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Broadway Street - The Nashville's best music, restaurants, and bars

Ask any downtown resident what the advantages of urban living are - and you get as many different answers as there are residents! But there is a common theme-people enjoy being where the action is. Downtown living means convenience to sports and entertainment venues…access to a variety of restaurants within easy walking distance of home…great skyline views of the tall buildings, City Hall or the State Capital, Riverfront Park and the Cumberland River. Imagine standing in your living room and looking directly across at the football stadium. And if you happen to work downtown-as some 66,000 people do every day-it's only a short walk to the office. No more commuting!

Downtown Nashville is a unique neighborhood-not a carbon copy of suburban developments. Residences are in a wide variety of locations-large high-rise apartment buildings, small historic structures that have been renovated, and upper level units above retail or office space.

From young single professionals to "empty nesters," more and more people want the urban lifestyle that downtown Nashville offers. With high occupancy rates at existing units, developers are eying other existing buildings downtown that have great potential as residential sites.

Getting to their downtown Nashville offices is one of the easiest commutes available for regional residents. Quick and easy access to the Nashville International Airport is another advantage for the business traveler.

By 7:30 any weekday morning the sidewalks are bustling with people on their way to the office. Newspapers and coffee are easily available at 8 coffee shops as the business day begins. You can walk to appointments with downtown attorneys, bankers, government officials, real estate brokers and many other professionals. For lunch, stroll over to the Arcade, where you will see many of your business acquaintances and may even conduct some business while you eat. There are a wide variety of more than 80 restaurants, 15 hotels and several clubs to choose from for lunch. The free LunchLINE trolley sponsored by the Nashville Downtown Partnership offers a quick way to get to a restaurant more than a few blocks from your office. On most weekdays there are educational seminars and opportunities for business leaders to be involved in various cultural and civic groups located downtown.

There is a synergy about working downtown that is missing in many other environments. Downtown Nashville is a great address for decision-makers, professionals and support staff alike.

And at the end of the day, you can get an early start on watching the Titans or the Predators or going to a play, concert or the symphony. You're in your workday territory, and you know how to plan an evening of dining and entertainment to suit your taste. Day and night, downtown Nashville is a lively and interesting place.

Any newcomer to Nashville is amazed at the number and variety of live music venues downtown! Every night you can enjoy country, jazz, bluegrass, or blues at one of twenty-five locations. You may hear a talented young performer who has come to Music City USA hoping to be discovered…or an established musician who still loves the Nashville fans best. Over the past ten years, Dancin' in the District has offered free summer concerts at Riverfront Park.

And there is much more than music! Great stages at the Ryman, Tennessee Performing Arts Center (TPAC) and Gaylord Entertainment Center bring many nationally known performers to downtown Nashville throughout the year. The TPAC playbills offer varied entertainment-from Shakespeare to Seinfeld. Miss Marple's Dinner Theater adds another option for an entertaining evening. And plans are underway for a new world-class Symphony Hall downtown.

Amazing sites to visit often include the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Frist Center for Visual Arts. You can also enjoy lunch at both of these downtown sites.

Special events like marathons, bicycle races, Fan Fair, and the July Fourth celebration with fireworks at Riverfront Park bring many regional residents downtown. Perhaps the biggest attractions are sporting events-with the popular local professional teams-- Tennessee Titans in football and the Predators in ice hockey-drawing large crowds to the downtown stadium and arena. Have dinner before the game, then stop in a nearby club or restaurant to celebrate afterward. It's easy to plan a memorable evening downtown!

Because they understand the value of an economically strong city center, many people choose to invest their time and money in downtown Nashville. New businesses that want a downtown location, residents who move downtown, developers who renovate older buildings or build new ones downtown-all are important investors.

In 2002, CMT and St. Thomas Health Care Systems chose locations in downtown Nashville, plans for a new downtown Symphony Hall were unveiled, and the Hermitage Hotel began a major renovation with the goal of re-opening a five-star hotel in 2003. Find out why downtown Nashville is a prime business and residential location.

Getting into and around Downtown Nashville is easy with accessible road systems, efficient taxi and shuttle service to and from the airport, and more than 28,000 parking spaces! Traveling to and within downtown is much easier and quicker than most people realize.

Nightlife... Keeping pace with the entertainment options in Music City will keep you on you toes from dusk ‘til dawn. From restaurants to honkytonks, listening rooms to discos, the options are as varied as you appetite for adventure. Twirling around the dance floor at the Wildhorse Saloon... swaying to the sultry rhythms at the Bourbon Street Blues and rides. Special delights for kids. Tant- alizing restaurants and fascinating shops. Boogie Bar... rocking to the beat at the Lava Lounge and 12th & Porter... Nashville offers music for every mood. No Place on earth has so many different ways for a family to have fun! Dazzling shows. Thrilling rides. Special delights for kids. Tant- alizing restaurants and fascinating shops. Once in town, you’ll find Nashville simple to navigate. River Taxis float along the Cumberland River linking Opryland USA with the downtown Riverfront. Trolleys also run between the many attractions in the downtown, Music Row and Music Valley/Opryland areas.