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Situated in a quiet place in the South of Oberstdorf with beautiful view to the Allgaeuer Alps

Live Cam Hotel Exquisit, Oberstdorf - Deutschland


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A jewel on the Southern outskirts of Oberstdorf

The beautiful Allgäu is called "the holiday region that offers warmheartedness" our hotel may justly be called "the hotel that offers "warmheartedness". Our hotel has been given this mark of distinction by numerous guests and friends from all over the world who, although they may have different ambitious and interests, share one common desire: "to be our personal guest".

At our hotel you will be able to enjoy luxury, a sociable company, entertainment, joie de vivre, and a very personal professional test on our and our staffs side - many of our guests stay here more than once a year. You will at once be enthused by the hospitable atmosphere and the gastronomic choice our hotel has in store for you.

Right at the beginning you will feel that this is no ordinary hotel, but a holiday paradise of a special kind. Let yourself be pampered with culinary delights. Our chefs show that they are masters of light, imaginative cuisine. The indoor swimming pool (30 ° C water temperature), sauna and solarium complete the amenities of our hotel. Our small but fine cosmetic studio offers numerous possibilities to "let yourself be pampered". You can also use our spa department. Specialist care and trained staff are at your service. Run by the hotelier couple Gabi and Josef Wagner. They take care of the well-being of their guests - supported by well-coordinated and qualified staff.

The Hotel Exquisit, a gem on the southern outskirts of Oberstdorf - is located in the middle of the beautiful Allgäu four-seasons landscape. You can walk to the heart of the pulsating life of your holiday destination in five minutes, with all the various leisure options. Our hotel has 35 rooms and suites. This small number made it possible to set up each room individually and with great attention to detail, as it is our aim to offer a few guests the best possible. In order to be able to give every guest full attention, the number of beds is deliberately limited.

As many as seven valleys join the Iller valley at Oberstdorf, each one of them with its own character and unmistakable charm. The jagged Trettach valley, for instance, with its impressive mountains, the untamed Oy valley or the peaceful Stillach valley, to mention just three of them. In the midst of them all lies Oberstdorf. Not only right in the heart of nature but also in one of the sunniest regions in Bavaria.

Farewell to the car - Discover what progress really means (latin: progredi "to walk forth"). In the world’s largest pedestrian zone 227,500 square metres or 10.8% of the town area is car-free and most valleys have been relieved of day trippers’ traffic in general. Extra holiday quality is what you get in return. No car windscreen is there to divide you from the glorious countryside or to stop you from breathing in the fresh air and relishing the heavenly tranquillity. Generally speaking, life in Oberstdorf is very relaxed and carefree. The 30 km/h speed limit within the entire town and the pace speed limit in the traffic-abated areas will soon help you to forget your everyday hectic routine. Our trend-setting commuter traffic scheme sees to it that you still don’t have too far to walk. So why not give your car a break for a change and free yourself from your car at car(e)free Oberstdorf.

Here’s to the future - Oberstdorf is the world’s very first municipality to use completely pollutant-free propellant techniques in their commuter traffic system. The latest low-platform busses equipped with the latest-generation of electric and hybrid driving techniques, in addition to the fuel cell driven bus which is to be used as from the summer for the first time ever in the world, just go to show that you don’t have to go without mobility for the sake of the environment. That also goes for the energy supply - 40% of the electric current comes from the municipality’s own hydroelectric power station, "Warmatsgund" and Bavaria’s largest communal solar plant. The use of regenerative energy has been incorporated into the traffic policy of Oberstdorf’s environmental scheme. The first non-pollutant energy circulation has been concluded. With its pace-setting ecological conceptions, Oberstdorf heads the list as far as their compliance with the local agenda 21 is concerned. All these points go to show that it is even possible to become a pioneer by way of the motto "Back to nature".

All-embracing - Protecting the environment is always a worthwhile issue. At Oberstdorf, all your senses benefit from it. The cleanness of the air is ranked first-class and even the taps provide refreshment at a mineral water quality with such a low sodium content that it is even suitable for preparing baby food. The sun shines abundantly on the magnificent landscape and the soul also profits from the multifarious experiences made in such natural surroundings. Other factors are the varied climate levels that are naturally salubrious - from the mild climate down in the valley to the stimulating climate up in the mountains. Could there be any better reasons for doing good to your body and soul?

All-time - Any time is the right time to fortify your health. However, the autumn is especially recommendable given that there is seldom fog and plenty of sunshine. Not only is the circulation preserved particularly well then but also mother nature shows herself at her colourful best at this time of the year. A contemplative walk in a multicoloured autumn forest can do wonders. Especially when the forest happens to be located in the nearby mountains, for the oxygen intake in the blood is increased through physical exercise at altitudes of over 1000m. So just take a deep breath and recharge your batteries! Whether you are on a health cure or "only" on a wholesome holiday, whether you are on your own or accompanied by the whole family, our wide recreation programme is offered the whole year round and taking care of your health is an issue that should never be put out of season, anyway.

Valley deep, mountain high - Do you feel an itchiness in your toes when you look at these pictures? Then give your feet free rein! Or do you prefer things a little more relaxed? Even an excursion on low ground can still get spirits high. Oberstdorf offers you both alternatives! Over 200 kilometres of footpaths lead you through delightful valleys at vertiginous heights. What about taking a walk to the kurhaus, first!

If you like, we can enter your personal data into our health computer and determine which of the fourteen health-resort hiking trails is ideally suited for you on the basis of the ambient climatic conditions. Or simply take a look at the hiking map if you would rather decide on your own - once round the moorland lake, up the steep track to the famous Mount Höfats or just across through the spa garden, for instance. Whether taking a reflective walk with a friend or hiking in a merry company, you can experience nature whatever the case may be, and you’ll find a nice place for a rest wherever you go.

Step by step - Take it easy to start off with! Our walking terrains will certainly get you into shape but there’s no need to get into a sweat. The nature trails get you acquainted with the native flora and fauna, and there’s plenty of scope for excursions, as the panoramic map clearly shows you.

Insight and outlooks - Just as well-versed ridge mountaineers have a passion for the world-famous Heilbronner Weg, rock-climbers like to meet at the Mindelheimer and Hindelanger Klettersteig and tour enthusiasts prefer to explore the original alpine refuges. Less-experienced mountain-lovers, on the other hand, can take the Nebelhorn, Fellhorn or Söllereck lifts to enjoy the panorama at ease. On a clear day it is possible to see as many as 400 summits from the Nebelhorn. Those who would like to gain „deeper insight“ can make a trip to the Breitachklamm. It took 10,000 years for the water to form this natural wonder that is unique to central Europe! Unfortunately, a holiday is usually far too short to utilize the hiking possibilities fully. But you’re always welcome to come again.

By nature - All you peasants can certainly think highly of yourselves for everyone is making out to be a peasant now, as an old Bavarian playing card dating back to around 1765 says. Indeed, at the Court of Nymphenburg it was the fashion to imitate country weddings and at Versailles Marie Antoinette was known to milk a goat now and then (even though the milking pail was made of the finest Sèvres porcelain and not just ordinary wood, of course). If that had reached the ears of the inhabitants of Oberstdorf, they would surely have shaken their heads in lack of understanding. Folklore as a fashion? Anything like that could only occur to somebody who was never here or who obviously failed to recognize how deeply these traditions are rooted, how they are the expression of one’s conception of one’s very own self and nothing to do with any fashion whims.

Faith and superstition - You can’t fail to sense it when you wander through the thirty rooms at the Museum of Local History, where the pieces have been devotedly collected over the years. Two different worlds of the "spirit" can be found in the poets’ room and gentian distillery; the various trades show how one’s bread was won in those days and the cross dating back to 1673 reminds one of the profound religiousness that even kept a place for the mountain spirits. As a source of nutrition and an opponent in one, the mountains were regarded as beings with a living soul, whom it was wise to treat with respect. The alpine mountaineering exhibition relates of the courage required to "conquer" such a giant.

Of art and cows - The main section deals with Alpine farming and normal agriculture. It is no coincidence that there is a peep-hole leading from the bedroom chamber to the stable, for alongside the carefully preserved game, the livestock was one’s base of living for which it was worth taking every effort. The impressively carved butter moulds, the richly embroidered mountain infantrymen’s garments, the "historical period costumes" and even the touching beauty of the miracle-working image in the Loretto chapels demonstrate that the appreciation of art was never lost, nevertheless.

Then as now - radition is not only to be found when you step inside the museum. You can discover it everywhere - at religious festivals which, as in the past, continue to determine the annual routine; in the little chapels you pass along the wayside, in the living art of handicrafts and, last but not least, in the agriculture, thanks to which tradition and originality still remain unaffected. That’s yet another reason why our guests love Oberstdorf and its natives.

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