East Northport Live Cam

In the town of Huntington in Suffolk County


Hosted by:
  • East Northport Table Tennis Club
  • 6 Markwood Lane - East Northport
  • New York 11731 - United States
  • (631) 368-2802
  • [email protected]
  • http://entt.org/

Marking East Northport's History

Frank Becher had a dream. He envisioned that the history of East Northport would be preserved, and that our community would have a way to tell the world about the rich historical events that took place here. Frank moved to East Northport in 1964, and resided here along with his wife, Kate and sons, Michael, James, David, Patrick and Richard. In recent years, Frank retired, and although undergoing chemotherapy for lung cancer, he pursued his interest in the heritage of Huntington Township.

He enjoyed visiting historical sites, especially those noted by historical markers along the roadsides. Historical markers describe points of interest and historical events that took place on these spots. Frank began to notice that there were few historical markers in the East Northport area, and decided to research the history of the area, pinpointing sites of historical importance.

The Chamber Becomes Involved

Frank wrote the East Northport Chamber of Commerce, asking if they would consider supporting a project to install historical markers in the area. He offered to supply the historical research, suggested text for the signs, and to help with the selection of sites with historical significance. The Chamber voted to provide funding and organizational support for the project and John DeFalco of Sheehan & Co., a Chamber Board Member, offered to serve as committee chairperson.

John had been a long time neighbor of the Becher family, and is also interested in the history of the area. The East Northport Chamber assisted by Frank Becher, began the process to bring historical markers to East Northport. The first step was getting the text and locations for each marker approved by Huntington Town Historian, Dr. Stanley Klein. Next, the proposal went before the Huntington Town Board, who voted unanimously for approval.

Historical Markers Become a Reality

The project will encompass a total of ten historical markers and production of the first six markers is underway. The Chamber anticipates completion of the markers by the end of May, and hopes to have them installed by July.

Soon, Frank Becher's dream will become a reality, but unfortunately, he is not here to see the results of his initiative. Frank passed away in January 1999.