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  • Circuit Zolder
  • Terlaemen 30
  • 3550 Heusden-Zolder - Belgium
  • +32 11 85 88 88
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  • https://www.circuit-zolder.be/

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Although the Belgian automobile sport was developing in an extraordinary way in the 50-ties, only a few habitants and people in the immediate neighbourhood of the town knew the "Circuit of Zolder". The ‘Track’ consisted of a series of streets and roads leading to the parish church. It was perfect for fanatics of mechanical sports… on two wheels. In the late fifties, Piet Sermeus, the moving force behind this sport, decided to move his modest track away from the centre of Zolder.

At that very moment, another important person, Baron Henri de Villenfagne de Vogelsang, appears on the scene. They decide to call in the Dutchman builder HugenHolz – developer of the Zandvoort track – for help. A modern track was designed, fit for motor races and possible car races as well. The construction of the track was financed by amongst others, oil giant Shell, who already gave the Belgian National Team financial assistance for the purchase of its sports cars in the mid-fifties.

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