Torre Pedrera Live Cam

The northernmost resort of Rimini


Hosted by:
  • IDA Hotel
  • Via San Salvador 148 - 47922
  • Torre Pedrera di Rimini - Italia
  • (+39) 0541.720113
  • [email protected]

Small and quiet hamlet by the sea

The Magnani family is pleased to welcome you to their hotel, located directly on the seafront of the seaside resort of Torre Pedrera.

Directly on the seafront of Torre Pedrera, Hotel IDA is just a few meters from the beach, welcoming and equipped to be defined as "a water park and golden sand" on which the tourist can lie down, in total relaxation and harmony.

The Hotel is easily reachable from the A-14 motorway (Rimini Nord exit just 5km away), from Rimini station (6 km away) and from Torre Pedrera station (200 m.)

The golden beach and the sun accompany the tourist in his adventure of happiness and vacation. The velvet sand caresses it when it descends into the water, the shallow waters allow the elderly and children to immerse themselves in the water in peace. The organisation, safety and sea rescue services are managed by Bagno Rinaldo, located right in front of the Hotel, in the person of Valentino and his collaborators.

The lifeguard, skilled connoisseur of weather conditions, adequate exposure to the sun, the right bathing time, is responsible for the daily cleaning of the beach and complementary services. But that's not all: it is also the summer friend who carefully and courteously guides the tourist to his umbrella and sunbeds, always tidy and marked with the reference number.

In the mid-1950s, a small town of fishermen and greengrocers experienced an impetuous development to become a high-level tourist centre: it is Torre Pedrera in Rimini. On the beach, in the center of the town, the Pensione IDA was founded by one of the first families of entrepreneurs-pioneers who believed in the future of great tourism: it was the MAGNANI family. Since then, the MAGNANI family has managed the IDA Hotel uninterruptedly which, thanks to serious professionalism and renowned cordiality, has become a point of reference for the most demanding customers.