ASU Stadium Live Cam

Sits off right off of I-85 near the I-65 intersection near downtown Montgomery


Location: It is located on the campus of Alabama State University in Montgomery, Alabama, USA.

Capacity: The stadium has a seating capacity of approximately 26,500 spectators.

Tenants: The stadium serves as the home field for the Alabama State Hornets football team, which competes in the Southwestern Athletic Conference (SWAC) at the NCAA Division I FCS level.

Facilities: The stadium is equipped with modern facilities including seating areas, press boxes, and other amenities expected in a collegiate football stadium.

History: Hornet Stadium has hosted numerous football games and other events for Alabama State University over the years. It is a significant venue for the university's athletic program.

Historical Facts

  • Foundation and Early Years (1922): Hornet Stadium has a long history dating back to its establishment in 1922. It has witnessed decades of collegiate football games and other events.
  • Home to the ASU Hornets: The stadium serves as the home field for the Alabama State Hornets football team. The Hornets compete in the Southwestern Athletic Conference (SWAC), a Division I FCS conference.
  • Centennial Celebration (2022): In 2022, Alabama State University celebrated its centennial anniversary, marking 100 years since its founding. Hornet Stadium likely played a significant role in the celebrations and events surrounding this milestone.
  • Renovations and Upgrades: Like many older stadiums, Hornet Stadium has likely undergone renovations and upgrades over the years to modernize facilities, enhance safety features, and improve the overall fan experience. Specific details about these renovations would be available through official university sources or local news reports.
  • Community Events: In addition to football games, Hornet Stadium may have hosted a variety of other events, such as concerts, graduation ceremonies, and community gatherings. These events contribute to the stadium's significance within the local community.
  • Notable Moments: Over the years, Hornet Stadium has likely been the backdrop for many memorable moments in Alabama State University's football history. These could include important victories, championship games, and standout performances by ASU players.
  • Cultural Significance: As a central part of the Alabama State University campus, Hornet Stadium holds cultural and historical significance for the university's students, alumni, and the wider community. It represents a place of pride and tradition for the ASU Hornets and their supporters.
  • Contributions to Community Life: Beyond athletics, Hornet Stadium may have played a role in fostering a sense of community and school spirit among ASU students and fans. It can be a gathering place for social events and a symbol of the university's presence in Montgomery.

It is situated on the campus of Alabama State University (ASU), which is in the southeastern part of the city.

  • Montgomery, the capital city of Alabama, is located in the southeastern part of the state. It is known for its rich history in the Civil Rights Movement and is home to various cultural and historical landmarks. The city is situated along the Alabama River, which flows from northeast to southwest through the city.