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Wisconsin Activies and Attractions

Wisconsin's many state parks, forests and recreation areas offer everything from waterfalls to wildlife to guided wilderness hikes. There are lakes and rivers to enjoy, fish to catch and Great Lakes' shoreline to explore. As for camping, choices range from rustic sites to campgrounds with all the amenities.

From the turn of the century, Wisconsin has constantly expanded and improved its extensive system of paved roadways originally constructed to bring the state's milk from farm to market. Today, these excellent roadways provide the finest on-road touring in the Midwest. Wisconsin excels off-road as well. Our rails-to-trails program is a national leader with more than 850 miles of former rail bed converted to bike trails. Mountain biking trails are equally prevalent in a state that has emerged as the sport's national leader. From forest-covered mountain bike trails to blissful back-road touring, Wisconsin and bikes were made for each other!

At many locations in Wisconsin, privately-owned fish hatcheries offer fee fishing. In their rearing ponds, you'll find everything from bass to bluegills, northern pike to salmon, brook trout to rainbow trout. Acres of hungry fish, waiting to be caught. Fee fishing operations will provide all the gear: rods, reels, bait, nets -- you name it. Some will even clean your catch for you, freeze it, and mail it to your home. You pay for only the fish you keep. And you don't need a Wisconsin fishing license to fish these privately-owned trout ponds.

The view from the water is irresistible; brilliant Wisconsin sunsets, wilderness islands, unique rock formations and river bluffs, bustling ports, spectacular waterfowl and 450 miles of breathtaking Great Lakes' shoreline. With more than 14,900 inland lakes, two Great Lakes and the majestic Mississippi River, Wisconsin has an endless supply of water to discover. Paddle wheelers, pontoons, excursion boats and "ducks" -- we even have a variety of boats to choose from! And don't miss the opportunity to charter your own boat tour. Many marinas offer individual tours by appointment -- just ask!

To railroad enthusiasts and adventuresome travelers, Wisconsin is "Grand Central Station." In addition to eight operating passenger trains, (five steam, two diesel, and one electric), Wisconsin is home to the National Railroad Museum in Green Bay, the Park Lane Model Railroad Museum in Reedsburg, the Circus World Museum in Baraboo with its daily circus train-loading demonstrations, and the Kalmbach Publishing Company in Waukesha which produces Model Railroader, Trains and other railroad-oriented magazines. Several static locomotives are displayed throughout the state and many Wisconsin parks feature narrow gauge railroads. There is even Amtrak service to Wisconsin from Chicago. So, "All aboard!"

Grab the reins, jump in the saddle and enjoy a great day on the trail to adventure in Wisconsin. You'll find a variety of services including trail rides, lessons, hayrides, and pony rides for the kids. Many stables, however, require reservations, so call ahead to book your in-the-saddle fun! Wisconsin state parks, forests, recreation areas and trails have more than 240 miles of scenic trails for horseback riding. Trails vary in length from 2.5 miles to 75 miles. Terrain varies from very level former railroad grades to the rugged hills of the Kettle Moraine and the driftless area.

In the past decade, All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) have become a very popular part of outdoor recreation. These ATV listings describe more than 900 miles of trails and intensive use areas available for all-terrain vehicle riding. The list arranges Wisconsin trails by county from north to south. In the descriptions, you'll find a brief explanation of the trail or area, facilities located on or nearby, and the local contact. Of course, for the most current information on trail conditions, trail maps, and the opening and closing dates of trails, call the contact number indicated.

For more than 100 years, Wisconsin lighthouses have guided navigators through our Great Lakes and inland waters. More than thirty of these historic structures are still standing, adding to the charm of Wisconsin's shores. They also provide unique opportunities for lighthouse enthusiasts and photographers. Many of the lighthouse grounds are open to the public and several of the lighthouses offer tours.

Wisconsin's history is as divergent as the people who populated the state... all have enriched our heritage, producing a blended, Midwestern history alive with ethnic flavor. That historic record is displayed throughout the state. Indeed, it's hard to find a community in Wisconsin that does not boast a restored home, museum or cultural center dedicated to the task of preserving the past.

Begun in 1989, Wisconsin's unique Heritage Tourism Program is now a national model. Its ten areas, spread across the state, demonstrate a progressive and profitable mix of preservation and tourism. The State Historical Society of Wisconsin operates ten more historic sites and museums where you can explore the past. Indian culture, French exploration, the fur trade, lead mining, Great Lakes clippers -- it's all yours to discover. Wisconsin -- preserving the past for the future.

From delicate cherry and tart cranberry wines to robust lagers and hearty ale, Wisconsin's rich harvest of fruit and grain produces a full spectrum of spirited beverages. Wisconsin is a legend in the brewing industry. The state is synonymous with the greatest names in America's premium beers. Today, that traditional Bavarian chemistry continues in small micro-breweries and industry giants across the state. Tour opportunities allow you to view this intricate brewing process; then "wet your whistle" on a rich variety of fine beers. Similar Old World traditions are proudly carried on in Wisconsin's colorful wineries. Sample the vintner's art in cool cellars and sweet-smelling fermenting rooms.

No trip to Wisconsin would be complete without a visit to a cheese factory. We are, after all, America's Dairyland! We produce more than 35 percent of all cheese made in the United States. Much of it is made in small, family-owned and operated cheese factories that specialize in award-winning varieties. They welcome visitors. Tours and observation windows are offered by many cheese makers. Mornings are generally best for viewing the cheesemaking art. Many factories also have retail outlets so you can sample the cheeses, send some as gifts, or take some home as a souvenir of your visit. The cheese factories listed are grouped alphabetically by city within the four quadrants of the state. Cities are numbered and reference the map included with this section. Coding within the listings shows cheese varieties produced as well as information regarding tours, retail outlets and mail order facilities.

Wisconsin's many attractions range from the expected to the unexpected.