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Is one of the central cities of the Upper Silesian Metropolitan Union


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Upper Silesian Metropolitan Union

The biggest tourist attraction of Chorzów is the Provincial Park of Culture and Recreation - a unique recreational complex with an area of ​​600 ha. On its territory there are: Upper Silesian Ethnographic Park, in which monuments of rural architecture have been collected; Wesołe Miasteczko - the largest amusement park in Poland; Zoo; planetarium and astronomical observatory; summer bath complex; Silesian Stadium - the place of many important sports events, mainly football matches with the Polish national team.

Sports fans also associate Chorzów with the Ruch Sports Club, one of the oldest in Poland, which in its almost 80-year history has reached the title of national football champion 14 times. There are also 7 other sports clubs in the city, and their facilities not only serve the players, but also the residents. Moreover, the inhabitants of Chorzów have many recreational areas, sports fields and tennis courts at their disposal. Many interesting events are organized in the hall of the Municipal Recreation and Sports Center, adapted to handball, basketball, volleyball and football. An unquestionable attraction is also the Municipal Bathing Institute with a modern swimming pool, equipped with a 47-meter slide.

During your stay in Chorzów, it is definitely worth taking advantage of the varied cultural offer. The museum has, among others one of the most complete numismatic collections in the country, it also regularly organizes occasional exhibitions. Art galleries present, among others contemporary works of artists from Chorzów. The stage of the Entertainment Theater often hosts world-class musical hits prepared by artists from Chorzów, as well as the best performances of other theaters in the country. It is also a permanent place for concerts and festival meetings. You can look for a moment of entertainment in the "Panorama" cinema, in cafes, pubs, restaurants and discos.

A beautiful country in Central Europe

Castles, palaces and manors of the Great Poland on the World Wide Web is an attempt to organize and offer many sites in the Great Poland where you can find this residences. My love for these residences began when I started to visit my friend outside Poznan. I did many tours and I found these buildings in almost every village, small town and city.

Castles, palaces and manors in the Great Poland count more than 800. In this site, you can find some of them.

Some of them open for visits, meetings, receptions. Some of them are private-owned and not open to the public. Other residences are in ruine (I don’t present them). I include short description of residences which I visited. I intend to present a site as complete as I am able to find some information in literature. So this site will regulary increase and bring more detailed information on castles, palaces and manors.

The western-central part of Poland as a historical and geographical unit is composed of the Great Poland region. River Warta winds its way trough the central part of the region. On the river is sighted the town of Poznan, the biggest city of the Great Poland and the capital of the whole region. The Great Poland region lies on the plain. However, in places it abounds in post-glacial hills, lakes and forests. Some of the morainic hills reach the altitude of 50-100 metres above sea level, the highest of them is Gontyniec Hill (191 m a.s.l.) near Chodziez. The southern boundary of the region bordering upon Silesia is lined with the Ostrzeszowskie Hills, the highest of which is Mount Kobyla Gora (282 m a.s.l.). Strings of lakes are found near Wolsztyn, Sierakow, Chodziez, Poznan and Gniezno. Larger forest complexes are situated in the northern part of the region, especially near Miedzychod (the Notecka Forest).

Castles, palaces and manors can provide us with the best possible, most descriptive of history and architecture lesson, presenting the authentic scenery of past events and offering an insight into the everyday reality of days gone by. They can delight as a part of overall view of the landscape or with the magnificence of their architecture, or they can inspire us with the richness of their museum. And this is why they are so popular and I have a fascination for them. Touring the Great Poland along the trail of those historical residences might be an exciting experiences. Enthusiasts of strongholds will admire the Gothic castles, while lovers of Renaissance architecture - the 16th century palaces, and who enjoy simplicity - Neo-Classicism residences. Enthusiasts of horse-riding can mount at will or visit anyone of the many stud farms in the region (often connected with palace): Sierakow, Czerniejewo, Pasadowo, Racot, Iwno, Uzarzewo and Kobylniki or others.