Donostia-San Sebastián Live Cam

The live view of the sunset in La Concha Bay is wonderful


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  • Hotel Avenida
  • Paseo Igeldo, 55 - 20008
  • Donostia - San Sebastián
  • Gipuzkoa - Spain
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A resort town on the Bay of Biscay in Spain’s mountainous Basque Country

By the highway A8 (Bilbao-San Sebastián) or by the route N-I (Pamplona or Vitoria-San Sebastián), take in both cases exit No. 9 (San Sebastián O.-Ondarreta) and follow the Hotel Avenida directions towards Ondarreta Beach and Igueldo mountain.

By the highway A8 (Behobia-San Sebastián), take exit No. 8 (San Sebastián O.-Ondarreta) and follow the Hotel Avenida directions towards Ondarreta Beach and Igueldo mountain.

Apart from being a beautiful city and having a cuisine that is universally praised, San Sebastián offers visitors lovely landscapes that show off the beaches and mountains in all their splendour.

Among the cultural events that take place in San Sebastian, we should mention the International Film Festival, the Music Fortnight, the International Jazz Festival and the events that are held in the new El Kursaal Congress Building. Deserve to be visited the Chillida's famed sculptor Museum, "Chillida-Leku", the San Telmo Museum and the Aquarium.

Facing the incomparable beach of La Concha in the centre of San Sebastian, throughout its existence the hotel has shown a perfect balance between the romantic character of its design and the most modern and refurbished installations. The attentive service the hotel has always provided since 1870 has made it the favourite of those who visit San Sebastian.

Basque cooking is considered to be among the best internationally, holding one of the top places among the world's gastronomic variety. Our esteemed restaurant "La Brasserie Marie Galant", which honours the Basque tradition, offers a variety of dishes which will enable you to discover the different concepts of Basque cooking.

The Buffet, based on salads and vegetables accompanied by magnificent meats and exceptional fish prepared on the grill, is one of our specialities. However, if you would like to savour Traditional Basque Cooking our menu will enable you to experience the most exquisite gastronomy, for which the quality of our ingredients marks the difference.

But your work may not enable you to dedicate much time to lunch, and that is why we have prepared some suggestive Menus of the Day in order to fit the quality of our cooking into your timetable. And if you come with your children, don't forget that we have a Children's Menu designed especially to suit their tastes.

Among our other services, our bar "Swing" with its panoramic view over the bay is worth mentioning. Its fine professional service make it an ideal setting to enjoy some peace. Elegantly decorated, it will enable you to try our wide variety of cocktails in a distinguished atmosphere.

But if the bar is one of reference points, what can we say about our terrace? Situated in the Paseo de la Concha on the seaside, the hotel' terrace has become a meeting point for locals and visitors throughout the summer period. From it, with the entire bay of La Concha as a background, you will be able to savour the peaceful days San Sebasti n provides its visitors with. And if you are able to watch the day ending, you will find yourself submerged in dusk's uncertain light falling over the Hotel in a scene worthy of a picture.

Our lounges can be arranged to match your requirements, with all that is necessary for a successful outcome of all your commitments. Lounges looking out over the Concha bay and Promenade. Lounges flooded with the light of the Bay of Biscay and whose decoration has been cared for to the last detail.

Facing the incomparable Concha beach, in the centre of San Sebastian, the hotel is a strategic place for many events taking place in town. On the seafront, the pavement café of Hotel Avenida has become a favourite meeting place of donostiarras and visitors all year round.