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Forward Sioux Falls - Into The Next Century

If you are spending a few days in Sioux Falls, you won't have any problem finding the perfect place to stay. Accomodations here are top notch, whether you're looking for a family motel, an executive suite or a quaint bed and breakfast. Compared to most cities, room prices in Sioux Falls are very affordable - just one more reason Sioux Falls is a great place to visit. The Sioux Falls Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB) markets and showcases the City of Sioux Falls. The CVB focuses on expanding the number of visitors coming to Sioux Falls to attend meetings, conventions or events, to seek medical attention, to shop, to dine, to vacation, etc.

The CVB's objectives include retaining and increasing current convention and meeting business, increasing the Sioux Falls share of visitor-related event business, increasing tourism programs and communicating with the public to create awareness and understanding of the visitor industry and participating in the development of the new convention center. Service to all visitor segments is a top CVB priority. The "host" mentality can be the determining factor in reselling any group business. Items such as planner service packets, name badges, tour itineraries, maps, event coordination, media releases and attraction brochures are important items to the meeting and event planner.

For many years, Sioux Falls has experienced a constant, manageable growth in population. This steady growth has provided an expanding labor supply for Sioux Falls' businesses and more consumers for goods and services. The median age of Sioux Falls residents is 31.3 years.

Midwesterners cherish their freedom of movement, and transportation is a high priority in South Dakota's largest city. Interstate 29 and 90 provide easy access to the city from the four compass points, making Sioux Falls a significant crossroads for commerce and travel throughout the United States. Freeway congestion around Sioux Falls is virtually nonexistent, and the recently constructed I-29 interchange (at 26th Street) creates another point of entry into the city that is already spurring development in that area, including the construction of new hotels, restaurants, and retail stores.

With its proximity to three state state borders, Sioux Falls is less than two hours away from numerous other South Dakota cities, as well as northwest Iowa, southwest Minnesota, and northeast Nebraska. Omaha, Lincoln, Des Moines, and Minneapolis-St. Paul all lie within a half-day's drive of Sioux Falls, as well.

Sioux Falls is also a regional air hub, served by three major airlines and two shuttle services. A number of short and long-term initiatives, including expansion of parking areas, are under way at the Sioux Falls Regional Airport. A separate, privately owned facility serves corporate and private aviation interests.

Once in Sioux Falls, individuals from other areas are consistently impressed with the city's relative lack of congestion and the general ease of travel. Arterial streets lie in a straightforward grid arrangement and are clearly marked. I-229 bypasses the business district, providing controlled access to major streets and accommodating commuter traffic from residential areas on the city's south and east sides. South Dakota residents are required by law to carry auto liability insurance, and seat belt use by all motorists is mandatory.

Sioux Falls is served by an extensive public transit system, with a fleet of all-new buses that entered service in 1998, along with special paratransit accommodations for the disabled and the elderly. visitors needing transportation during their stay can choose from a variety of limousine, rental car, and taxi options.

Sioux Falls' reputation as a great family city comes, in large part, from the rich variety of diversions it holds for every age group. With a true four-season climate, Sioux Falls offers a wealth of indoor and outdoor attractions, many of them free, showcasing everything the area has to offer.

From school productions to nationally recognized plays, concerts, and exhibits, Sioux Falls residents experience the passion and thrill of the arts through a number of exciting events. By providing this thriving arts scene, the Sioux Falls area also plays an important role in enhancing the quality of life of residents in the region. An exciting addition to the arts scene will be the opening of the Washington Pavilion of Arts and Science in a historic downtown building in late 1998. The pavilion will feature a new performing arts center, a domed Omni theater, a hands-on science museum, and an expanded display area for our Civic Fine Arts Center.

But whether your present interests lie with art, dance, history, or other cultural pursuits, chances are you'll find what you're looking for right here in Sioux Falls.

Whether you're an active sports enthusiast, a weekend fitness buff, or a sideline fan, Sioux Falls has a full court of year-round sports and recreation opportunities. During the summer, the city is alive with local, state, and regional softball, golf, soccer, and swimming tournaments. Sioux Falls is also the home of the Sioux Falls Canaries Baseball team and a host of other amateur and professional sporting events. Sioux Falls also offers more than 65 parks, a multitude of golf courses, eight city-owned swimming pools, and miles of paved bicycle trails. Picnic areas--which are located near playgrounds, volleyball courts, tennis courts, and swimming pools--are available for family reunions, company picnics, or other special events.

During the fall and winter months, catch the action of the locally owned Sioux Falls Skyforce pro basketball team. In 1996, the Skyforce won their first CBA championship in frachise history. Or, just a few miles from the city, skiing is available at Great Bear Ski Valley. To the delight of both young and old, such activities as ice-skating, cross-country skiing, sledding, or an old-fashioned hayride can be arranged in this winter wonderland. For those interested in various types of sporting and outdoor activities, the city is conveniently located near several state parks that feature boating, fishing, ice fishing, hiking, camping, and snowmobiling. South Dakota is well known for its abundant game hunting-deer, geese, duck, turkey, and especially pheasant.

Throughout Sioux Falls, favorable financing conditions, reputable and experienced builders, and a wealth of knowledgeable Realtors combine to create an ideal environment for first-time and repeat home buyers alike. Meanwhile, developers and city planners work together to ensure that the pace of building does not outstrip the construction of roads, sewers, and other infrastructure elements vital to safe, comfortable, and convenient residential life.

The Home Builders Association includes 135 Sioux Falls-area builders, as well as more than 360 associate members, including subcontractors and financial institutions. The association sponsors Parade of Homes tours every year in the spring and fall. Each of these tours showcases an aveerage of 40 new homes in a wide range of prices, giving prospective buyers the chance to see the latest construction techniques applied in real-world settings.