Holland Energy Park Live Cam

Located at the eastern gateway of the town

Hosted by:
  • City of Holland
  • 270 S River Avenue - Holland
  • Michigan 49423 - United States
  • 616-355-1300
  • https://cityofholland.com/


Holland Energy Park is a coal-fired power plant located in Holland, Michigan, USA. The Holland Energy Park was developed as a replacement for the James DeYoung coal plant, which was aging and less efficient. The city of Holland aimed to transition to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly energy source through the construction of this new facility.

The Holland Energy Park was designed to be more efficient and environmentally responsible compared to traditional coal plants. It was equipped with modern technology to reduce emissions and increase energy efficiency. Additionally, the facility was planned to incorporate various features that promote sustainability, such as utilizing waste heat for other purposes, implementing green spaces, and potentially integrating renewable energy sources.