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Also known as the Parkway, is a major thoroughfare in Huntsville, Alabama


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Housing Characteristics And Availability Quick Facts

The City of Huntsville has, in coordination with the State of Alabama, financed the construction of three houses for the three Commanders residing at Redst one Arsenal. This $1,050,000 project replaced 1950s era housing. Just recently, the City of Huntsville, in coordination with the State, has financed $2,700,000 for the construction of seven additional General’s Officers Quarters. These houses have been completed.

Housing on-post for soldiers and their families ha s been renovated and additional units have been constructed. This effort is being pursued through a pilot program, evaluated by the Department of Defense, which privatizes this process. Persons seeking residence within the community will fi nd that housing and rents are very affordable, especially when compared to other major metropolitan areas. Housing availability is not an issue. Over 7,100 housing units are on the local market for sale. Additionally, during the past two years, developers have just prepared subdivisions or are in the process of preparing subdivisions for new housing construction in the City of Huntsville.

From the time period between January 2003 and September 2009, developers have either built infrastructure for new subdivisions or are in the process of building infrastructure for new subdivisions in the City of Huntsville. The number of lots within these subdivisions that have been prepared or are being prepared for housing construction total 13,917. Also, infrastructure is being built for the construction of several apartment complexes, with a combined total of 4,686 units. Layout plans approved for major subdivisions during January 2003 to September 2009 will provide an additional 7,043 residential lots for future construction.

Many new subdivisions are developed around specialized amenities that encourage a high quality of life, such as clubhouses, built-in recreational facilities, neighborhood shopping, and other offerings. Many established subdivisions have active community or civic organizations that work with community leaders to ensure that a high quality of life is maintained.

Various options in senior living are available, from senior apartments, continuing care, assisted living, to skilled nursing care. These housing options are important to those retiring in place, as well as those relocating with elderly family members.

Infrastructure And Environment Quick Facts

Past transportation planning and road improvement projects have provided for an increase in overall mobility of the population along the area's transportation network. Road construction projects and associated engineering design and right-of-way acquisition completed since 1990 account for more than $940 million in federal, state, and local investments. Additionally, maintaining existing infrastructure is vital. The City of Huntsville has invested over $32 million in road resurfacing projects from 2001 to the end of fiscal year 2009.

Public transit services are available in the City of Huntsville through a fixed route system and a demand response service. The Huntsville International Airport-Port of Huntsville provides commercial airline service and operates an International Intermodal Center and the Jetplex Industrial Park. Currently, 53 non-stop flights are available to Washington, DC throughout the week: 45 are available Monday through Friday, 2 flights are available on Saturdays, and 6 flights are available on Sundays.

The Mayor of Huntsville has furthermore commissioned a Council for Green Sustainability or the “Green 13 Council.” Partnerships among state agencies, private watershed protection organizations, and the Tennessee Valley Authority exist to insure that regional water quality is good. Huntsville meets all federal air quality standards. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has classified the area to be at attainment.

Huntsville International Airport Intermodal Center – General Services

Huntsville International Airport Intermodal Center – General Services The Huntsville International Airport-Port of Huntsville is more than just an airport. It is a multifaceted transportation complex that br ings together cargo movement and passenger travel with business and industry. The International Intermodal Center (IIC) is a central cargo hub that incorporates air, rail and highway modes of transportation. This one-stop complex for receiving, storing, and distributio n of cargo has played a crucial role in the economic fortitude of this region. The IIC is located on-site at Huntsville International Airport. It is the only rail center in the country owned and operated by an Airport Authority. This center is designated as a US Customs Port of Entry which is home to 24- hour US Customs & Border Protection, and is part of Foreign Trade Zone No. 83.

Norfolk Southern railroad has been a partne r with the Port of Huntsville since the Intermodal Center opened nearly 20 years ago. During 2008, the IIC performed 46,303 rail lifts; a 2% increase in lifts over the 2007 calendar year. Huntsville International Airport has also clearly established itself as an important international air cargo gateway to the worl d handling the only scheduled international flights in the State of Alabama. The International Air Cargo Center is a multi-use facility made up of two 100,000 square foot buildings housing the air freight operations of six all cargo air carriers including:

Atlas Air, DHL, Cargolux, Federal Express, UPS and Panalpina. The air cargo center offers easy access to connecting air and highway modes serving half of the United States and Mexico. During 2009, the IIC handled 131.1 million pounds of cargo. The Huntsville International Airport also cons tructed a new 92,493 square foot air cargo facility at the IIC, which opened in April 2009. It serves as a one-stop shop for receiving, transferring, storing, and distributing intern ational and domestic cargo by air, rail, and highway.

Educational Opportunities Quick Facts

The Huntsville area provides many educational opportunities to students from elementary school to the post-doctorate level. Various e ducational programs and activities encourage scientific discovery and hands-on learning. The local school system offers speci alized programs geared toward th e advancement of students in all areas. Private schools add to the learning experience, with some offering specialty programs and services to students.

The Huntsville area has an imminent workforce in disciplines of computer science, information technology, science, engineering, and physics. Over 8,800 students from area colleges and universities have declared majors in those fields of study. These students have opportunities to gain practical experience in government labs and other settings to contribute to research and development initiatives of the Army as well as NASA.

Huntsville, Alabama is home to two research intens ive universities that play a key role in supporting Redstone Arsenal. Many specialized programs and specific centers supporting both the U.S. Army and NASA were specifically developed to support their needs. This core support and the relationships that developed out of these needs have made the Huntsville area a unique environment for scientific research and development to assist U.S. Army and NASA missions.