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Finse received Norway's first indoor ice rink


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Finse is a favorite starting point for trips in the mountains both summer and winter

The first traces of human activity at Finse are about 7000 years old. It was stone age people who hunted for reindeer. The first tourists in the mountain were Lord Garvah and his son from England. They hunted and fished in the vicinity of Finse in the late 1850s. A number of lord huts and stone arches lie as visible marks from this time, most commonly known as Lordehytta in Folarskaret.

The town of Finse was established in connection with the construction and operation of the Bergen Railway. This was one of the coolest places on the stretch over the high mountains. After the opening of the Bergen Railway in 1909, Finse Fjellstua (later Finnish hotel) became a favorite gathering place for Europe's jet sets, which include: Prince of Wales, Sonja Henie and Fridjof Nansen.

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