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Situated on the North Sea

The Netherlands owes its world-wide reputation to the flowers from Noord-Holland... This is not remarkable when you think that the largest continuous area of flowers in Europe is to be found between Anna Paulowna, Schagen and Breezand.

In the summer the earth dons a festive garment of overwhelming colours. It is not merely tulips that bring the north of Noord-Holland into bloom, but also lilies, orchids and many other varieties that make the landscape unforgettable. Pay it a visit, by cycle, car or boat, to see Mother Earth at her most beautiful and to smell her purest scents.

If you think that there are only a few weeks in which to enjoy the flowers in Noord-Holland, we have a pleasant surprise for you: Noord-Holland is in bloom all the year round! Somewhere, there is always something to enjoy in the flower and plant worlds. It starts with the Westfriese Flora and the Opmeer Winterflora in March. From the end of March until May there are the Franz Roozen Tulip Show in Vogelenzang, the geranium markets in Huizen, Heiloo, Hoorn and Hilversum, the Rhododendron Month (May) and many others.

In the summer the attractions include the Summer Flower Shows in Vogelenzang and Broek op Langedijk, the Lily Show and the Floralia in Hoogwoud. The illuminated gardens to be seen in August evenings in Bergen, Schoorl and some other places are very special. Unforgettable! In addition, there are special flower and plant shows throughout the year, such as those in the Hortus Botanicus (botanical gardens) in Amsterdam, the Heemtuin in Zaandam, the Museum voor de Bloembollenteelt (museum of bulb cultivation) in Limmen and the Historische Tuin (historical garden) in Aalsmeer.

Of course, the spectacular floral parades in Haarlem-Noordwijk, Aalsmeer and Winkel are among the top events. You will find the exact dates in the list of events on the events page of the T.R.I.S.

If you like sunbathing on the beach, Noord-Holland is the place for you. No fewer than 100 of the 300 kilometres of coastline consist of a beautiful wide sandy beach. The many friendly bathing resorts with their summer pavilions make your beach trip a real day out for the whole family. The restless sea provides an eternal playroom for swimmers, surfers and sailors.

The beach also attracts visitors outside the season. What can be better than walking along the tide line, with the wind ruffling your hair and birds in the distance?

If you are a nature-lover, we recommend the beautiful dune area. Did you know that more than half the dunes in the Netherlands are to be found in Noord-Holland? Some, such as those near Schoorl, are ten kilometres wide and up to 50 metres high. Impressive nature reserves of heath land, sand and woods, with flora unique to the area, where only the birds and the surf break the silence.

Go for a walk in the Zwanenwater nature reserve in Callantsoog and see land and water birds, mammals, butterflies and Europe's largest colony of spoonbills in their natural surroundings.

At many visitors' centres, the forester will tell you more about the origins of the flora and fauna in Noord-Holland. These centres are to be found in such places as Schoorl (Het Zandspoor), Castricum (De Hoep),'s Graveland (Corversbos) and Vogelenzang (De Oranjekom), where there is a permanent exhibition about water extraction in the dune area.

The true bird-lover will naturally go to one of the bird reserves on Texel or in the Gooi, or to the breeding areas of Jisperveld or Wormerveld.

And if you are on Texel, pay a visit to the EcoMare, the educational centre for wild life and seals; or visit the Maritiem en Juttersmuseum (beachcombers' museum), where you will be surprised at what has been washed ashore in recent decades.

Noord-Holland has counted on your coming. Many recreational areas have been especially set up for the holiday-maker to enjoy cycling, walking or boating: the Twiske, Streekbos, Spaarnwoude, the Alkmaardermeer and the Uitgeestermeer, Geestmerambacht, Waterland and Groengebied Amstelland.

Get to know noord-holland through its people small map The inhabitants of Noord-Holland have customs all of their own. The local costumes of Volendam and Marken, the cheese-market rituals in Alkmaar, the age-old traditions of the cattle markets, all make Noord-Holland a typical part of the Netherlands, continually arousing amazement.

But in contrast to many other of the world's tourist areas, Noord-Holland has not subordinated its folklore to the cliches of tourism. Even though some events have been retained only for the tourist, they are still exactly what they were.

Exaggeration is not one of the traits of the inhabitants of Noord-Holland. This level-headedness adds credibility to the folklore of Noord-Holland. Don't clap your hands at the cattle market in Purmerend: you will have bought a cow before you know it. The folkloristic extravaganza at the cheese market in Alkmaar is also the opening ceremony.

National character does not go into hibernation for the winter. Folkloristic events take place all the year round in Noord-Holland. The cattle markets of Purmerend and Schagen are held in all seasons. The Westfriese Flora is held as early as mid February, followed in March by the Bloembollenshow (flowering bulb show) and the Voorjaarsbeurs (spring show) in Breezand.

All kinds of events are organised during the summer, such as the Westfries folklore procession and dances in Schagen, the Havenfeesten (harbour festivities) in Hoorn, thwarts and crafts market in Spaarndam, the beachcombers' market in Den Helder and, of course, the cheese markets in Alkmaar, Edam and Purmerend.

The Lammetjestocht (Iamb parade) on Texel, the Hippofeesten (horse shows) of Wieringen, the Gouwzeemarkt of Monnickendam, the art market in Bergen and the jaarfeest (annual festival) of Zaanse Schans are also part of Noord-Holland tradition.

If you would like to know more about the popular culture of Noord-Holland, a visit to one of the museums in the area is to be recommended. We will mention only the Stads- en Streekmuseum Hans Brinker (Hans Brinker urban and district museum) in Alkmaar, the Marker Museum in Marken, the Zuiderzee Museum, the Zaanse Schans and the Westfrisian Museum.

Fun from windmill to waves small map A quarter of the area of Noord-Holland consists of water. Lakes, waterways and ditches form a network throughout the entire Province.

Moreover, most of the Noord-Holland peninsula is encircled by the North Sea and the lJsselmcer. There is more than enough water for all kinds of water sports. Experienced surfers relish the thunderous surf, sailors enjoy their natural surroundings on the lakes and waterways, or opt for the wide-open waters.

Motorboats make fairy-tale trips through the towns and canoeists penetrate the most secluded waters of Noord-Holland.

Much is organised for water-sports enthusiasts. The Catamaran Race round Texel enjoys international fame. Canoe and motor-boat trips, cycling holidays and many other packages become more popular every year. Sailing enthusiasts look forward to the sailing competitions at Andijk and Medemblik, where even world championships are held. And anglers too are fully catered for in this Province so well endowed with water, whether enjoying the calm of one of the many fishing stretches or going out to sea in a motor-boat for a day.

If you have a sailing boat of a motor-boat of your own, you will be hospitable welcomed in Noord-Holland. Many of the present modem yachting harbours were once fishing ports of commercial harbours. This is why they are to be found in pleasant town centres: examples are the yachting harbours of Volendam and Muiden. The VVV / ANWB Almanak voor Watertoerisme (Almanac of Water Tourism Part 2) gives information about all the yachting harbours in Noord-Holland.

If you have no boat of your own, you can hire one from one of the many yacht leasing companies. The fleet ranges from a luxury sailing boat or motor-yacht to a simple open sailing boat or rowing-boat. A trip on one of the traditional sailing boats is also a unique experience. These boats have mostly been beautifully restored and were cargo vessels or fishing boats before the lJsselmeer was sealed off.

Nowadays the holds have been divided into comfortable accommodation and cabins, so that nautical holidays are also possible. Arrangements for group or individual trips can be made in Enkhuizen, Hoom, Monnickendam, Muiden, Amsterdam, etc. Of course there are also museums specialising in the water, such as the Maritiem en Juttersmuseum on Texel, the Zee-aquarium in Bergen, the Flessenscheepjesmuseum (ships in bottles) in Enkhuizen and the Nationaal Reddingmuseum Dorus Rijkers (Dorus Rijkers national life-boat museum) in Den Helder.