Highbridge Live Cam

Front south east corner of the workshop with the left camera facing north east along Church Road

Towards The Bason Bridge Inn and the right camera facing east along Factory Lane

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  • 103 Church Road - East Huntspill
  • Highbridge - Somerset TA9 4RL - UK
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Highbridge in Somerset, England, has its own distinct history separate from the Highbridge in New York City. Here is a brief overview of Highbridge's history in Somerset:

Early Settlement (Roman Era): Highbridge has ancient roots, with evidence of Roman occupation in the area. The nearby River Brue was an important waterway for transportation and trade.

Medieval Period: The settlement continued to grow through the medieval period. It likely gained its name from the "high bridge" that spanned the Brue.

Industrial Revolution (18th and 19th Centuries): Highbridge experienced significant growth during the Industrial Revolution. The construction of the Bridgwater and Taunton Canal in the late 18th century and the opening of a railway station in the mid-19th century were pivotal for trade and transportation.

Trade and Industry: Highbridge became known for industries like brickmaking, paper milling, and market gardening. Its location along the River Brue and its transport links contributed to its economic prosperity.

World Wars and Modern Era: Highbridge played a role in both World Wars. In World War I, it housed a military camp, and during World War II, it had a Royal Air Force station. After the wars, the town continued to evolve with modern urban development.

Recent Developments: In recent years, Highbridge has seen various developments, including the expansion of housing and retail facilities.

Top Tourist Attractions

  • Apex Wildlife Park: This is a popular wildlife park and zoo in Highbridge, offering visitors the opportunity to see a variety of animals, including lemurs, meerkats, wallabies, and birds of prey.
  • Burnham and Berrow Golf Club: Located nearby, this renowned golf club offers stunning views of the Somerset coastline and is a popular destination for golf enthusiasts.
  • Brean Leisure Park: Situated a short drive away from Highbridge, this amusement park offers a range of attractions, including rides, indoor play areas, golf, and a variety of entertainment options.
  • Berrow Beach: This beautiful sandy beach, just a short distance from Highbridge, is perfect for walks, picnics, and taking in the fresh sea air.
  • Brent Knoll: A prominent local landmark, Brent Knoll is a steep hill that offers panoramic views of the surrounding countryside and coast. It's a popular spot for walkers and hikers.
  • King John's Hunting Lodge: This historic building in Axbridge, not far from Highbridge, houses a museum that provides insight into the history of the area, including the medieval period.
  • East Huntspill Church: St. John the Baptist Church is an ancient and picturesque church with Norman origins. It's worth a visit for those interested in historical architecture and local heritage.

Highbridge experiences a temperate maritime climate. Here are some typical characteristics of the climate in this region:

  • Mild Winters: Winters are generally mild with average low temperatures rarely dropping below freezing. Snowfall is infrequent and usually light.
  • Cool Summers: Summers are relatively cool compared to many other parts of the world. High temperatures in the summer months typically range from the high teens to low 20s degrees Celsius (60s to low 70s degrees Fahrenheit).
  • Moderate Rainfall Throughout the Year: Highbridge experiences a relatively consistent level of rainfall throughout the year. October through January tend to be the wettest months, while the summer months are generally drier.
  • Moderate Humidity: The region typically experiences moderate humidity levels.
  • Occasional Storms: As with much of the UK, Highbridge can experience occasional storms and heavy rainfall, particularly during the autumn and winter months.
  • Changeable Weather: The weather in Highbridge can be quite changeable, so it's a good idea to be prepared for a range of conditions if you plan to visit.

Highbridge it's located in the South West of the country. Here are some key geographical features and aspects of Highbridge:

  • River Brue: Highbridge is situated near the mouth of the River Brue, a notable waterway in the region. The river flows through the town and into the Bristol Channel.
  • Coastal Proximity: Highbridge is located close to the coast along the Bristol Channel, providing access to beaches and coastal areas.
  • Flat Terrain: The immediate surroundings of Highbridge are characterized by relatively flat terrain, which is typical of the Somerset Levels, an area known for its low-lying, marshy landscape.
  • Proximity to Nature Reserves: Highbridge is near several nature reserves, including the Shapwick Heath National Nature Reserve and the Westhay Moor National Nature Reserve. These areas are important for wildlife conservation and provide opportunities for birdwatching and nature walks.
  • Close to Mendip Hills: While not directly adjacent, the Mendip Hills, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, are located to the northeast of Highbridge. This range of limestone hills offers scenic landscapes, caves, and opportunities for outdoor activities like hiking and caving.
  • Transport Links: Highbridge's geographical location is significant for its transportation links. It's situated on the A38 road, which connects to other major routes in the region. Additionally, the town has a railway station, providing access to nearby towns and cities.
  • Proximity to Bridgwater: Highbridge is situated approximately 6 miles (10 kilometers) north of the larger town of Bridgwater, which serves as a significant economic and cultural center in the area.