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Lake Garda, in beautiful northern Italy, is known for its crystal clear water


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Cableway of Malcesine

From Garda to Baldo: two blues. A blue and a green, a blue and white: leaving the shores of the Lake at Malcesine, climbing one thousand eight hundred metres to the mountain ridge - thirty minutes, two cable-car stations and the cable-car itself. Looking down over the Mediterranean vegetation, the timbe woods, the high pastures and Winter snows. And in the background, the long, endless horizon of the Lake.

High up, the beauty of the park and the rare flora of Baldo. Nature and sport along the tracks criss-crossing the mountainside. The flight of a delta-plane, descending suspended in the great leap over Lake Garda, its waters and its pastures. Sport and enjoyment: from mountain bikes to windsurfing and skiing. From water to shoreline tracks, from the Lakeside to the mountain landscapes. A subtle thread links Garda and Baldo a unique environment where Alpine flowers and lemons grow side-by-side.

Roads to Malcesine arrive the from plains and the north, by the Brenner and Serenissima motorways, from Verona, from Affi or Rovereto, hugging the last part of the eastern shore of Lake Garda. The green of Balbo in Winter yields to snow sports. The cable-car climbs up from the lakeside hotels to the restaurants and resorts in the snow, to the ski runs overlooking the whole panorama.

From the spectacular Dolomites to the breathtaking landscape of the Po and from blue and breezy Lake Garda to the golden Adriatic Coast, Veneto surrounds and enchants visitors with its fascinating nature, then suddenly astonishes and captures them with the art and culture of its marvelous city: Romantic Verona, with its timeless love story of Romeo and Juliet; refined Vicenza, homeland of the great Palladio; vivacious and scholarly Padova, with its ancient University; joyous Treviso, filled with beautiful medieval palaces; Rovigo, with the ancient Roman vicus rodae; and of course Venice, the city of lagoons, with a patrimony of all humanity that has attracted and stupefied artists and visitors from every part of the world for thousands of years.

Home of architects, sculptors and painters, Verona is second to Venice as the most important and alluring city in Veneto, and one of the most charming in Italy. Its historic center, full in art and life, is a gem which reflects the Etruscan, Roman, Medieval and Renaissance periods: the noble palaces with their romantic balconies, the squares with their roaring fountains, the old churches, the multicoloured market, the enormous Roman arena and the legendary love story of Romeo and Juliet.

Lake Garda - The Shore of Veneto and Trentino

It is Italy's widest lake, shared by the provinces of Verona, Brescia and Trento. With beautiful deep blue water, in the north it is like a fjord wedged among the mountains and in the south it seems like a small sea sheltered from the northern winds. It has a particularly mild climate and its shores are covered by a surprising amount of Mediterranean vegetation: vineyards, olives, citrons, lemons and hundred-year-old cypresses. Thanks to the mild climate, the relaxing atmosphere, the typical products of the surrounding hills, such as wine and oil, Garda is the "Beneficial Lake", the Latin "ben acus" rejoiced by such great poets as Catullo, Virgilio, Goethe and D'Annunzio. All around its harmonious coast, charming and renown holiday resorts are lined up one after the other.

Lake District plus Venice Tour

The Brenta Canal - Noble Venetian families once built magnificent summer villas along the Brenta Canal to escape the summer heat in the city, and their architect of favor was Andrea Palladio. We'll retrace their steps as we journey to Venice via the Brenta to visit three of the most famous Palladian villas along the route and enjoy a wonderful canalside lunch. Our private canal boat and guide will pick us up in Stra, where we'll visit the imposing Villa Pisani, with stops in Mira at the Villa Valmarana and in Malcontenta to see the gracious Villa Foscari. Our extraordinary tour ends in Malcontenta where our driver rejoins us for the short trip on into Venice itself. Once in Venice, we'll board a private water-taxi for a fitting entry to the city and arrival directly at our hotel.

Lake Orta and Orta San Giulio - A tiny jewel of a lake that seems protected by a spell, little-known Lake Orta has an elegant kind of beauty that many thought had disappeared with the last century. Our returning travelers have affectionately referred to Orta as "our lake," as its intimate scale makes it become instantly familiar. The little town and island of San Giulio are filled with narrow stone houses with lacy wrought-iron gates and blooming magnolias, and serve as a perfect base for us to explore the secret treasures of the Lake District, including the Sacro Monte of Varallo, a mountaintop shrine containing a series of 26 chapels, each with incredible lifesize terra-cotta figures depicting scenes from the life of Christ.

Lake Maggiore, Lake Como and Verona - From our nearby base in Orta San Giulio we'll take the cable car down the mountain to majestic Lake Maggiore and spend a day touring the three famous Borromean Islands, Isola Bella with its 17th century palace, Isola Madre with its lovely landscaped gardens, and Isola dei Pescatori (Fishermens Island), an authentic fishing village with cobblestone alleys and piazzas. We'll also walk through elegant Stresa, with its many shops and townhouses. We'll relax for the weekend on Lake Como, situated in the foothills of the Alps, with mountains coming right down to the water's edge, where we'll visit the stunningly beautiful village of Bellagio, set right at the tip of the promontory which juts up into the lake. In addition to enjoying Bellagio's cascading walkways and streets, lakefront views, and artisan shops, we'll take a boat ride across the water to visit the world-famous Villa Carlotta with its spectacular gardens filled with rhododendrons and azaleas. We'll also sojourn for two nights in lovely Verona, home of Romeo and Juliet, where we'll see the Roman arena, bridge and amphitheatre, Juliet's house with her famous balcony, and where we'll take a walking tour with our expert local guide through the beautiful town center.

Venice by Land and Water - The very best way to see the many secret corners and magical vistas of incomparable Venice is from the canals, in your own private water taxi. Our expert guide and lifetime resident Helena Salvadori will take us on an unforgettable three-hour private boat tour to visit Palladio's San Giorgio Maggiore with its magnificent belltower, the Giudecca, and the island of Murano, for a stroll through fairy-tale streets and a visit to the world-famous glassblowing workshops. And the next-best way to explore the wonders of this magical city is on foot. We'll be joined by Helena's father, architectural scholar and guide Renzo Salvadori, author of several books on sculpture and architecture, for his wonderfully engaging tour of the Basilica San Marco and the Palazzo dei Doge. The last afternoon will be yours to shop or simply relax in this fantasy-land on earth, before enjoying a delicious farewell dinner in a local trattoria.