Sra da Graça Live Cam

Landscape over the village of Mondim de Basto and the Parque Natural do Alvão


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  • Senhora da Graça de Mondim de Basto
  • 4880 Mondim de Basto - Portugal
  • (+351) 255 389 300
  • [email protected]

Monte Farinha

In Mondim de Basto you can refresh your life, model the weather, feel the fresh morning wind, rest calm afternoons in the shade of Senhora da Graça, dive into the Fisgas, in a colorful of scents, and rest in the nights of a Port of many charms, in a wheel of friends. The gastronomy and traditional products of the cuisine of Trás-os-Montes and Minho provide a whirlwind of regional flavors, transforming each palate into an authentic delicacy.

On the banks of a golden river, crucified between the warmth of the sky that drinks you from above and the seat of the bed that dries you from below, the walls of the miracle rise. In steep terraces, balconies like no other palace, the strains grow like basil at the windows, and soon there is sun bottled to soak the four corners of the world.

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