Milan Metro Line 4 Live Cam

A new metro line that runs in the ancient heart of Milan

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Milan Metro

Milan Metro Line 4 was a proposed metro line in Milan, Italy. It was planned to be an important addition to the city's metro network, intended to improve public transportation and alleviate congestion in Milan. The proposed Line 4 was planned to connect the western part of Milan (San Cristoforo area) with the eastern part of the city (Linate Airport). The line was designed to pass through important neighborhoods and areas, including the city center. The project also aimed to improve connectivity to the Linate Airport, which is one of Milan's main airports.

The Milan Metro system is operated by ATM (Azienda Trasporti Milanesi), and it consists of four existing lines (M1, M2, M3, and M5), along with several extensions and expansion projects like Line 4 that were being considered.

The Milan Metro is the rapid transit system serving the city of Milan, Italy, and its surrounding areas. It is operated by ATM (Azienda Trasporti Milanesi), which is the public transportation company for Milan.

Here are some key points about the Milan Metro system:
  • Line 1 (M1): It is the red line and runs from the northwest (Bisceglie) to the southeast (Sesto 1ยบ Maggio FS), passing through the city center.
  • Line 2 (M2): It is the green line and runs from the southwest (Assago Milanofiori Forum) to the northeast (Cologno Nord), also passing through the city center.
  • Line 3 (M3): It is the yellow line and connects the southeastern part of the city (San Donato) with the northwestern part (Comasina), with a stretch along the city center.
  • Line 5 (M5): It is the violet line and runs from the north (Bignami) to the south (San Siro Stadio), connecting various neighborhoods.
  • Stations: The Milan Metro has numerous stations along its lines, providing access to key locations in Milan, including major transportation hubs, shopping districts, and cultural attractions.
  • Extensions and Future Plans: As of my last update, there were plans to extend existing lines and build new ones, including the proposed Line 4 (which I mentioned earlier), to further expand the reach and capacity of the metro system.
  • Integration with Other Transportation Modes: The Milan Metro is integrated with other forms of public transportation in the city, including trams, buses, and suburban rail services. The tickets are usually valid for multiple modes of transport within a certain time frame.
  • Frequency and Operating Hours: Trains on the Milan Metro generally run frequently, especially during peak hours. The operating hours vary slightly depending on the line and the day of the week, but in general, the metro operates from early morning until late evening.
  • Ticketing: Tickets for the Milan Metro can be purchased at ticket vending machines in metro stations or online. They can also be used for other forms of public transportation within Milan, including trams and buses.
  • Accessibility: Many stations on the Milan Metro are equipped with facilities to accommodate passengers with reduced mobility, including elevators, escalators, and tactile paths.