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Along the Yucatán Peninsula's Riviera Maya

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Playa del Carmen Mexico has lots of fun things to do also. From the Tulum Ruins to the Chichen Itza ruins, scuba diving and snorkeling in Mexico, deep sea fishing, fresh water fishing, windsurfing, and lots of restaurants and shops, or just do nothing on our beautiful beaches in Playa del Carmen Mexico.

We also have plenty of grocery stores all in walking distance. You don't even need a car in Playa del Carmen. Everything is in walking distance and there are also plenty of taxis to get you around town. You may want to rent a car for a day or two to go out and explore Tulum and the beautiful cenotes and Riviera Maya beaches along the coast.

In the breezes of the Mayab you can still breathe the legacy of the wise people who gave rise to the gentleness of our people, the delicacy of their music and poetry, their sense of humor and the delights of their cuisine. Sixty percent of our population still speaks Mayan and ninety percent of our towns keep their original names. Unique characteristics, a profusion of attractions and the harmony which our people have achieved with nature and time itself, are combined perfectly in Yucatán; a one-of-a-kind destination in Our Mexico.

It’s a Land of Universal Wonders that we invite you to get to know. Yucatán fuses the past and present in a flamboyant array of flavors, aromas, colors and textures, an interminable mosaic of marvels to discover. The Mayan communities, their festivals, traditions, honesty, dignity, hospitality are the pride of this legendary Land of the Mayab.

Cities, towns, haciendas, every corner of Yucatán offers an experience like no other; always different. We Yucatecans know how to smile and make others smile, too. Hospitality is what we do best, as it has been for centuries. Come and visit us, Yucatán is your house and you are always welcome.

The offer of sun and sea in Yucatan is truly attractive. Added to the beauty of its beaches is a good structure of hotel services, seafood restaurants, shops and markets. Some of these places have yacht clubs, marinas, and others function as hospitable shelters for foreign pensioners during the winter season.

Just 30 minutes from the capital, Progreso is the main port of Yucatan and the port of departure for its export products. The growth of this place has favored its integration with the neighboring ports of Chuburná, Chelem and Chicxulub, which together receive thousands of vacationers during the summer seeking to reduce the effects of the intense heat. Fishing and tourism are the most important activities of its inhabitants. It recently began to receive groups of Canadian retirees and the effort of the authorities opens the expectation of regularly receiving tourist cruises.

Yucatan is a land of legend, sun and recreation. Few places in the world can have the privilege of combining history, beaches, natural beauties, exotic cuisine and the attention of a traditionally hospitable people. For more than 20 centuries the inhabitants of this place have practiced the art of living, creating and building on inhospitable soil. This region of Mexico has archaeological sites that speak of a luminous past when the Mayans erected cities and buildings that are astonishing to mankind.

In these lands prodigious levels of culture and science were reached, as the Mayans elaborated an advanced vigesimal numbering system, they registered astronomical movements of high precision; they predicted eclipses and handled forms of writing that continue to challenge them to decipher. In the State, the colonial period also left as testimony for posterity numerous architectural works scattered throughout the entity with its austere style, just as nature imposed on men. Business estates and convents that under the sign of Christian faith were built on stones.

It adds to its attractions a wide coastline of white beaches and clean seas with virgin sites that invite you to stay in the sun and by the sea. With Mérida as the capital, the tourist offer of this region embraced by the Caribbean Sea and located a few hours from the United States, Canada and Central America is complemented. Located in the north of the peninsula, this city forms with Cancun, the axis of development of an area with high tourist potential that has a wide infrastructure of services.

Yucatan es the land of legend, of sun and relaxation. Few places in the world are as priviliged in having combined unusual history, beaches, natural, beauty, original cuisine and service provided by a traditionally hospitable populace. For more than 20 centuries the inhabitants of this area have practiced the art of living, creating and building on inhospitable ground.

This region of Mexico is blessed with archaeological zones that speak a luminous past that displayed its brilliance throughout era, from the III century to the IX century, when the Mayas erected cities and buildings that are marvelous cultural and scientific levels.

The Mayas elaborated an advanced system of numeration based on number twenty, they registered astronomical movements with a great precision, predicted eclipses and employed forms of writing that continue to constitute a challenge to decipher. In this State the colonial era left, as a testimony for posterity, numerous architectural creations dispersed throughout the State displaying the colonist´s austere, solid style, the same as the imposed by this nature on the new inhabitants.

Impressive haciendas and convents were erected under the stamp of the Christian faith. Add to Yucatan´s attraction an ample coastal strip of white beaches and clean seas with virgin sites that tempt the visitor to spend time facing the ocean in peace.

With Merida as its capital, this region is embraced by Caribbean Sea and enjoys its convenient proximity to the United States, Canada and Central America. The city forms an axis with Cancun in the development of a zone of high tourism strenght with an ample insfraestructure of services. A trip to Yucatan is to open your door to an unforgettable experience.