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Boat owning doesn't get better than this


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Owning a boat just doesn’t get easier than this

You won’t believe how easy it can be with Boat’s Inc. behind you, and 25 skilled professionals (including a licensed captain) to help you. At Boats Inc., we’ll help you blend your needs and expectations to the boat that’s right for you, from your first economy-priced starter boat to top-of-the-line fishing platforms and cruisers. You can test drive the models you like. We help you with hassle-free financing, usually overnight. We provide the training you need to handle your new boat as if you’d skippered it for years. We deliver your boat on-water, sea-tested and ready to do the job you’ve planned for her. And when we’re done, if you like, we’ll even start you off with a trip to one of our secret fishing spots. Four great lines plus a Huge selection of used boats on site. We're open 7 days a week.

When you’re ashore, Boats Inc. will always be your favorite port of call. Each of our 186 slips features a private dock box, fresh water, fish cleaning stations, power hookups, and access to spotless heads and showers. An inground swimming pool and picnic facilities right on the water help make a day ashore almost as much fun as a day afloat.

We’re not just close to the fish, we’re on top of them. From Boats Inc.’s protected harbor, you’re just 9 nautical miles from The Race, 23 miles from Montauk and 29 miles from Block Island’s fishing grounds. We’ve fished these waters (and beyond), and no one knows them better. We’ll show you secret spots most fisherman only dream about. There’s a lifetime of cruises - maybe the cruise of a lifetime - just off your bow. Among the abundance of rivers, coves, and islands perfect for a day’s cruise or longer, we can show you beaches without a footprint. We can tell you the best place to tie up in Newport and the perfect place to picnic on Block Island - even the best place to shop in Greenport. Set your own horizon. Cruise, fish, ski, or explore - chart your own course to adventure. When you’ve got your own boat beneath your feet and Boats Inc. to come home to, you’re in command.

Your ship’s store at Boats Inc. stocks virtually everything you’ll need, from state-of-the-art electronics to accessories & propellers. The Canvas Loft can provide whatever you wish, from simple repairs to a full customized enclosure. Our nationally-recognized full repair and maintenance services include factory-trained technicians, electronic diagnostics, test-tank and at-sea testing.

Here at Boats Inc., we have the Real Deal Service and Dockage programs that will fit any boater's needs. Packages are all inclusive with up front pricing. At Boats Inc., there are no hidden strings. Fiberglass work that’s recognized as second to none, plus custom painting and design are available at the Boats Inc. Paint Locker. In fact, we’ve got everything you need to make every day a perfect day.

When you're ashore, Boats Inc. will always be your favorite port of call. Each of our 186 slips feature a private dock, fresh water, fish cleaning stations, power hookups and access to spotless heads and showers. An Olympic-size swimming pool and picnic facilities right on the water help make a day ashore almost as much fun as a day afloat.

Boats Incorporated boasts one of the finest Repair & Maintenance Departments anywhere, and is recognized nationally for its high quality personnel. The services provided include factory-trained technicians, electronic diagnostics, test tanks, and at-sea testing. The Boats Inc. service staff is made up of of the conscientious personnel ready that are able to take care of any problem the customer may have with his or her boat. With the company being available to the public 7 days a week, scheduling needed work becomes a much simpler process. With workers like ours on hand, the customer can feel confident that their boat and/or engine will receive the best service.

Boats Inc. has everything any boater would need for the perfect rig and the perfect boating excursion. Its "ship's store" may best be described as its Accessory Department, where customers can find anything from state-of-the-art electronics to propellers to professional-grade fishing equipment to cleaning supplies. Fred, Patrick or Joe may provide everything that is needed for maintenance or repairs. Most items are in stock and specialty items can be ordered for timely delivery.

We have a fully equipped fiberglass repair shop on site. Our staff is ready and able to handle any need from re-painting the bottom to repairing gel-coat. We also do custom lettering to give your boat that special look. At Boats Inc. we have everything you need to make every day a perfect day.

If a customer wants canvas on their boat that fits "like a tailored suit," they should come to Boats Inc.'s Canvas Shop. Paul Stiephaudt, a longtime employee with the company, is outstanding in the field of designing and producing custom canvas work. After studying marine diesel mechanics and construction equipment repair at Southeast Tech in Groton, CT Paul became an apprentice at Boats Inc. in June 1992. Paul defines himself as having an artistic bent, in addition to his formal training. He says he is glad he "fell into" canvas work, as it allows him to exercise a certain amount of artistic freedom and employ skills he no doubt inherited from both his grandfathers, one a mechanic, the other a tailor of men's clothing.

He enjoys the customers and takes considerable pride that boaters are willing to take his advice about the best design or materials for their needs. To provide the best service, Paul is always looking for new ideas and ways to further improve the products he offers. Paul's assistant is Jason Domler, and the two of them can provide any canvas item or service for powerboats, from simple repairs to a full customized enclosure.

We have been doing custom rigging for nearly 50 years, so you can count on us doing it right. Whether it is preparing the new boat of your dreams or re-powering that special boat in need of a new engine, you can depend on Boats Inc. We also specialize in installing electronic and marine navigation equipment. At Boats Inc., our goal is to provide for all of your boating needs.