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Overlooking Moose Ear, Ten Mile and beautiful Lake Chetek


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A city in the beautiful Barron County

Chetek is located in northwest Wisconsin in the heart of Wisconsin Indianhead Country, just forty miles from Eau Claire and ninety miles from the Twin Cities.

The first inhabitants here were the Ojibway indians. The name Chetek is thought to originate from "Shadack" the Indian name for a long-legged bird abounding in the wild rice growing in the marshy land. Chetek lake originally was a source of wild rice for the Indians. Some wild rice beds can still be found in the Ten Mile Creek area.

A pipestone quarry also attracted many Indians to the area. A pipestone formation called "Catlinite" is a dark red clay easily worked with a knife which then hardens and takes on a high red polish upon being exposed to the air. Catlinite was fashioned into beads, ornaments and building blocks. The pipestone ridge just north of Chetek and the one running through Minnesota are the only ones in the U.S.

With the construction of the first dam in 1863 the original lakes were greatly enlarged and Ojaski, Moose Ear and Ten Mile lakes were formed. Today fishing abounds in the fertile waters of these lakes.

Along the lakeshore there are twelve public boat landings, numerous public fishing areas, and a public beach with lifeguards. The city also has an airport with 3400 foot all-weather lighted runway, NDB navigational beacon and fuel facilities, The Chetek area currently boasts a year round population of 7500 people with the summer population burgeoning to over 40,000. With groceries, bait and tackle shops, restaurants, and convenience stores all of your vacation needs can be conveniently met in Chetek.

Greetings from Waterloo, IA

I have been requested to write a review of the spring and summer fishing season for the Chetek Chain of Lakes. (I would suggest you click on the “previous reports button” at the bottom of this report for more detailed information).

From the opening weekend to mid-August, fishing, overall, was fantastic. In my many opening weekends on the Chetek Chain, I cannot remember better fishing for crappies. They were everywhere along the shorelines and were feeding heavily.

Crappie fishing continued to be excellent throughout the summer with numbers and size being good. After the fish ventured to deeper water, they became harder to find, but with a little effort and luck, anglers did well.

Bluegill fishing was, for the most part, good, but in my opinion, not as good as in the past couple of years. Size and numbers seemed to be down. owever, in the spring during the spawn, the fly fishermen did extremely well. Northern pike fishing produced good quality fish for most of the summer with many nice fish caught. Late July and early August produced many fish over 10 pounds. Artificial and live bait worked well all season. With the 26 inch size limit in effect, I expect next year to be another very good pike year.

Walleye fishing for most of the summer was great. Those fishing for the “eyes” did well with numerous small fish being caught along with “keepers”. In addition, many quality fish in the 7 plus range were caught. Several of the fish were caught by fishermen fishing for panfish.

Largemouth bass fishing was, as usual, very good in the spring and then slowed during the post-spawn. After the females had rested and adopted their summer patterns, bass fishing was good for the remainder of the season. Many quality smallmouth bass are being caught each year as a bonus.

There were times during the season that fishing was “tough” but it was usually short lived and was caused by a local weather pattern or post spawn conditions. This can be expected anywhere in the United States. Then, after a few days, the affected fish resume their normal patterns and feeding habits.Considering the unusual warm spring and dry summer Chetek experienced, along with a few HEAVY rains and hail storms, the fishing was great.

If you read my reports during the summer, you are aware of my love for the Chetek Chain and its great fishing for many different species of fish. I will be in my second season of guiding clients to enjoy the lakes, their scenery, wildlife and good fishing.