Ouddorp Live Cam

Located on the North Sea beach of the beautiful Brouwersdam surrounding countryside


Hosted by:
  • Natural High Kitesurfschool and Beachclub
  • Brouwersdam 22 (Buitenzijde)
  • 3253 MM Ouddorp - Noordzeestrand
  • Duinpad 16 - Netherlands
  • [email protected]
  • https://www.natural-high.nl/

Province of South Holland

We are open on Saturdays and Sundays. From March 31 we are open again 7 days a week! Our beautiful new beach club opened in March 2011. The new beach pavilion has a unique design, a vast terrace and is equipped with all possible facilities. The view from our beach pavilion is endless and with chill tunes, nice couches and a fascinating menu we want to pamper everyone.

On the North Sea beach of Brouwersdam in Zeeland there is always something going on, whether it is a wonderfully sunny day, or the wind is nice and the entire beach is full of beach activities and kite surfers. If you want to learn how to kite, visit the kiteschool, where you can go for a kite surfing course. You can also come to us for various packages, such as an unforgettable bachelor day or just a family outing. Always wanted to get married on the beach? We are an official wedding location!

Tourist information on The Netherlands

Dutch Wine Museum - The Museum in Arnhem brings the wine culture and hsitory back to life. It is an unique museum for anyone who wants to know about as well the history as the future of wine. There is an authentic wine cellar and it is fun for as well unthusiasts as wine experts. After a visit to the museum you can drink a glass of wine the wine bar ‘Le Jarin’.

Arnhem War Museum - The Museum is a private museum dedicated to the Second World War in and around Arnhem. What started out as a hobby turned into a beautifull private museum with a great collection of war artifacts. The museum also offers dioramas with authentic material.

Museum Bronbeek - The Museum is the museum of the colonial past of the Netherlands in the Dutch East Indies. Central to the history of the Royal Dutch East Indies Army (KNIL) and the colonized opponents. The Bronbeek Museum aims to increase knowledge and awareness of the Dutch colonial past. The Story of India is a permanent exhibition on the history of Dutch colonial presence in Southeast Asia. The emphasis is on the Second World War and decolonization. Besides the impact on the Indian community it also addresses the military action by the Dutch colonial rulers. Central to the story are the Japanese time, Proklamasi of the Republic of Indonesia and the Great Awakening. In temporary exhibitions, themes from the permanent exhibition are shown in depth.

Museum of Modern Art in Arnhem - The Museum in Arnhem is a museum of modern arts in The Netherlands, which focusses on the 20th century. The collection of the Museum of Modern Art is created when Alexander Verhuell gave all his possessions, including paintings, drawings, prints and crafts to the city of Arnhem. Along with the historical objects that the town already had, the collection was expanded in the following years. Today there is a wide collection of magical realists and contemporaries, new figuration, visual arts (from about 1980), books, and applied art and design (jewelery, glass and ceramics).

Mill/Korenmolen Vogelenbuurt - The Mill on the street ‘Adelaarstraat’ is not open to the public, but it’s a beautifull mill to see and a great photo opportunity.

Sawmill The Star - Sawmill The Star is a unique industrial monument that still functions. Every Saturyday between 1pm and 4pm it is freely accissible and if the wind allows it you will see millers really use the mill.

Monarchy of the Netherlands

On April 30th, 2013, Queen Beatrix abdicated her throne to her son Willem Alexander. This event was the first time since 1890 that there has been a King of the Netherlands, and was therefore quiet a significant event. All of the attention surrounding this event has raised a significant amount of curiosity about the how the monarchy in the Netherlands actually works. Here is an overview of its history and current role.

History of the Monarchy

The Netherlands did not actually become a monarchy until 1815. However, for hundreds of years prior to that occurrence, following the French occupation, the Royal House of Orange had been quite influential in the region.

In 1815 the Kingdom of the Netherlands was established, and, at the time, was comprised of the Netherlands and Belgium. Belgium later split off and became its own kingdom in 1830. William Frederik, the first monarch, was crowned King of the Netherlands in 1815 and the House of Orange continued to reign in successive years. For the first 75 years, the Netherlands was ruled by kings. However, in 1890, King William III died and was succeeded by his wife Emma who became the first reigning Queen of the Netherlands.

One queen succeeded another from that day until April 30th of 2013 when Willem Alexander became the new king.

How the Monarchy Works

The system that is present in the Netherlands is known as a constitutional monarchy. This simply means that the scope and authority of the monarch is controlled by the constitution adopted by the Netherlands. It is therefore not a pure monarchy, and much of the constitution is devoted to the job description of the monarchy.

The law of absolute cognatic primogeniture, which means the firstborn, regardless of gender, determines succession. This is what has allowed the succession of queens as well as kings in the Netherlands. The king or queen acts as Head of State, and therefore, the moment one king of queen is no longer in power, the next immediate assumes the role.

The constitution of the Netherlands institutes a government in which the Monarch and his ministers function as one and are not allowed to be in disagreement. The Monarch is placed above the reach of the law. Should there be a failure on the part of the monarch, the minister in charge of that area would be held responsible. It is for this reason that the monarchy makes very few decisions whatsoever, and rarely exercises any power at all.

More About History Than Headship

Though the monarchy has actual authority; due to the nature of the constitution, he/she rarely exercises it, and in many cases, is barred from doing so. Some have said that since the monarch is not actually “ruling”, the position is merely symbolic rather than functional. Whatever the case, the monarchy is enshrined in law and has been a part of the history of the Netherlands for the last 200 years. It would appear that there will be a king or queen in the Netherlands for some time to come.

Canal Cruise in Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s picturesque canals are a big part of the reason why so many tourists flock to the city each year. For first time visitors to the city, a canal cruise should be at the top of your to-do list. These special cruises offer a unique way to explore the city and allow you to see things you might have otherwise missed while walking or biking through town. There are many different types of cruises available to suit any traveler’s needs.

Dinner Cruise - If you are looking for a romantic cruise, Amsterdam Jewel Cruisesis the ideal choice. Passengers are taken for a 2 hour and 45 minute cruise in a stunning wooden boat that was built in 1898. A three course dinner is served by candlelight to create the perfect evening. Cruises only take a maximum of 20 passengers, so you are sure to enjoy a great view.

Evening Cocktail Cruise - Looking to enjoy a cocktail during your cruise? Both the Holland International Cocktail Cruise and Canal allow you to do just that. On the Holland International Cocktail Cruise, passengers are served two drinks and snack foods. However, you do not have the option to choose which cocktails you are served. If you choose, you can also enjoy a glass of wine. This particular cruise will take you through the Red Light District, which comes alive at night. Canal also offers evening cocktail cruises where passengers can sip their favorite drink and enjoy a delicious dinner while sailing through the canals.

Day Cruises - There are several companies that offer daytime cruises to tourists in the city. In addition, travelers can also opt for a private canal cruise for a more personal experience. When cruising during the day, you will have the chance to see how the locals live and catch a glimpse at those who are living along the canals. This unique sight can only be experienced when you cruise through the canals. Most tours also offer information on the nearby historic sights and other information about the city canals. If you plan on traveling during the summer months, it may be best to purchase your cruise tickets in advance and arrive as early as possible to grab a good seat. When traveling during the off-season, afternoon cruises tend to be less crowded. Most cruises will allow you to purchase tickets online and offer more detailed information on what their cruises include.