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The next town along from Sorrento as you head east along the coast


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Bay of Naples / Amalfi Coast

Two thousand six hundred years of history are found here in Campania, a region that offers an unmatched opportunity to rediscover in its monuments and traditions the deepest roots of Western culture. Campania's great natural beauty, its charming folklore and the exquisite cuisine of its many different villages have made this area a favoured holiday destination since Roman times.

To those ancient guests the land around the Bay of Naples was known as "Campania Felix--Happy Campania." As the wealthiest and most beautiful province of Italy, its seaside villas were the chosen abodes of the Roman elite. Today, this richness remains, and it can be enjoyed by you without the complications involved with moving from one hotel to another. Our two-week tour of Campania is well designed for the mature traveler who is seeking a superior tour experience.

Sorrento is famous all over the world for its breathtaking views out over the Mediterranean, its cliff-top location, and its historic center filled with countless traditional shops featuring local handicrafts.

Our concept is "unpacking only once."

The island of Ischia is the ideal place for relaxing, rest and entertainment. Its perfect climate, breathtaking views, its greenness and flora, the brilliance of its unpolluted sea, the charm and the folklore of many different villages are all waiting for you to reveal their traditions and their delicious gastronomic specialties. Above all, the vast number of hot mineral water springs, with temperatures reaching 140º F throughout the most important tourist resort in Italy.

Ischia is known as the most important thermal zone in Europe hosting 5 thermal parks, 87 thermal spas and 58 beauty centers. Poseidon, the biggest and most luxurious spa on the island contains 20 thermal pools and aesthetic and natural medical centers.

You will stay overnight on Amalfi and Capri without having to permanently move from one hotel to another. This means that you won't have to pack more than the minimum for an overnight stay. You will be able to shop on Capri or have a romantic dinner in Amalfi. During those nights you'll have both your steady rooms on Ischia and your room for your overnight stay.

All the rooms of the four star Hotel Ischia & Lido, with a view from the terrace or the balcony, are provided with private bathrooms, air conditioning, fridge-bar, telephone and safety boxes.

Totally renewed is located in the heart of the pedestrian zone of Ischia, right on the beach and with a wonderful view. It was created by joining Hotel Ischia, the first hotel of the island with Hotel Lido, built on the ruins of an aristocratic villa. The complex offers thermal pools, a restaurantwith excellent national and international cooking, a piano bar, an amusement arcade, a large parking, a thermal spa beauty center, air conditioning and sand beaches.

The combination of the hotel's lush flora and the area's perfect climate makes the Ischia & Lido ideal for rest, relaxation, and entertainment. The complex offers thermal swimming pools (five inside), a thermal spa, a restaurant with excellent national and international cooking, a piano bar, an amusement arcade, and on-site parking. All rooms are air-conditioned, with private balconies providing breathtaking views of the brilliant, clear blue waters of the Mediterranean. Other amenities include private bath, refrigerator-bar, telephone, and safe deposit boxes.

Spa PictureIschia is the most important tourist resort in Italy and the finest thermal zone in Europe, with 5 thermal parks, 87 thermal spas, and 58 beauty centers. Poseidon, the biggest and most luxurious spa on the island, contains 20 thermal pools, aesthetic and natural medical centers.

From Ischia, your trip takes you across the Naples gulf by hydrofoil to visit some of the other unforgettable places in Italy.

Two thousand years ago, after decades of rough military campaigning, the Emperor Tiberius chose Capri for his resting place. Since then, Capri has become a relaxing destination for celebrities and businessmen from every part of the world. The legendary Faraglioni, the main street "Via Tragara," the Blue Grotto, and the central square "Piazzetta," are some of the meeting places that make Capri quite unlike any other place in the world.

Town of Amalfi The particular charm of Amalfi lies its harmonious blend of ancient history and natural beauty--the wonderful 12th-century cathedral overlooking the gracious square, the entrancing historical restaurants, the town's strategic and picturesque situation on the sea, and the quiet hospitality of its inhabitants all combine to create a relaxing atmosphere that seems lost in time.

Ravello is consistently the favorite refuge for visitors to the Compania region. Far from the tourist traffic, and perched atop cliffs that plunge into the sea, it retains its historic air of tranquil and elegant isolation. Beginning in the 1800s, the Italian nobility began to sojourn here, constructing stunningly beautiful holiday villas on the clifftops. More recently, the villas have served as regular retreats for such famously private figures as Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Greta Garbo.

Neaples: the itinerary starts from the visit of "St Marino monastery" that rises in a wonderful position on the Vomero's hills, from which you can have a wonderful viws of the lower town and the Gulf.Inside the monastery there are visible many pieces of work like: on the sides, on the vault, in the chapel and in the sacristy, particullary in the Tesoro's chapel where it's possible to admire the fresco with "Trionfo di Giuditta" made by Giordano. Through the little cloister we can reach the bigger one.The monastry holds the National Museum of St Maria, that presents unknown sections such as the one dediacted to the grip; the picture-gallery contains masterpiece of great interess.

In Neaples you can visit "Palazzo reale" made by Domenico Fontana between 1600 and 1602.Inside you can find the royal chapel, with the major altar made by Lazzari. The "Gesł Nuovo church" presents a lot of masterpiece of the Baroque time.

One of the typical buildings of napolitan worship is represented by"St Maria delle Anime in Purgatorio" a church in which the faith is mixed with ancient popular believes. Inside the Dom we find tha spectacular S.Gennaro's chapel, from the rich marmorean decoration in which should be seen the sculpture masterpiece and the frescos of Domenichino. In thi chapel are hold the famous ampullas with the coagulated blood of S. Gennaro: here twice at year the belivers wait for the miracle: the liquation of the Riario Sforza's square rises the fanciful spire of S. Gennaro.

We advice you to visit "S.Apostoli church", made by Francesco Grimaldi, holding the altar and many frescos.Other full-of-interest churches are: "S. Carlo dell'Arena"," S. Maria dei Miracoli(full of pictures and a beautiful holy-water font), "S. Maria degli Angeli alle croci", "Chiostro delle Clarisse", ecc.