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Virginia’s Eastern Shore Region

Four miles south of the VA/MD state line, you turn east on Route 175. Follow Route 175 approximately 6 miles to the Whealton Memorial Causeway. This is a 4 mile long causeway over the waterways and wetlands that separate Chincoteague Island from the 'mainland'.

Local artists and crafters are numerous and their products can be found everywhere on the island. Museums are numerous and educational. Assateauge (a short car or bike ride away) offers miles of unspoiled beaches and abundandt wildlife (not to mention the world famous Chincoteague Ponies).

Come explore our island and discover what life and living are all about!

Chincoteague Island is famous for it's excellent waterfowl hunting and decoys. This is one of the few places where hard carved working decoys are commonplace.

Chincoteague Island hunting guides are selective about equipment and often maintain a variety of hand carved decoys patterned to mimic the species of waterfowl. Popular hand carved working decoys may include mallards, black ducks, bluebill ducks, canvasback, goldeneye, bufflehead, teal and others.

Along with working decoys are a wide range of local artists, carving all types of waterfowl and other wildlife carvings. The island's decoy carver's association has over 200 members.

Visitors will find a nice selection of small shops and galleries along the streets of Chincoteague. Some of the best treasures on the island are actually found in the smallest nooks of the town, where local hunters and watermen still hand carve working duck and goose decoys.

The Four Seasons on Chincoteague Island

Chincoteague Island Virginia is a popular vacation destination on the east coast of the USA. While the island is best known for its summer activities, Chincoteague is a vacation getaway that has year round activities for visitors.

Spring - Springtime can be nice in Chincoteague. The weather plays a major role in outdoor activities. Chincoteague has made great strides in crafting fun for visitors even if bad weather happens. Among the springtime events are the 2nd Saturday walks, Chincoteague Island Spring Craft Show, International Migratory Bird Day Celebration, Seafood Festival, the Blessing of the Fleet, the Decoy Carvers show and other festivals. Upon reaching the island, visitors will find Chincoteague a busy place in spring. Shopkeepers are making repairs and putting up new products. Boaters and watermen are scrambling to prepare for the fishing season. On the refuge, workers will be preening the beaches for the inevitable flood of sunbathers, swimmers and explorers.

Summer - Summer is Chincoteague's busiest time. The summer season brings a flood of vacationers, beach enthusiasts, bird watchers, fishermen and pony lovers. The annual pony swim, penning, auction and firemen's carnival in July is the highlight of the summer season and brings tourists from across the nation who get to watch Chincoteague's saltwater cowboys in action. Flounder fishing remains popular and anglers visit Chincoteague Island to take advantage of the excellent offshore fishing. Charter boats and weekend warriors fish for tuna, mahi mahi, billfish and other big game fish throughout the summer. On the beach, visitors enjoy the summer sun and warm water.

Fall - Fall is the hidden treasure of Chincoteague Island. The crowds have thinned, motel rates are amazingly affordable, and the flies, mosquitoes, heat and humidity are gone. While the waters may be a little cool for swimming, a day on the beach can still be relaxing, and the beaches still get plenty of visitors.

Winter - Winter is the peaceful season. Chincoteague can be lit up for Christmas, or perhaps blanketed in snow. While many pastimes are put on the back burner, birding is in high gear. On Assateague, the refuge is alive with ducks, geese, brant, swans and other bird life. Birdwatchers will see ducks everywhere, in the marshes, along the causeways, all over the back bays and out at sea. Commercial boats still come and go, bringing seafood from the ocean and the famous Chincoteague oysters from the bay. Most shops have closed, but some remain open, at least on weekends.

Assateague Island Lighthouse

Assateague Island lighthouse is a familiar landmark to visitors and residents of Chincoteague and Assateague Islands in Virginia. The Lighthouse was originally built in 1833 to a height of 5 feet. Major reconstruction occurred in 1867, raising the structure to 142 feet high on a site 22 feet about sea level. The lighthouse was located near the southern tip of the island upon its initial construction but is now several miles away from the southern tip of Assateague.

It is constructed of brick and was painted in the red and white pattern in 1968. The first keeper’s house built in 1867 and remodeled in 1892 included 3- 6 room apartments for the keeper and 2 assistant keepers. It was sold in 1934 and removed from the property. Another keeper’s house was built in 1910 for the 3rd assistant keeper and still remains on the island. The light has had a series of lamp upgrades over the years and presently displays (2) 1000 watt rotating beams that are visible up to 19 miles away. The Oyster and Maritime Museum in Chincoteague has the frensel lens on display which was used in the lighthouse from 1867-1961.

Vacationers visiting Chincoteague Island for the first time find a range of activities to choose from. Chincoteague is a small, friendly, deep rooted island community. Located within a bike ride is Assateague Island, which is occupied by Assateague National Sea Shore and Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge.

Chincoteague Island Virginia is a popular spot for weddings and honeymoons. The natural beauty of the island, small town atmosphere, beaches, shops, restaurants, and variety of bed and breakfasts make this an excellent spot for your wedding.

Chincoteague Island Virginia is home to inns and bed and breakfasts which provide visitors with a nice variety of vacation options. Accommodations range from downtown establishments in the shopping district to secluded waterfront settings around the island. Visitors to the Island will find that the town is the perfect bed and breakfast retreat.

With coffee shops, ice cream shops, waterside deck restaurants, and other shops nearby, Chincoteague provides a safe, relaxing, family atmosphere to unwind in. The more adventuresome visitors can leave the bed and breakfasts ready to hit the beach, see wild Chincoteague ponies, or enjoy water sports such as fishing, power boating, kayaking, hiking, or bird watching.

Many of the bed and breakfasts are beautiful Victorian style homes, with large rooms and intricately decorated exteriors. Nearby views will include spectacular sunrises and sunsets, parades of the town's ducks, fishing boats returning from sea and the famous Chincoteague ponies grazing or playing in the refuge. Dining is either inclusive or nearby, depending on the accommodation, and seafood lovers are sure to find a nice selection of fresh choices, with at least one type of local seafood always in season.