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Live streaming of the waterfront at the Beaufort Hotel on the Outer Banks


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Historic Beaufort by the Sea

The small coastal Town of Beaufort is the third oldest town in North Carolina founded in 1709 and "formally" established in 1713. The colonial legislature of North Carolina voted to establish a "Port of Beaufort" by its Act of 1723. In that year the Town was surveyed and a plat prepared by Richard Graves. During that year the streets were given names and Robert Turner began selling Town lots.

Beaufort has a Historic District that was officially entered into the National Register of Historic Places in May 1974.

Some of the landmark examples are of religious architecture, exemplified by the Victorian Ann Street Methodist Church, a Gothic Revival St. Paul's Episcopal Church, and the Carpenter Gothic Chapel AME Zion Church. The Town's Old Burying Ground, shaded by live oaks, is one of the most picturesque cemeteries in the State. Beaufort was linked to the western part of Carteret County and Morehead City.

In 1722, Beaufort was designated an official seaport by the Lords Proprietors of the colony, and a customs office was subsequently established in the port. Also in that same year, the Carteret Precinct of Craven County was declared a separate entity --Carteret County. Beaufort became the county seat. Twice during the summer of 1747, pirates pillaged Beaufort, and they were eventually driven off by local militia. Obviously, there's a lot to tell about Beaufort.