Vilassar de Mar Live Cam

A municipality in the comarca of the Maresme in Catalonia


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  • Club Nàutic Vilassar de Mar
  • Canonge Almera 32 (platja) - 08340
  • Vilassar de Mar, Barcelona - Spain
  • 937592741

North-east of Barcelona

This sports society "Club Nàutic Vilassar de Mar" (CNVM) was established in 1960, presenting its Statutes during this season. The last major remodeling of its facilities was in 1965 with the project of the architect Ignasi Mas.

This summer, the Club has scheduled a series of workshops for both children and adults. All these courses are normally commanded by instructors who have been or are sailors from the Náutico. Experienced people who can bring all their knowledge of the world of sailing to the students. As every year, apart from sailing, the Club launches different activities aimed at all members, especially the little ones.

Starting this year, the Club makes a proposal for a summer colony for the smallest members. The objectives of this summer colony are to learn to play and live together while having fun in the Club's facilities.

Summer after summer the Club launches a series of activities and social parties where the great harmony and involvement that all members have with the club is manifested. All kinds of events are organized for adults and children. From the children's party to the "Tastet" where the oldest and not so long-lived members demonstrate their art in the kitchen. Undoubtedly, the "Tastet" is one of the benchmark social events and the one in which the Club members put the most effort.

We do not forget either the great Social Verbena that takes place at the end of August in which all the members gather to begin to say goodbye to the summer. To consult the calendar of all these events, you can access the social calendar section or consult the activities booklet that was sent to the homes of all members at the beginning of June.

As every year on Wednesdays in summer from 10pm, a film is shown on the deck of the boat. His whole life has been one of the most successful activities of the Club. So be it again!

Within the social area, Dominoes and cards have an important weight. They are one of the activities that bring together the most people. The large number of participants who sign up allows us to see on several occasions one of the most beautiful images of the club, which is the entire terrace full of domino players. Without any doubt it is one of the activities that creates the most expectation. Going down to the boats around 8 o'clock in the afternoon when the amateur fishermen return from the squid or the "fluixa" is always fun to see who has fished the most or in many cases to see who says they have fished the most. For this year the fishermen's dinner is scheduled on September 7, where the "Llop de Mar 2007" will also be delivered.

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