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Views from the Inn at the level of the clubhouse in Mühldorf am Inn


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Bezirksfischereiverein Mühldorf Altötting

Come to Mühldorf a. Inn for shopping, sight seeing, cultural experiences, cycling, active sport or simply relaxing. Mühldorf a. Inn is the meeting place to celebrate: with the carnival Gaudiwurm, in the old town festival, our traditional folk festival and the atmospheric Christmas market. Let our cultural program in the Haberkasten convince you and become a regular visitor. Mühldorf a. Inn is the lovable and liveable city on the green Inn, in which innovation and progress are represented as well as tradition and customs. Mühldorf a. Inn is a medium-sized center, supra-regional service center and railway junction in the south-eastern Bavarian region.

Today the life of a regionally significant shopping and service centre unfolds itself across the generously spread 500 m long town square. Everywhere a multitude of experiences can be made - whether in culture, business, sport, gastronomy or customs and tradition. Mühldorf-upon-Inn - a town with a heart. Culture and customs have always been carefully kept in Mühldorf. Whether classical, traditional or modern art and culture - Mühldorf offers every visitor a wide range of events the whole year through.

Amongst the most impressive buildings in the Mühldorf townscape are the so - called "Zehent-" (barns of the tithe, the former church tax contribution) and "Vorratskästen" (barns for common grain supplies). They have been renovated and are today used for current purposes. At present the town library is enclosed within the walls of the former granary, the "Kornkasten". The "Haberkasten" (oats storage barn) has now been transformed into a civil meeting place in which cultural and communal events such as the Mühldorfer Kulturtage, concerts, festivities, Christmas fairs, exibitions, conferences, seminars and many more take place.

The earthy and robust Bavarian character as well as the Salzburg charm" - these are both said to be typical of the people of Mühldorf and their philosophy of life. Be it carnival, the Old Town fair or the traditional Beer Festival: a sociable and friendly atmosphere, enjoyable music, cool beer and traditional, appetising dishes - all await the guest. Of course you can let yourself be spoilt the whole year through in Mühldorf´s inns, pubs, hotels and restaurants or you can enjoy the street cafés in the Old Town´s delightful surroundings. And in the bars and discotheques you can feel the heartbeat of night life into the early hours of the morning and the visitors look forward to coming back!

Whether in the caringly laid out town park or along the idlyllic banks of the river Inn - in our town you will have the relaxation and a restful holiday. By taking just a few steps you can get away from the dealings of daily life. Active holiday makers find a lot to do in the summer and winter with a family open air swimming pool, as well as an indoor pool with a roman style sauna, 24 tennis courts, ice rinks, indoor go-cart tracks, skateboard rink, riding hall and golf course. Glider- and sport pilots, parachutists or water-sport enthusiasts all find great facilities in and around Mühldorf.

The weekend harness races or motorbike racing in the stadium are a special experience. Whether a hobby cyclist or a bike tourist - Mühldorf-upon-Inn is the right place to be. Mühldorf being a cycling centre saves the daily search for a hotel. A star-shaped combination of cycle tracks toke you to the Inn and Salzach valleys via Altötting to Burghausen, to Wasserburg or Salzburg. Using any of the DB railway stations on the seven lines out of Mühldorf Central, you may take your bike with you free of charge and the return to Mühldorf-upon-Inn.

Mühldorf upon Inn is marked by its medium scale companies. Since 1990 more than 40 companies have setteld in the North Industrial Estate.

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