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Beautiful dutch colonial style mansion

Days of perfect relaxation. Swim and sunbathe on our tranquil private beach, go shopping in Willemstad (Included in UNESCO's World Heritage List, December 1997) and enjoy the colourful Dutch colonial architecture, lunch in the shade of palmtrees and flamboyants, dine under the stars - and let yourself be spoiled.

At the Avila Beach Hotel, hospitality and an intimate atmosphere have been of paramount importance from the outset. Besides, the natural environment has been cherished from long before the hotel status. The colorful vegetation is an integral part of the hotel, so much that in the event of renovations and expansions the original plants have been maintained as much as possible, both during doctor Maal's time and in the current Møller period.

Front View HotelThe Avila Beach Hotel is unique in its history, location, architecture, atmosphere, and lush tropical surroundings. Located only 5 minutes from historic Willemstad (Curaçao's capital) registered on UNESCO's World Heritage list, Avila Beach Hotel has celebrated 50 years of timeless hospitality in European style and elegance.

During the past six years, we have added two exciting and luxurious wings, one on either side of the original buildings, stretching along our two private beaches, which are divided by the Blues pier.

The east wing, La Belle Alliance, was our first addition to the hotel, and the beautiful pastel-colored buildings have been kept in the style and architecture of Dutch Colonial times.

In this wing you will find our deluxe rooms and suites, all with balconies and ocean view.

The west wing, called the BluesWing, is our latest addition and has been built in a new and exciting concept, created by Florida architect Dan C. Duckham.

Located on the outskirts of Willemstad, within walking distance of the city, directly on the sea shore, the Avila Beach Hotel is the ideal place for the modern, discriminating traveler, whether on business or on vacation.

The Avila Beach Hotel features 100 rooms and 8 suites, all fully air-conditioned, overlooking either the ocean or the lush tropical gardens. We offer five types of rooms: Moderate, Preferred, Deluxe, BluesWing Deluxe and Suites.

The west wing is called BluesWing, because it complements the wooden structure of the pier restaurant, Blues, across the water. This is our latest addition to the hotel, housing our most exciting BluesWing Deluxe rooms, each with a private balcony or terrace overlooking the ocean. They all have airconditioning, television, telephone, a coffeemaker, a kitchenette, hair dryer and a jacuzzi as well as an inroom safe. They are furnished with either a king-size bed or two full-size beds and can accommodate a maximum of two adults and two children.

The Moderate and Preferred rooms, are located in our classic wing. The moderate rooms are quite small and can accommodate a maximum of two adults. They all have airconditioning, television, telephone and a private bathroom with shower and a haidryer. They are furnished with either two twin beds or a queen size bed. A few larger moderate rooms are also available for triple occupancy. The Preferred rooms can accommodate a maximum of two adults and one child and are furnished with two twin beds or one queen size bed. They have the same amenities as the Moderate rooms, with the exception that they have a mini bar. The moderate and preferred rooms are still on the Curaçao water system which means that the sun heats up the water, thus in the daytime the water is warm and at night it cools off.

Our midweek attraction (Wednesday evenings) is "Antillean Night", featuring local specialties and live guitar music by "Trio Ekis". On Saturday nights (starting at 7:30 p.m.) we prepare a scrumptious Grill Night for you with an expansive salad bar. Also, you will be treated to live steel-band or Mexican (Mariachis) music. Waiting to welcome you at the Belle Terrace restaurant are our F&B manager Malcolm and hosts Ronnie, Rudney and Hubert while in the kitchen, our Scandinavian Chef Kim and his staff prepare the meal of your choice.

The Blues is our exciting jazz bar and restaurant, located at the end of the pier, where the main attractions are our succulent lobster dishes, cool cocktails, and a spectacular view of the jazziest sunset in the Caribbean. Open every day (except Monday) from 5:00p.m. to 1:00 a.m. Kitchen open for late night dining. Live music on Thursdays (6:30 to 9:30 p.m.) and on Saturdays (10:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m.). Come check it out, sip one or two, while enjoying the Blues.

The main building of the Avila Beach Hotel can boast a history that covers more than two hundred years. At various times, "Avila" has served several purposes: as a country house or residence of English and Dutch Governors, as a boys' boarding school, as a private school, as a private dwelling, as a private hospital and as the oldest, still existing hotel in Curaçao.

Doctor Pieter Hendrik (Gungu) Maal bought this villa in 1940 and accommodated a private clinic here for a short period. On February 1, 1949, this same doctor Maal opened the Avila Hotel. When the beach was constructed in 1959, the name Avila Beach Hotel was introduced.

Since 1977 the hotel has been owned and operated by the Møller family. The complex was thoroughly renovated and extended into a well-appointed modern hotel with an excellent international reputation. In the meantime, the daily operation of the hotel has passed from Nic Møller into the hands of daughter Tone Møller.

This love of nature is visually expressed in two trees dating from the period before this building was converted into a hotel half a century ago. From the earliest days, the widespread branches of the Royal Poinciana Tree (Lat. Delonix Regia, locally called: Flamboyant) on the outer terrace give protection against the fierce tropical sun, turning the stay in the open-air restaurant both in the daytime and in the evening into a pleasant experience.

When extending the complex with a new eastern wing, a big Mesquite tree (Lat. Proposis Juliflora, locally called: Indju) was spared, because the roots of the gigantic tree were closely interwoven with the deep-rooted historic ties of Avila with Curaçao.

Therefore, not only the monumental main building is depicted on the series of tree stamps, with a picture of doctor Gungu Maal, founder of the Avila Beach Hotel, as inset, but also the "Flamboyant" and the "Indju" trees in their functional and tourist environment are shown in a beautiful illustration by John Baselmans.

They reflect the motto of timeless hospitality in a natural environment which the Avila Beach Hotel has guaranteed for 50 years, as a firm beacon in the tourism of Curaçao.