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The most spectacular vistas you can find on the isle of Capri


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Anacapri is a comune on the beautiful island of Capri

Capri is everybody's dream: the blue sea, the undisturbed peace, the atmosphere of the place, classical antiquity, associations with the emperor Tiberius and Axel Munthe. The hilly part of the island, in its solitude, provides a contrast to the famous "Piazzetta" with its festive, colorful atmosphere, the Cartesian monastery, which is now being restored to its former beauty, serves as a museum and as a centre for art and fashion displays. Nature too has blessed this spot with the incomparably beautiful Blue Grotto, the Faraglioni, the Marina Piccola, crowded with boats from all over the world.

It may seem strange, but the man who wrote the best pages of literature about the Gulf of Naples and the Campania region in general was neither Neapolitan nor Italian, but a German, the most important writer in German history and for this reason also the most aberrant: Goethe. Just read a few pages of his "Viaggio in Italia" and you will wish to follow him and visit the area as a real tourist and get to know the people who live here, their customs and traditions, the landscapes and everything that makes this area unique. It will be a real pleasure to see the Campi Flegrei and Pozzuoli, the Temple of Serapide and the Solfatara, the volcanic lake of Averno and the excavations of Cuma.

An open window onto the Mediterranean, a palette of bright, all-Italian colors, where the warmth of the people and the all-encompassing embrace of their hospitality permeates everything. Since ancient times the extraordinary position of Naples and the gulf of the same name have exerted an enormous fascination, making Campania one of the richest regions in testimonies to the classical world. Just think of the archeological complexes of Paestum, Pompei, Ercolano, and Pozzuoli, the Di Baia imperial palazzo, the arch of triumph of Benevento, the majestic cisterns of Bacoli, the bridges of Sessa Aurunca, and the villas of Capri. The Naples Museum, one of the richest in the world, houses exhibits of great archeological interest.