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Watch in real time the outdoor track of Karting, Vuiteboeuf - Switzerland


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  • Karting Vuiteboeuf
  • En Bochet - 1445 Vuiteboeuf
  • Switzerland
  • 024 459 19 22
  • [email protected]
  • https://kartingvuiteboeuf.ch/

Circuit of 1600 meters welcomes you during your Karting outings

The Karting of Vuiteboeuf offers simple series of 10 minutes with fast karting and offers great prizes with free practice, qualifying and finally a start on a grid worthy of Formula 1. A varied challenges with, for example, pockets bikes and you have the possibility to eat on the spot.

The municipality of Vuiteboeuf is located in Switzerland, in its French-speaking part. It is attached to the Canton of Vaud, the District of Orbe and the Cercle de Baulmes. Its coordinates are 1254/684 for an official altitude of 598 meters. Between its highest point of 1165 meters and its lowest point of 492 meters, there is therefore a drop of 673 meters. Located at the foot of the Vaudois Jura chain, it is the last stage of the plain before the ascent to the village of Sainte-Croix, famous for its mechanical music.

Passage obligatory in Roman times due to the convergence of roads from Urba (Orbe), Eburodunum (Yverdon-les-Bains) and Pontalissum (Pontarlier). The Arnon river, whose waters appear on the municipal coat of arms, has contributed in the past to the development of mills (whose wheels are also found on the coat of arms) and sawmills, powered by its hydraulic power, which have now all disappeared. Two towns form the town: Peney, downstream, which was once the center, with the 12th century Abbey of Saint-Martin, whose church was demolished in 1907, with the exception of a tower, and Vuiteboeuf upstream.

As everywhere, the agricultural population has sharply decreased and the inhabitants exercise a wide variety of activities. Only three local farms still deliver milk to the cheese maker who transforms it into Gruyère cheese, tommes or cream. The other six farmers work relatively easy land, suitable for growing cereals, corn, sugar beets and potatoes, or raising cattle for fattening.

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