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Located directly on the sea front


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  • Hotel Marco Polo
  • Via della Serenissima 22
  • 30021 Caorle (Venice) - Italia
  • +39 0421 81205
  • [email protected]

On the Adriatic Sea

The Hotel Marco Polo is situated in an attractive location, facing the sea, in a central area. It has a homely and pleasant atmosphere. Elegantly furnished, with all modern conveniences, it has spacious living rooms with terrace and bar in front of the sea. The picturesque dining room, where buffet breakfast is served in the morning, offers a delicate traditional and international cuisine with choice menu and large salad and vegetable buffet.

Comfortable rooms have private bathrooms, balconies with sea view and side sea view. The hotel also disposes of lift, parking place, private beach, animation organised by beach consortium. The Rothmüller family's careful management is a guarantee for its guests.

Italy’s beaches stretch for thousands of kilometres. In fact, there are only a handful of the 20 regions in Italy which do not have a coastline. Yet many tourists only know the wide sandy beaches along the Adriatic Sea. This area is prized because of its inviting shallow waters and because of the area’s relatively low prices.

More and more people now want to experience something new. So if you want to combine a beach holiday with some culture, then the Riviera and Tuscany are obvious choices.

If you want the clearest water imaginable and to sample some great diving, then you can’t improve much on Sardinia. But if your budget won’t stretch and you need a cheaper alternative then Sicily is for you, plus you can full your day with an array of exciting excursions.

The long stretch of coastline from Trieste in the east to Riccione in the south has long been a traditional holiday haunt of the Scandinavians. The long wide sandy beaches seem simply designed for families with young children, while the pulsating nightlife of many of the resort towns make this part of Italy much loved by young people looking to party. The resort towns on the Adriatic coast are so used to tourists from Northern Europe that in many places you can easily get by with English or German.

Italy here. Functional new buildings characterise the towns, but there are also lots of restaurants and cafes, all kinds of shops and swimming pools. Even though this part of Italy is best for relaxing beach holidays, you are never far away from exciting cultural towns such as Venice, Trieste, Padova, Bologna, Ravena...

Venice, or Venezia as the Italians call it, or Venexia as the Venetians call it, is an outstanding city for many reasons. Just the fact that nearly the city is built on massive poles, is enough to make it noteworthy. But Venice’s remarkable history spanning the centuries has resulted in a city full of extraordinary artistic treasures and stunning architectural treasures.

From its heyday in the Middle Ages, when Venice was one of Europe’s indisputable leading powers, to its decline in the 17th and 18th centuries, this city has developed into one of the world’s greatest tourist attractions. Despite this, the city has less than 50,000 inhabitants and the number of occupants under the age of 18 has long been under 1000. The city simply doesn’t attract young families due to the exorbitant cost of living. Venice is Italy’s most expensive city to live in. Most families prefer to cross over the bridge to the mainland and live in Mestre, just 10 minutes from Venice city centre where rents are one third that of Venice. So, apart from older people making the most of rent-controlled accommodation, Venice is mostly populated by the extremely wealthy.

The high prices are not exclusive to property and accommodation in Venice. Consumer goods are also pricey, as everything has to be transported over the water into the city. The cost of groceries is generally 10% higher in Venice than on the mainland. The prices also affect tourists so be prepared to dig deep into your pockets in Venice, as everything from hotels to apartments to restaurants are more expensive here than elsewhere in Italy - even than in Rome and Florence.

You can find cheap restaurants in Venice, but don’t expect sublime cuisine. In no other Italian town or city is it so easy to find terrible food! This is largely due to the fact that most of the town’s millions of tourists only stay for a couple of days at most so restaurateurs don’t make an effort to encourage their clientele to return. Most visitors only go after picturesque surroundings and cheap prices anyway! However, if you want to eat well in Venice, then simply get hold of one of the many guidebooks on the city or, better still, wait until around 20:00-21:00 and follow someone who looks local. You can almost be sure that where the locals eat will offer value for money.