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Nashua History

Nashua is a city located in southern New Hampshire, United States. The area was originally inhabited by various Native American tribes, including the Pennacook, Nipmuc, and Wabanaki peoples.

The first European settlement in the area was established by the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1655, but it was destroyed during King Philip's War in 1676. The area was resettled in the early 18th century, and in 1746, the town of Nashua was incorporated.

During the 19th century, Nashua became a center for textile manufacturing, with numerous mills and factories being built along the Nashua River. The city's economy continued to grow throughout the 20th century, with the development of the high-tech industry and the opening of the Nashua Municipal Airport.

Nashua has a rich history of innovation and industry. The city was home to the first automated paper-making machine, developed by the Saco-Lowell Company in the 1820s. It was also the birthplace of the TWA Flight Center at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City, designed by architect Eero Saarinen.

Today, Nashua is a vibrant community with a diverse population and a strong economy. It is known for its excellent schools, cultural attractions, and outdoor recreation opportunities, including the nearby White Mountains and the Nashua River Rail Trail.

Nashua Top Tourist Attractions

Nashua, New Hampshire, has a variety of tourist attractions for visitors to enjoy. Here are some of the top tourist attractions in the city:

  • Mine Falls Park: This 325-acre park offers visitors miles of trails for hiking, biking, and cross-country skiing, as well as opportunities for fishing, kayaking, and canoeing on the Nashua River.
  • Greeley Park: This park features walking paths, gardens, and picnic areas, as well as a bandshell that hosts concerts and other events throughout the year.
  • Nashua Riverwalk: This scenic walkway follows the Nashua River through downtown Nashua and features public art installations, benches, and picnic tables.
  • Holman Stadium: This historic baseball stadium has been home to the Nashua Silver Knights since 2011 and is also used for concerts and other events.
  • Nashua Historical Society: This museum showcases the history of Nashua and the surrounding area through exhibits, artifacts, and photographs.
  • Pheasant Lane Mall: This large shopping mall features over 130 stores and restaurants, as well as a cinema and an arcade.
  • Nashua National Fish Hatchery: This fish hatchery produces fish for stocking in lakes and streams throughout New England and offers tours and educational programs.
  • Aviation Museum of New Hampshire: This museum showcases the history of aviation in New Hampshire through exhibits and artifacts, including vintage aircraft and engines.
  • SkyVenture New Hampshire: This indoor skydiving facility offers visitors the chance to experience the thrill of skydiving in a safe and controlled environment.
  • The Fun World: This amusement park features rides, games, laser tag, and other attractions for children and families.

Nashua Climate

Nashua, New Hampshire, has a humid continental climate with four distinct seasons. Summers are warm and humid, with average temperatures in July ranging from 60°F (16°C) at night to 82°F (28°C) during the day. Winters are cold and snowy, with average temperatures in January ranging from 13°F (-11°C) at night to 31°F (-1°C) during the day.

Spring and fall are mild and pleasant, with temperatures averaging in the 50s and 60s°F (10-20°C). Precipitation is fairly evenly distributed throughout the year, with an average of 44 inches (112 cm) of snowfall and 47 inches (119 cm) of rainfall per year. The snow season typically lasts from December to March.

Overall, Nashua's climate is conducive to a variety of outdoor activities throughout the year, from skiing and snowshoeing in the winter to hiking and kayaking in the summer.

Nashua Geography

Nashua is located in southern New Hampshire, in Hillsborough County. The city is situated on the southern bank of the Nashua River, which flows eastward and eventually joins the Merrimack River.

The city has a total area of 31.9 square miles (82.6 square kilometers), with 31.0 square miles (80.4 square kilometers) of land and 0.9 square miles (2.3 square kilometers) of water. The terrain is generally flat, with some rolling hills and a few small lakes and ponds.

Nashua is surrounded by several other municipalities, including Hudson to the north, Merrimack to the east, Hollis to the south, and Dunstable, Massachusetts, to the west. The city is located approximately 50 miles (80 kilometers) north of Boston and 200 miles (322 kilometers) south of Montreal.

Nashua's location in southern New Hampshire provides easy access to a variety of outdoor recreational activities, including hiking, skiing, and fishing in the nearby White Mountains, as well as boating and swimming in the many lakes and ponds throughout the region.

Nashua Public Television

Nashua Public Television (NPTV) is a non-profit community television station based in Nashua, New Hampshire. The station serves the local community by providing educational, informative, and entertaining programming that reflects the interests and concerns of the residents of Nashua.

NPTV operates three cable channels: Channel 16, which broadcasts government and educational programming; Channel 95, which features local events and community programming; and Channel 99, which broadcasts public access programming. The station is also available online via live streaming and on-demand video.

NPTV is run by a staff of professionals and volunteers, who produce a wide variety of programming, including news and current affairs, arts and culture, sports, and children's programming. The station also offers training and workshops to community members who are interested in learning how to produce their own programs.

NPTV is funded in part by the City of Nashua, as well as by donations from local businesses and individuals. The station is governed by a board of directors, which is made up of representatives from local government, community organizations, and the public. Overall, Nashua Public Television plays an important role in promoting community engagement and providing a platform for local voices and perspectives in the Nashua area.

Nashua Senior Activity Center

The Nashua Senior Activity Center is a community center in Nashua, New Hampshire, dedicated to providing programs and services for adults aged 55 and over. The center offers a variety of activities, events, and resources to promote wellness, socialization, and lifelong learning among its members.

The center is housed in a modern facility located in downtown Nashua, and features a range of amenities, including a fitness center, computer lab, library, art studio, and multipurpose rooms for classes and meetings. In addition, the center hosts a wide range of programs and events throughout the year, including health and wellness seminars, cultural events, and recreational activities.

Some of the specific programs and services offered at the Nashua Senior Activity Center include:

  • Exercise classes, including yoga, tai chi, and Zumba
  • Social clubs, such as the knitting club, bridge club, and book club
  • Educational classes and workshops on a variety of topics, such as cooking, photography, and financial planning
  • Health and wellness programs, including blood pressure screenings and flu clinics
  • Volunteer opportunities, such as delivering Meals on Wheels and staffing the front desk

Membership at the Nashua Senior Activity Center is open to all adults aged 55 and over, and is available for an annual fee. The center is a welcoming and inclusive community that values the contributions and experiences of its members, and strives to create a supportive and engaging environment for all.

Nashua River

The Nashua River is a 50-mile (80-kilometer) long river that flows through northern Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire. The river originates in Lancaster, Massachusetts, and flows northeast through several towns and cities, including Fitchburg, Pepperell, and Groton, before entering New Hampshire.

In New Hampshire, the Nashua River flows through the city of Nashua, where it eventually joins the Merrimack River. The river is a major source of drinking water for the region, and provides important habitat for a variety of aquatic species, including fish, turtles, and birds.

The Nashua River is also a popular destination for outdoor recreation, such as fishing, boating, and hiking. The river is stocked with trout by the Massachusetts Department of Fisheries and Wildlife, and is known for its excellent smallmouth bass fishing.

In addition, there are several parks and trails along the river, including the Nashua River Rail Trail, which is a 12.5-mile (20-kilometer) paved trail that runs along the river from Nashua to Ayer, Massachusetts. The river and its surrounding area also have historical significance, as the region played an important role in the Industrial Revolution in the 19th century, with many mills and factories located along the river.