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The Pearl of Lake Como in the Italian region of Lombard

The charm of the view looking over the territory among luxurious vegetation and traces of a past civilization has never been lost on the traveller. This region has been visited in the course of time by a great number of poets, writers, musicians, painters and artists. The territory is full of country houses, botanical gardens, natural grottoes and museums of all kinds. Aside from the lake villas and those in the Brianza area, there are also important Romanesque tour itineraries which appeal to scholars and experts from all over the world - a number of Italian and foreign students are drawn here by the monuments and buildings of Terragni and Sant’Elia, the founders of Rationalism, a very successful architectonic movement.

The breathtaking shores of Lake Como are home to famous country houses like Villa d’Este in Cernobbio (one of the most exclusive hotels in the world since 1873), or Villa Carlotta in Tremezzo, Villa Melzi and Villa Serbelloni in Bellagio and many more. The island, the Isola Comacina, emerging from the lake is a paradise for those who are looking to rest but also an ideal vacation spot in an area preferred by those attending conventions. Aside from water sports there are several other activities available: hang-gliding, trekking, riding, tennis, skiing and more. Within easy reach from Como or Lugano both by road and by motorway, you find the fashionable resort of Campione d’Italia with its casino, night clubs, slot-machines and game-tables - like a European Las Vegas where you can try your luck.

The Como territory offers endless opportunities, but the lake is at its best if you see it 'from' the lake. The Navigation Service offers a wide range of services including traditional wheel-boats, modern, confortable motor-ships or fast hydrofoils. Here everybody can find the ideal spot to spend a dream vacation, be it in a large luxury hotel, a typical inn, a camping site or a youth hostel like the ones on the lake shore in Como, Menaggio and Domaso.

Unlike most Italian regions, Lombardy is landlocked. Its northernmost point includes the magnificent sub-Alpine vistas of Lake Maggiore and Lake Como, on the Swiss border, but most of Lombardy is taken up by the vast Po River Valley, a broad, flat area of farmlands accentuated by the occasional poplar trees - Lombardy's equivalent to Tuscany's cypress.

Most people find this valley unappealing, yet anywhere you drive - and this is one of the easiest and most suitable places in Italy for driving - just around the bend may lurk some of the most astonishing surprises.

The Como Province lies on the western shore of Lake Como for all its lenght covering a surface of about 1288 square km. So far it may be considered a "small Province". But the small extension must not deceive, because in very few other Italian places the visitor may find a so surprising and rich choice of different environments, landscapes and settlements. In few miles you may find the mountains and the lake, the wild Alps valleys and the industial area of Brianza, the urban area of Como and villages of few houses, the fauna oasis in the north and the skiruns in the south.

Here the visitor may lie down under one of the olive trees of the Tremezzina area - in the central part of the Lake - to admire the Grigna perpetual snow. The longes way within the Province doesn't exceed 100 kilometers, so you it is possible to pass from the centre of the city to the wildes areas, or from the winter to the summer in less than one hour by car. We may say the Como Province is a concentrate of all the main characteristics of Northern Italy. If we observ the territory from the satellite we may notice that the human presence follows the imaginary line from North to South, with the maximun concentration in Brianza. All around the mountain part, moreover in the Alto Lario (the most northern area of the lake), the visitor may find whole areas without any human mark, that are as good as the most celebrated national parks.

The Province of Como extends on the western river of the Lago of Como for all its length with one surface of 1288 kmq. It can, therefore, to consider “a small” province, but a limited extension does not have to draw in deceit, because in little other Italian localities can be found one variety of atmospheres, panoramas, human takeovers therefore rich and amazing. In little kilometers it is passed from the high mountain to the lago, from the wild alpine valley to the industrialized brianzola hill, from the city area of Como to the villages of little houses, from the faunistica oasis to north to the tracks from ski to south.

It can calmly be sdraiati under a ulivo in the zone of the Tremezzina and to admire perennial snows of the Grigna. The maximum street distance in the province does not exceed i 100 km., therefore city can be passed from the center to the wild zones, or from the summer to the winter in an hour of car. It can be said that the Province of Como is concentrating of Italy of the North. Observing the territory of the province from above, as an example from the satellite, it is looked at that the presence of the man on the territory follows the imaginary line north - south, with the maximum of the intensity to south, in Brianza. In all the montana part, above all in the Lario High, finds entire valleys without human trace practically, than null they have to envy to more celebrates national parks to you.

Here the wild fauna is rich and varied. Also the aquatic fauna very is developed in i 9,800 km. of rivers and torrents, and as far as the water the Province of Como has a supremacy: it is richest than lagos in Italy, with a great protagonist, the Lago of Como.

The Lago of Como, called also Lario, with its 410 meters of depth is deepest of three Italian lagos subalpini and is one of deepest of Europe. With its great water mass it influences the climate of the sides and gives to the zone of the Center Lago and the cape of Bellagio a climate similar to that one of from Liguria coast. The bay one grows you and the ulivo, the garden accommodates palms and tropical plants, prosper the florovivaismo. To the natural beauties the Province of Como then adds an artistic patrimony originates them and fascinating, in which at least three traditions of interest are characterized. The first one, plus striking, is constituted from the villas of the Lago of Como, only to the world it is for their architectonic and landscaped value that for the treasures that contain. The second, plus hidden and picked, is constituted from the incredible concentration on the territory of Romanesque churches, to testimony of a Middle Ages comasco anything but dark.

The third party, plus evocativo and intriguer, is constituted from the numerous works of military fortification of various age, with relati anecdotes and legends to you, to memory of a turbulent and adventurous past. Three artistic patrimonies that propose the territory of the comasco for one discovered artistic not banal, easy accessible stimulant, and of remarkable cultural thickness. In all seasons the "small" Province of Como reveals to the visitor like one the richest coffer of surprise and unexpected experiences, only and evocative landscapes and beauties little hidden to visit with calm.

At the end of the eighteenth century Alessandro Serbelloni spent 929,622 Euro on improvements to his private park (at a time when the daily pay of a worker was less than a hundredth part of one Euro per day). During the nineteenth century, when many nobles used to stay in the hotels of Bellagio, they often rented entire floors and used some rooms just to lay out their clothes on the beds. Senator Gary Hart was so truck by stay in Bellagio that he used the setting for a spy-story in which a secret agent holed in a Bellagio hotel. In Las Vegas Steve Wynn, the President of Mirage Resort, has made built a Hotel-Casino with the name of Bellagio. He has declared that it is the most romantic hotel in the world. The hotel has 37 floors, 3.421 rooms and 8.000 staff. The entire complex occupies a space of 83 hectares and includes an artificial lake with fountains, tens of gardens and a “village” with small boutiques and shops which resemble those in the town on Lake Como.