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Graceland is the former home of the legendary musician Elvis Presley, located in Memphis, Tennessee, USA. It was purchased by Elvis in 1957 and became his primary residence until his death in 1977. Today, Graceland is a popular tourist attraction that offers visitors a glimpse into the life and legacy of the King of Rock and Roll.

Graceland consists of the mansion itself, as well as several other buildings on the property, including a museum complex, gift shops, restaurants, and other amenities for visitors. The mansion is a two-story colonial-style home, with 23 rooms and a total of 17,552 square feet (1,630.6 square meters) of living space. Visitors can take guided tours of the mansion, which include a look at Elvis's personal living quarters, his music room, the famous Jungle Room, and the Meditation Garden where Elvis and several of his family members are buried.

The museum complex at Graceland houses an extensive collection of Elvis memorabilia, including his iconic jumpsuits, guitars, and other personal items. Visitors can also see some of Elvis's cars, including his pink Cadillac, as well as his private planes, the Lisa Marie and Hound Dog II.

In addition to the tours and exhibits, Graceland also hosts several special events throughout the year, including an annual Elvis Week celebration in August that includes concerts, films, and other activities. Overall, Graceland is a must-visit destination for any fan of Elvis Presley or music history in general.

Historical Facts

  • Graceland was originally built in 1939 by a wealthy Memphis businessman named Thomas Moore. He named the house after his daughter, Grace.
  • Elvis Presley purchased Graceland in 1957 for $102,500, which was considered a high price at the time.
  • Elvis lived at Graceland with his parents, Vernon and Gladys Presley, until their deaths. He also shared the home with his wife, Priscilla Presley, and their daughter, Lisa Marie.
  • Graceland has been open to the public since 1982 and is one of the most-visited private homes in the United States, attracting more than 500,000 visitors each year.
  • In 1991, Graceland was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
  • In 2019, Graceland opened a new 200,000 square-foot entertainment complex, which includes an exhibition space, a soundstage for concerts, and a hotel.
  • Graceland has become a symbol of Elvis Presley's impact on American culture, and is often associated with the birth of rock and roll music.
  • Graceland has also been a site of controversy, particularly in the early 1980s when the city of Memphis considered demolishing the mansion. However, after a public outcry, the home was saved and became a museum and tourist attraction.
Exterior Architecture

Graceland is a two-story colonial-style mansion with a distinctive pink and white exterior. The mansion is situated on a 13.8-acre (5.6-hectare) estate in the Whitehaven neighborhood of Memphis, Tennessee.

The front fa├žade of Graceland features a large, columned portico with white-painted columns and a second-story balcony. The front door is flanked by two white columns and is topped by a fanlight window. The pink and white color scheme of the exterior is said to have been inspired by Elvis Presley's travels to Florida and the Caribbean, where he was struck by the bright colors of the architecture.

The mansion has a total of 23 rooms, including eight bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a living room, a dining room, a music room, and a den. The second story of the mansion contains the private living quarters of the Presley family, including Elvis's bedroom and bathroom.

One of the most iconic features of Graceland's exterior is the Meditation Garden, located at the back of the property. The garden is the final resting place of Elvis Presley, as well as several other family members, and features a fountain, a cross, and numerous statues and plaques. The garden is open to visitors and is a popular site for fans to pay their respects to the King of Rock and Roll.

Interior Architecture

Graceland's interior architecture is an eclectic mix of styles that reflects Elvis Presley's personal tastes and interests. The mansion features ornate chandeliers, colorful stained glass, and luxurious furnishings.

The entrance hall of Graceland is a grand space that features a staircase with a custom-made wrought-iron railing. The walls of the entrance hall are adorned with gold wallpaper and a large crystal chandelier hangs from the ceiling.

The living room is a spacious area that features a white baby grand piano, gold curtains, and a white shag carpet. The room is also decorated with antique furniture and a large, ornate fireplace.

The dining room at Graceland features a large wooden table that can seat up to eight people. The room is decorated with a crystal chandelier and a painted mural of a garden scene covers the walls.

The music room at Graceland is where Elvis would rehearse and record music. The room features a white grand piano, a drum set, and guitars displayed on the walls. The walls are also adorned with gold records and other music memorabilia.

One of the most famous rooms in Graceland is the Jungle Room, which is located in the basement of the mansion. The Jungle Room features green shag carpet, wooden furniture, and a waterfall. The walls are lined with greenery and there are animal sculptures throughout the room.

Overall, Graceland's interior architecture is a reflection of Elvis Presley's unique and eclectic style, and provides a fascinating look into the life of one of the most iconic musicians of all time.

Critical voices

While Graceland is a beloved and iconic cultural site for many people, there have been some critical voices about the estate over the years. Some of the common criticisms include:

  • Commercialization: Graceland is a major tourist attraction, and some critics argue that the site has become too commercialized and has lost some of its authenticity. Some feel that the various gift shops and exhibits that sell Elvis merchandise and memorabilia detract from the historical value of the site.
  • Cultural appropriation: Elvis Presley is often credited with popularizing rock and roll music, but some critics argue that he appropriated black music and culture without proper credit or compensation. The criticism extends to Graceland as a site that celebrates and profits from a legacy that was built on cultural appropriation.
  • Lack of historical context: While Graceland is a museum that showcases Elvis Presley's life and legacy, some critics argue that it lacks historical context and does not provide a nuanced view of the singer's life and impact. Some argue that the site glosses over some of the more controversial aspects of Elvis's life, such as his drug use and relationships with underage girls.
  • Limited interpretation: Some critics argue that Graceland offers a narrow and limited interpretation of Elvis Presley's life and legacy. They argue that the site focuses too much on the rock and roll star's music and celebrity, and does not adequately explore his contributions to broader social and cultural issues.

Despite these criticisms, Graceland remains an important cultural site for millions of Elvis fans and music enthusiasts around the world.


The Graceland Estate is a 13.8-acre (5.6-hectare) property in the Whitehaven neighborhood of Memphis, Tennessee. The estate is best known as the former home of Elvis Presley, who purchased the property in 1957 and lived there until his death in 1977.

In addition to the mansion itself, the Graceland Estate includes several other buildings and attractions that are open to the public. These include:

  • The Trophy Building: This building houses a collection of Elvis's gold records, awards, and memorabilia.
  • The Automobile Museum: This museum displays a collection of Elvis's cars and motorcycles, including his famous pink Cadillac.
  • The Elvis Presley's Memphis Entertainment Complex: This complex features a variety of exhibits, including displays of Elvis's costumes, movie memorabilia, and personal artifacts.
  • The Lisa Marie and Hound Dog II airplanes: These planes were owned by Elvis Presley and are now on display at Graceland.
  • The Meditation Garden: This serene garden is the final resting place of Elvis Presley and several other members of his family.

The Graceland Estate attracts more than 600,000 visitors each year and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States. The estate is also home to several annual events, including Elvis Week, which attracts fans from around the world to celebrate the life and legacy of the King of Rock and Roll.

Tourist destination

Graceland is a major tourist destination and one of the most popular cultural sites in the United States. The estate attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year, many of whom come to experience the life and legacy of Elvis Presley.

Visitors to Graceland can take a tour of the mansion and grounds, which includes a guided audio tour that takes them through the various rooms of the mansion and provides historical context and personal stories about Elvis Presley's life. The tour also includes access to many of the other attractions on the estate, including the Automobile Museum, the Trophy Building, and the Lisa Marie and Hound Dog II airplanes.

In addition to the mansion and attractions, Graceland offers a range of events and experiences for visitors. These include:

  • Elvis Week: This annual event celebrates the life and legacy of Elvis Presley and features a range of concerts, exhibits, and special events.
  • Candlelight Vigil: Held annually on August 15th, the anniversary of Elvis's death, the Candlelight Vigil allows visitors to pay their respects to the King of Rock and Roll at his grave in the Meditation Garden.
  • Live Music and Events: Graceland hosts a variety of live music events throughout the year, including concerts by well-known artists and tribute shows celebrating Elvis's music.
  • Special Tours: Graceland offers a range of specialized tours for visitors, including a VIP Tour that provides exclusive access to parts of the estate that are not open to the general public.

Overall, Graceland is a unique and exciting destination for music fans and history enthusiasts alike, and a must-see attraction for anyone visiting Memphis, Tennessee.

Notable visitors

Graceland has been visited by numerous notable individuals over the years, including musicians, actors, and politicians. Here are just a few examples of the famous visitors to Graceland:

  • Priscilla Presley: Elvis Presley's former wife and mother of his only child, Lisa Marie Presley, has been a frequent visitor to Graceland over the years. She has also been involved in the management and preservation of the estate.
  • Paul McCartney: The legendary musician and former member of the Beatles visited Graceland in 2013 and recorded a message for fans that was played during Elvis Week.
  • Bruce Springsteen: The Boss visited Graceland in the early 1980s and reportedly left a guitar pick on Elvis's grave as a tribute.
  • President Bill Clinton: The former President of the United States visited Graceland in 1993 during a trip to Memphis.
  • Justin Timberlake: The singer and actor visited Graceland in 2018 and posted a photo on social media with the caption "When you've never been to Graceland and you're like... uhhhh... where do we begin?"
  • Tom Jones: The Welsh singer visited Graceland in the 1970s and recorded a version of Elvis's song "Polk Salad Annie" in the Jungle Room.

These are just a few examples of the many notable visitors to Graceland over the years, and a testament to the enduring cultural legacy of Elvis Presley.

Graceland in pop culture

Graceland has been referenced in a wide range of pop culture over the years, attesting to the enduring cultural legacy of Elvis Presley and the iconic status of his former home. Here are a few examples:

  • "Walking in Memphis" by Marc Cohn: This popular song from 1991 includes the line "Walking with my feet ten feet off of Beale" as a reference to Beale Street in Memphis, and the chorus includes the line "I'm going to Graceland".
  • "Graceland" by Paul Simon: This 1986 album by Paul Simon was inspired in part by a trip he took to Graceland, and the title track includes references to Elvis Presley and his home.
  • True Romance: This 1993 film features a scene where the main characters, played by Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette, visit Graceland as part of a road trip across the United States.
  • Honeymoon in Vegas: This 1992 film features a scene where the character played by Nicolas Cage sings "Love Me Tender" in front of Graceland.
  • Bubba Ho-Tep: This 2002 film stars Bruce Campbell as an aging Elvis Presley who is living in a retirement home in Texas, but is convinced that he is the real Elvis and that an imposter is buried in his place at Graceland.
  • Full House: This popular 90s sitcom features an episode where the characters visit Graceland during a trip to Memphis.

These are just a few examples of the many references to Graceland in popular culture, and a testament to the enduring fascination with Elvis Presley and his iconic former home.