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Our Lake is Your Lake

Great memories are waiting at Table Rock Lake, with thousands of acres of water for fishing, swimming, skiing, and more—plus golf, dining, year-round attractions, and easy access to Branson for music, shopping, and theme parks. Our beautiful Ozarks setting is the ideal place for your family to land, for an exciting vacation or a relaxing getaway.

As our guests, you and your family will discover just how satisfying it is to know that "our lake is your lake." We'll do all we can to welcome you to this unique destination—because we want you to feel as much at home here as we do.

Get ready to settle in for good times with family and friends in one of the most comfortable and inviting settings anywhere. When you’ve discovered Table Rock Lake, you've found a great getaway for everyone, ideally situated in beautiful Ozark Mountain Country.

On, in, and around our lovely lake, your vacation options range from relaxing to exhilarating, with everything from outdoor adventures like fishing, hiking, and caving to the bright lights and big-time entertainment of Branson, Missouri. Of course, you'll find all kinds of on-the-water fun; boating, swimming, skiing, diving, canoeing, kayaking, and much more – but be sure to make time for the area's fun festivals and special events, as well. For those on a mission to find a bargain, there are countless opportunities for outstanding shopping excursions.

The Table Rock Lake Area Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary, not-for-profit organization of business, professional and individual people dedicated to improving the economic environment of the Table Rock Lake area and Stone County.

View overlooking Table Rock LakeThis dynamic organization stays a step ahead of the rapid growth of tourism, general business and residential population boom that Stone County has experienced over the past 20 years. The Chamber is responsible for planning and executing the area’s tourism marketing campaign each year, focusing on job development in the area and providing business opportunities for our member investors.

The Table Rock Lake Area Chamber has led development of tourism in Stone County as tourism growth paralleled the phenomenal success of nearby Branson as a live entertainment destination. We have helped in developing the popular Ozark Mountain Christmas celebration that has become one of the most important economic development programs of the area by extending the tourism season to year end. The Chamber’s “Port of Lights” Christmas display attraction in Kimberling City each November through December remains a key part of the extended tourism season. We also host and produce the annual Fireburst extravaganza that celebrates the nation’s birth with an afternoon and evening of games and activities, live entertainment and an explosion of fireworks that dazzle the 20,000 plus people who attend the 4th of July celebration.

The Chamber welcomes you to the Stone County / Table Rock Lake area! We invite you to utilize our expertise for all your visitor, business and residential needs.

If the lake activities and the area attractions aren't enough to keep you busy, you'll find that there are festivals and special events held just about every week of the year. The Table Rock Chamber of Commerce sponsors several very popular annual events.

Our two-day spring and fall golf tournaments attract golfers from around the area. We light up the skies on the Fourth of July with Fireburst, when hundreds of boats fill the coves where displays are visible to watch the sparkling explosions reflect on the lake as they dance through the nighttime sky. Last but certainly not least, our most popular event of the year is our spectacular holiday lights display, Port of Lights.

Much of Stone County’s economic growth is related to its continued emergence as a recreational tourism area, a residential area which attracts retirees and “second home” residents, and, increasingly, as a bedroom community for both the Branson area and Springfield area workforces. The emergence of Branson as a national tourism destination during the 1990s has played an important role in Stone County’s economy over the last decade.

Statistical DataStone County has experienced a steady population growth since 1970. Stone County’s population in 1970 was about the same as it was in 1900. However, in 1990, the County’s population doubled over its 1970 level. According to Census 2000, between 1990 and 2000, Stone County’s population further increased by 50 percent, making Stone the third fastest growing county in Missouri. This trend of rapid population growth is expected to continue through 2010 at an annual growth rate of 2.5 percent.

The population growth continues to produce various construction-related jobs, as well as attracts additional businesses that provide a variety of jobs and services. There have been tremendous improvements in the availability of health services and new businesses over the past ten years. Almost half of Stone County’s work force (46 percent) is employed within Stone County. The remaining 54 percent commute an average of 30 minutes to their jobs, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. The tourism industry employs up to 63 percent of the workforce, while the remaining 37 percent work force is made up by retail (13.9%), manufacturing (9%), health care/social assistance (7.5%) and education (6.6%).

Stone County sees a significant rise in employment during the summer months of June through October. This seasonal employment delivers a thrust to the local economy to meet the demands of summer vacationers. The Office of Social & Economic Data Analysis reports that from 1992 to 2002, the number of people working in Stone County grew almost 56 percent, from 8,911 job holders in 1992 to 13,880 workers in 2002. This growth rate closely parallels the U.S. Census Bureau figures for population growth at 50 percent from 1990 to 2000. Personal income of Stone County residents also follows the population growth with a 51 percent change from 1992 to 2002. Collectively, personal income grew from $460 million to $696 million, according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis.

One holiday that has grown into its own season in the Table Rock Area is Christmas, when we celebrate Ozark Mountain Christmas. Most of the theaters in Branson have special Christmas shows beginning in November and the area streets and shops take on the look of a winter wonderland outlined in Christmas lights. Area restaurants and accommodations stay open to welcome the winter vacationers. The most beautiful and popular event during Ozark Mountain Christmas is the "Port of Lights" at Kimberling City.

There are two drive-through tunnels, a 120-foot Snowflake Tunnel and a 240-foot Hollywreath Tunnel. Each year the Port of Lights grows larger and larger with new and even more spectacular displays. The event can be viewed every night from early November through December and has gained national recognition as one of the truly great lighting displays in the country. The recent new expansion of the Port of Lights extended the lighting display to a three-mile drive-through extravaganza.

One of the biggest displays is a large Paddle Boat; and is truly a "Showboat." It received raving reviews! The animation and lighting gives a three dimensional appearance that invites boarding. From bow to stern, its span exceeds 85 feet and is 30 feet tall. Our American flag blows in the wind, and Santa waves from the deck above as the paddle wheel turns. The Port of Lights is a must see… for everyone!

The increase in population and personal income is evident by the changes that can be seen as you drive through Stone County. New retail stores, commercial, manufacturing and tourism related industries continue to be established and increase the economic well-being of Stone County.

A new factory in Crane is under construction that will provide new jobs for Stone County. The new factory will combine technology with ecology to produce “grilling sticks” made from forestry by-products and soy oil. The new plant is an example of “ecolonomics,” a trend to create non-polluting products while boosting the economy. Actor-environmentalist Dennis Weaver has lent his name to the product, which will be produced by Ecosense Solutions.

A general aviation airport to be located in Branson West is expected to be completed in approximately 18 months. This airport will open additional growth opportunities for Stone County by attracting new retail, manufacturing and other industries. The proposed airport has entered the engineering and design phase and is awaiting funding for the construction.

New resorts are also being built in the Stone County area that will strengthen the tourism economy. And new owners are purchasing and refurbishing resorts and other businesses in Stone County thus creating an impact on the future economics of Stone County.

Welcome to Stone County, Missouri, and the Table Rock Lake Area! Table Rock viewIf you like country living, you’ll love Stone County. It offers lovely landscapes, an enormous recreational lake, quiet surroundings, limitless entertainment and a laid-back lifestyle that draws millions of visitors each year as well as a growing number of new residents.

The Table Rock Lake area includes major communities like Kimberling City, Branson West, Reeds Spring, Galena, Crane, Hurley, Blue Eye, the village of Indian Point, the Baxter-Lampe area, Cape Fair and a few tiny communities that you may have heard about. You’ll find bits of local history and legends, glimpses into future developments, and a lot of useful information about living in Stone County on this website.

Stone County represents the best of country living and strong potential for retail and tourism business development as well as environmentally sensitive industry. Because visitors so often become Stone County residents, we suggest that you explore this website and find out why it's a great place to live!