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Ohio's Largest Playground

Whether your “family” has two members, four or fifty, Warren County, Ohio has a getaway itinerary packed with excitement! From Kings Island coaster thrills and Beach Waterpark wild water hills, to charming antique or specialty shops and river and bike trail scenery stops, it's easy to see why tourism is our leading industry. Plus, our convenient location near Cincinnati and Dayton make us the perfect hub-and-spoke destination for any activity you enjoy. It’s a big county – come out and play!

Laugh your guts out with your kids on rides at our award-winning theme park, Kings Island or splash until you’re soaked at the popular Beach Waterpark. Be awed by the multi-million dollar, first-class water park resort, Great Wolf Lodge. Enjoy the quiet allure of our historically-significant communities and find matchless treasures in stores ranging from over 100 quaint antique and specialty shops to trendy lifestyle centers. Join your “better half” in a little golf or a leisurely raft or bike trip along our scenic river and afterwards, delight in the aromas of the many delicious goods homemade by locally-owned eateries. Warren County is centrally-located between Cincinnati and Dayton, which makes us a perfect destination to experience regional attractions close-by such as the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden, the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force, Cincinnati Reds Baseball, and all of the fine arts and cultural museums within the region.

Nothing excites Americans more than "having wheels". Whether they're attached to their personal automobile or the bottom of a Space Shuttle, we love to move. Perhaps we move too much. But this would explain our Ohio museums dedicated to airplanes, spacecraft, boating and lighthouses, trains and railroads, automobiles and more.

Just about every community in Ohio has a local history museum. If you haven’t been to the nearest one to you – go. And if you have, visit one in another community. Each local history museum has something unique in its collection. Case-in-point, Mastodon bones were found in an farmer’s field and are now displayed at the local museum. By the way, it’s free to see. Chances are, with the mobility of our modern culture, few of us have taken advantage of the treasures found in our own backyards. And fewer still probably know much about (their local) history.

You don't have to be a gardener or painter to have a green thumb or wet pallet. Anyone can appreciate beautiful plant life or artistry. Ohio has many botanical gardens, arboretums, conservatories and horticultural centers open to the public. Many are free to visit.

We have all heard of the Rock and Roll and Pro Football Halls of Fame but did you know that Ohio is also home to the Barbers and Trap Shooting Halls of Fame? And they’re free to visit. Our museums are pretty unique too. We have places dedicated to paperweights, the history of the vacuum cleaner, and telephones to name a few.

There are so many things we take for granted or never give much thought. Often times, we never stop to think, "How did they do that?". The free tours highlighted in this section are entertaining as much as they are educational. You can observe how dolls, crayons, pasta, popcorn, glass and crystal, baskets, beer and candy are manufactured. However, not all of these tours are about making something. Some provide an insiders view of the beautiful interior of historic theatres, including the backstage areas. And others show the operations of historic gristmills or the architecture of a 19th Century mall.

From the cradle to the grave, visitors flock to see Ohio's famous birthplaces and memorials. Let's face it, famous people intrigue us – dead or alive. And we want to learn all we can about the lives they led. From several former Presidents of the United States and soldiers to industrialists and ballplayers, we explore their birthplaces, tombs and memorials.

If you build it, they will come. And if you build it well enough, they will come for generations. At least that’s the case with many of the historic homes, mansions, castles, and farms found herein. About those farms, have you ever been to a fish-petting farm? Or, have you been down on the farm – as in Bob Evans’ original homestead? Well, they built it, now it’s time for us to go see it.

Today, our entertainment dollar is shrinking fast! Save your money to treat everyone to the more costly outings by mixing in some free, yet equally fun alternatives. Whether it's for the whole family, your significant other or just a solo escape, you'd be surprised at what you can do without spending a penny. We want to help you enjoy Ohio and save money doing it.

Jump-start your brain and think of some alternative fun and recreational ideas to entertain your family and friends – for free. If you take action, there is sure to be a reaction. And this is the stuff that memories are made to last a lifetime. The section ahead lists ideas to get the creative juices flowing. Although some may seem like common sense, they are not common practice.

Every town and neighborhood has folktales passed down from generation to generation. It may be that so-called haunted house or spooky old Mr. Winters. It may also be just weird experiences or the supernatural. The supernatural may be about that kid who had legendary speed (for a 10-year-old's fastball) that awed everyone in the neighborhood. What about the mysterious dog that warned of a fire or the unsung hero that saved a girl from drowning. Where are these people now? In our minds forever! Here, we urge you to share the legends of the hood.

Everyone has a place they go to get away from it all. It may be a "thinking rock" or some other private place to ponder issues on the mind. Whether it's a park bench downtown, an old oak tree in the park or some "undiscovered" hideaway, we urge you to let others discover hidden Ohio.

Whether around the campfire or inside on a rainy night, age-old storytelling and sing-a-longs have a place in the high tech society in which we live. If you haven't been entertained in this fashion for some time, the stories and songs here can provide you with an opportunity to create great memories for all involved. So go roast some marshmallows or "nuke" a bag of popcorn and gather everyone around. As for those long car trips or starlit nights, try some old sing-a-longs to pass time or just have fun.

Represent your small town, suburb or inner-city neighborhood in a contest that pits Ohioans against each other and, at the same time, draws us closer together. If you have a picture of your small town downtown, a historic building or anything else that may set your town apart from others, please send it in. We will post the picture along with the name of the person who sent it and the town it represents. You may also opt to send a brief letter (e-mail) saying why you have the best place (town or neighborhood) in the state. The town with the most entries posted will receive a customized feature section promoting it on And all of the persons who submitted a pic/letter for the winning town will be entered into a drawing to win a $100 gift certificate to their favorite restaurant as a token of appreciation. The drawing will take place once we have at least 20 submissions posted for this contest.