Grand Forks Live Cam

Across from its sister city of East Grand Forks


Nestled along the banks of the Red River, Grand Forks boasts a rich history dating back to the late 19th century. Initially settled by European immigrants, the city quickly became a hub for trade and agriculture due to its strategic location. The arrival of the Great Northern Railway in the 1880s further fueled the city's growth, transforming it into a bustling urban center.

Top Tourist Attractions

Exploring Grand Forks unveils a myriad of attractions that cater to diverse interests. The North Dakota Museum of Art stands as a testament to the city's commitment to the arts, showcasing both regional and international masterpieces. For nature enthusiasts, the Turtle River State Park offers picturesque hiking trails and serene camping spots.

The iconic Red River itself is a focal point of the city, providing opportunities for scenic walks along its banks and charming riverboat cruises. Meanwhile, the Greater Grand Forks Greenway, a vast urban park, offers recreational activities ranging from biking to fishing.


Grand Forks experiences a continental climate with distinct seasons. Winters are cold and snowy, creating a picturesque winter wonderland. Average temperatures hover around -2°C (28°F) in January. Spring brings a refreshing change with blossoming flowers and milder temperatures, while summers are warm, ideal for outdoor activities, with July temperatures averaging around 25°C (77°F). Fall paints the city in warm hues, making it an excellent time for scenic drives and outdoor events.


Situated in the Red River Valley, Grand Forks boasts a diverse geography. The flat terrain of the valley is interrupted by the meandering Red River, providing fertile land for agriculture. The city's elevation is relatively low, contributing to its welcoming climate. Surrounding areas feature patches of woodland and numerous lakes, adding to the natural beauty of the region.

As you explore Grand Forks, you'll appreciate the harmonious blend of history, natural beauty, and modern amenities. Whether strolling along the riverbanks or immersing yourself in cultural treasures, this city in North Dakota promises a unique and enriching experience.