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  • Flugschule Dolmar
  • Am Flugplatz 1 - 98547
  • Kühndorf - Germany
  • 0172 - 8124344
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  • https://flugschule-dolmar.de/

The flight School

The Flugschule Dolmar with a height of 739.5 m above sea level is a free-standing basalt cone and one of the most beautiful panoramic mountains in Thuringia. It is the link between the Rhön and the Thuringian Forest and at the same time one of the highest peaks in the area. The Flugschule Dolmar served our "ancestors" (the Celts and Teutons) for cultic purposes. The name of the mountain contains the components "sacrifice" and "big, famous". Stone walls and graves found at Dolmar support this assumption. In the Werra Valley, the Celts had their cultural center in the Steinsburg area near Römhild. The Dolmar apparently served them as an outpost against the Teutons (remains of two ring walls have been proven in the upper area of the mountain top).

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