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The oldest and best known park in Sofia


"Borisova Gradina" is a large park located in Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria. Its name translates to "Boris's Garden" in English. The park holds historical significance and has played various roles throughout its existence.

The park was established in the late 19th century during the reign of Tsar Boris III, after whom it is named. It was designed by the Swiss landscape architect Daniel Neff and was initially intended to serve as a royal garden. Over time, the park evolved into a public recreational space, becoming a popular destination for both locals and visitors.

During the communist era in Bulgaria, Borisova Gradina served as a prominent venue for official celebrations, political gatherings, and parades. The park underwent several transformations during this period, with the addition of various monuments and statues that reflected the ideology of the time.

One of the most notable features of Borisova Gradina is the National Stadium "Vasil Levski," which is located within the park. The stadium is named after a Bulgarian revolutionary and is a significant sports venue for football matches, concerts, and other events.

In recent decades, Borisova Gradina has continued to be a vital green space in Sofia, offering residents and tourists a place to relax, exercise, and enjoy outdoor activities. The park features walking paths, cycling routes, sports facilities, playgrounds, and picturesque landscapes. It's also home to a variety of plant species, providing a natural refuge within the city.

Overall, Borisova Gradina is a place that has witnessed many historical and social changes throughout its existence. It reflects Bulgaria's history, from its royal beginnings to its transformation into a public park and its role as a venue for various events.

Top Tourist Attractions

Borisova Gradina in Sofia, Bulgaria, offers a range of attractions and features that make it a popular destination for both locals and tourists. Here are some of the top tourist attractions within Borisova Gradina:

  • National Stadium "Vasil Levski": The stadium is a prominent landmark within Borisova Gradina. It's not only a sports venue but also a historical and cultural site. Named after the Bulgarian revolutionary Vasil Levski, the stadium hosts football matches, concerts, and other events.
  • Monument to the Soviet Army: This controversial monument was erected during the communist era to commemorate the Soviet Red Army's role in liberating Bulgaria from Nazi occupation. The monument features a large statue of a Soviet soldier and was the subject of both appreciation and criticism.
  • Ariana Lake: A small lake located within the park, Ariana Lake offers a peaceful setting for relaxation. Visitors can enjoy walking or jogging around the lake, and there are often paddle boats available for rent.
  • Fountain of the Lake: This beautiful fountain is located in Ariana Lake and adds to the park's aesthetic appeal. It often becomes a focal point for visitors enjoying a leisurely stroll or picnicking nearby.
  • Open-Air Gym Facilities: Borisova Gradina features open-air gym facilities equipped with various exercise equipment. This allows visitors to engage in outdoor workouts while enjoying the park's green surroundings.
  • Children's Playground Areas: The park offers designated playgrounds for children, making it a family-friendly destination. These playgrounds feature swings, slides, climbing structures, and other recreational facilities.
  • Walking and Cycling Paths: Borisova Gradina provides well-maintained walking and cycling paths that wind through the park's greenery. This makes it an ideal place for a leisurely stroll, jog, or bike ride.
  • Cultural Events and Festivals: The park hosts a variety of cultural events, concerts, and festivals throughout the year. These events often showcase local music, art, and traditions, offering visitors a chance to immerse themselves in Bulgarian culture.
  • Statues and Monuments: Apart from the Soviet Army monument, the park features various statues and monuments that hold historical and cultural significance. These sculptures add to the park's character and provide insights into Bulgaria's past.
  • Flower Gardens: Borisova Gradina is adorned with well-maintained flower beds and gardens that burst with color during the warmer months. These gardens contribute to the park's serene and picturesque atmosphere.

Overall, Borisova Gradina offers a blend of recreational, cultural, and natural attractions that cater to a wide range of interests. Whether you're interested in sports, history, or simply enjoying the outdoors, the park has something to offer for everyone.


The park's geographical features contribute to its popularity as a recreational and leisure destination. Here are some key aspects of Borisova Gradina's geography:

  • Location: Borisova Gradina is situated in the central part of Sofia, making it easily accessible to both residents and visitors. It covers a significant area within the city limits.
  • Green Spaces: The park is characterized by its vast green spaces, including grassy areas, trees, and shrubs. These natural elements create a refreshing and relaxing environment for people to enjoy.
  • Ariana Lake: The park features Ariana Lake, a small body of water that adds to the park's aesthetics. The lake is surrounded by walking paths and is often a focal point for leisure activities.
  • Walking and Cycling Paths: Borisova Gradina is crisscrossed with walking and cycling paths that allow visitors to explore the park while enjoying the scenery. These paths make it easy for people to engage in outdoor activities.
  • Elevation: The park is relatively flat, with gentle slopes and gradual changes in elevation. This makes it suitable for various recreational activities, from jogging and cycling to picnicking and sports.
  • Sofia's City Center: Borisova Gradina's central location means that it is surrounded by urban development. Despite being situated within the city, the park provides a natural oasis that offers a break from the urban environment.
  • Monuments and Landmarks: The park is home to several monuments and landmarks, such as the Monument to the Soviet Army and the National Stadium "Vasil Levski." These features contribute to the park's cultural and historical significance.
  • Recreational Facilities: Borisova Gradina offers various recreational facilities, such as open-air gyms, children's playgrounds, and sports fields. These facilities are integrated into the park's landscape.
  • Vegetation: The park showcases a diverse range of trees and plants, including both native and introduced species. This botanical diversity adds to the park's beauty and provides habitat for various bird species.
  • Cultural Spaces: In addition to its natural features, the park hosts cultural events, concerts, and festivals. These events often take place in designated spaces within the park.

Overall, Borisova Gradina's geography plays a crucial role in shaping its identity as a multifaceted urban park. Its central location, green spaces, water features, and recreational facilities combine to create a dynamic and appealing space for people to unwind, engage in outdoor activities, and connect with nature within the bustling city of Sofia.