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Great Guana Cay located on Abacos Islands


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  • Grabbers Bed, Bar & Grille
  • Great Guana Cay Abacos
  • 26 39’9″ N 77 06’8″ W - Bahamas
  • 1.242.365.5133

The most interesting and tasty food on the Cay prepared fresh daily

The story of Grabbers actually dates back to the 1700's when pirates of the Carribean sought refuge and leisure in the unpopulated Abaco's. Later that century British loyalists living in America sought refuge from the revolutionary war on Guana Cay where their decendents continue the relaxed lifestyle of the Bahamas.

It wasn't until nearly 200 years later that the Cay's first "resort" (actually just a few rooms and a bar and a dock) was established with the name Guana Harbor Club. It was at the Guana Harbor Club that the first Guana Grabber was created (more about that-see Grabbers Food Drink & Fun) and the party was on.

New owners changed the name subsequently to the Guana Beach Resort which suffered terrible damage from Hurricane Floyd and a resulting fire in 2001.

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