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The Town of Babylon is an Equal Opportunity employer and does not discriminate against minorities, women, the handicapped or the aged. It extends to all residents equal access to employment in compliance with Civil Service Law and State Statutes. The Town meets its obligations under its Collective Bargaining agreements with employee representatives and conducts various employment programs such as its Inter and Parks & Recreation Summer Programs. The Town of Babylon Personnel department welcomes residents to stop at its office to pick up employment applications or inquire about the latest Civil Service job opportunities throughout Suffolk County.

A resident beach permit offers you unlimited entrance into the Town of Babylon's ocean and bay beaches for the entire summer. The permits are available to all Town of Babylon residents for a small fee. For your convenience resident beach permits can be purchased in three locations; the Tax Receiver's Office in Town Hall located at 200 E Sunrise Highway in Lindenhurst, the Department of Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Affairs located at 151 Phelps Lane in North Babylon, and at Cedar Marina located off Ocean Parkway.

Yes, residents and non-residents can gain access to all the ocean and bay beaches (except Overlook beach) by paying an entrance fee. The fees vary from weekdays, weekends, and holidays. However, for avid beach goers we suggest that you purchase a resident beach permit. By the middle of May every Town resident should receive a guide in the mail. If you do not receive your Recreation Guide by the third week in May ask your postman if he or she has any or stop by and pick one up at Town Hall or the Department of Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Affairs.

The Department of Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Affairs offers pool plans for families of four as well as individual pool plans. All pool plans include unlimited access to any of the six town pools for the entire summer. Pool plans can be purchased at the Department of Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Affairs. Pool plans are only offered to Town of Babylon residents. If you are a resident who chooses not to purchase a pool plan or a non-resident you can purchase daily pool tickets at the pool you wish to visit. Please note that non-residents pay a higher daily pool fee than residents of the Town of Babylon.

In order to enroll in Day Camp children must have completed kindergarten. Children that have completed the sixth grade and are 12 years old are still eligible for day camp but those children who have completed the seventh grade and are 12 are not eligible for Day Camp.

Residents can sign up for day camp via mail or walk-in registration at the Department of Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Affairs. If registering by mail please send in the Day Camp application, which can be found in the Recreation Guide, a copy of your child's birth certificate to verify age, and a copy of a utility bill or child's report card to verify residency in the Town of Babylon. If you have already gotten your fun pass, simply send a copy of the fun pass; only if you know all the children you are registering for day camp are listed on your fun pass. If you choose to register in person please bring copies of the same items listed above or your fun pass. Again, only rely on the fun pass for registration if you know all the children you wish to register are listed on your fun pass.

Hardworking applicants can stop by the Department of Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Affairs to pick up applications starting Monday, March 11th. Please remember you must be at least 16 years old to work for the Town.

Try to locate three or four properties, within your neighborhood of similar size and style. The Department of Assessment will check the assessments of these homes for you. A grievance form along with supporting documentation can be filed with the Department of Assessment on or before Grievance Day which is the third Tuesday in May of each year.

Please refer to information contained in the Youth Bureau section regarding youth centers funded by the Town of Babylon. Each agency will provide specialized summer activities for the young people of their community. The Youth Bureau also provides a safe summer beach program at the Cedar Beach Complex on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday evenings during the summer months. Basketball, beach volleyball, street hockey, and a DJ are just some of the activities available. There is no charge to attend the Summer Nights at Cedar Beach program and limited transportation is provided. For further information, please call the Youth Bureau Deputy Director. Also, please refer to the Parks and Recreation Department's Summer Guide for information relative to day camps, swimming lessons, and many other activities.

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