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Portillo is unique because there is no town and there is only one hotel


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  • Centro de Ski Portillo
  • Renato Sánchez 4270 - Las Condes
  • Santiago - Chile
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Ski Portillo’s beautifully groomed trails

With an annual snowfall of about thirty-five feet and a sun that makes one feel like one never left summer behind at all, Portillo offers a unique skiing experience in the Andes. Portillo is the oldest ski area in South America and its history is an important part of the history of skiing. A history of men and mountains, dreams and accomplishments in the wonderful world of skiing. Portillo is not just for skiing, socializing and relaxing; it's for renovating and restoring the mind and body in a natural environment that is nothing less than spectacular. Famous for its majestic scenery and tremendous snow, Portillo has been South America's premier destination ski resort for fifty years.

Portillo is an intimate resort. Our 450 employees take excellent care of our 500 guests. Portillo's friendly ambiance, skiing and service mean good health and great memories for all who come to enjoy a Portillo vacation.

Each Saturday a new set of guests arrives like a freshman class arriving for the first time to university. They begin to meet each other on the drive up from the airport and by the end of the week they leave as friends for life, having lived, skied and laughed together for the week in Portillo.

A Portillo vacation is a Saturday to Saturday ski week between mid-June and mid-October. The skiweek includes 7 days skiing (8 days skiing if you turn your room back to us before 11am on your final Saturday), 7 nights lodging and four meals per day. Also included for no extra charges are aerobics and yoga classes, weight room facilities, gymnasium, game room, kids afternoon activities, day care for children, boot and ski valet, ice skating (when weather permits the survival of our rink), heated outdoor pool and entrance to the disco. Guests should budget extra for ski/snowboard rentals, lessons or ski training sessions, massage, beauty salon treatments, computer time at our cyber cafe, ski-shop purchases and bar bills.

Portillo's guests arrive every Saturday like a freshman class and depart a week later as friends for life. Portillo has a fifty year tradition of terrific snow, meals, entertainment, comfort and friendliness. Portillo’s guests come from near and far, they speak a host of languages and they represent the full spectrum of skiing abilities from beginner-beginner to the most expert world champions. They enjoy Portillo for many different reasons…its beauty…its fantastic ski terrain…its spa and fitness services... the surprisingly warm hospitality…the new friends made... the fun. So many Portillo guests end up coming back. They simply love the Portillo way of life.

Portillo is 102 miles from Santiago or approximately a 2 1/2 hours drive. The drive from Santiago is very scenic. Ground transfers are not included in our rates. However, both airport and ground transfers are available upon request from Portillo Travel.

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