of the smallest amount visited places within the South East section of the island is that the Fauskasandur black sand beach. It’s not a preferred holidaymaker destination, however it’s nice simply because of that. you’ll pay a couple of hours hanging out by the beach, take a walk and even dip your toes into the phase transition water with no one else around.

Klifbrekkufossar Waterfall

Klifbrekkufossar may be a multi-tiered waterfall that needs a protracted detour off Route one to go to. The drive to the present waterfall is slow and rough however it’s well worthwhile. The Klifbrekkufossar waterfall is found right off the road however viewers may hike up thereto and even walk behind all-time low body of water tier.

Klifbrekkufossar’s prime waterfall tiers don’t seem to be accessible by hiking thus I used my DJI Mavic professional drone to capture the total essence of it. Overall I found Iceland to be terribly drone friendly however continually check for “No Drone” signs before launching your drone.

Bustarfell Red Houses

Another detour off the circumferential is that the Bustarfell Red homes repository. These red mossy homes are regenerate into a repository showcasing however Icelandic folks wont to live between the 18th-20th centuries.

You have to pay $10 to enter the Bustarfell repository however the simplest exposure spot is found off a grass field ahead of the homes that showcases a whopping mountain within the back for scale.

Dettifoss Waterfall

Dettifoss could be a large wide waterfalls that has 2 roads leading up thereto. every road can result in a unique viewing platform and sadly, the roads don’t connect thus select your route sagely prior time.