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This area is served by the Tahoe-Truckee Unified attendance zone


Northwoods Boulevard is a significant roadway located in the town of Truckee, California. Truckee is situated in Nevada County and is renowned for its rich history as a railroad and logging town. Northwoods Boulevard, in particular, has its own unique history that reflects the development and growth of Truckee over the years.

Truckee was established in the mid-19th century during the California Gold Rush. The town served as a crucial hub for the Central Pacific Railroad, which was instrumental in connecting the eastern and western parts of the United States. The railroad brought settlers, commerce, and prosperity to the region.

Northwoods Boulevard itself has its roots in the growth of Truckee as a recreational destination. In the early 20th century, the area began to attract visitors who sought the natural beauty of the Sierra Nevada mountains and the recreational opportunities they offered. Truckee became known as a prime location for outdoor activities such as skiing, hiking, fishing, and camping.

As the popularity of recreational activities in Truckee increased, so did the need for infrastructure to support the growing number of visitors. Northwoods Boulevard was developed to provide access to various recreational sites and residential areas in the region. The road runs north-south through the town and serves as a vital transportation route.

Over the years, Northwoods Boulevard has witnessed changes and improvements to accommodate the evolving needs of Truckee's residents and visitors. The road has been widened, upgraded, and paved to enhance safety and accessibility. The development of residential neighborhoods, resorts, and commercial establishments along Northwoods Boulevard has contributed to the economic growth of Truckee.

Today, Northwoods Boulevard is a bustling thoroughfare that connects Truckee's historic downtown area to the northern regions of the town. It provides access to several prominent destinations, including the Tahoe Donner residential community, Tahoe Donner Ski Area, and other recreational facilities.

Truckee continues to thrive as a year-round destination, attracting outdoor enthusiasts, tourists, and those seeking a mountain getaway. Northwoods Boulevard remains an essential artery, facilitating the movement of people and providing access to the natural beauty and recreational opportunities that Truckee and the surrounding region offer.


Northwoods Boulevard is located in the town of Truckee, California, which is situated in Nevada County. The boulevard runs north-south through the town, serving as an important transportation route.

  • Geographically, Northwoods Boulevard is positioned in the eastern part of Truckee, nestled within the Sierra Nevada mountain range. The town of Truckee itself is situated at an elevation of approximately 5,980 feet (1,823 meters) above sea level, surrounded by breathtaking natural landscapes.
  • As Northwoods Boulevard traverses through Truckee, it passes through diverse terrain and scenery. The boulevard intersects with several other key roads, including Donner Pass Road (also known as Highway 40) and Highway 267. These intersections further connect Northwoods Boulevard to the wider transportation network, allowing easy access to neighboring towns and attractions.
  • Along its route, Northwoods Boulevard encompasses various residential neighborhoods, commercial areas, and recreational facilities. One notable destination along the boulevard is the Tahoe Donner community, which features a mix of permanent and vacation homes, as well as amenities such as golf courses, swimming pools, and equestrian facilities.
  • Additionally, Northwoods Boulevard provides access to the Tahoe Donner Ski Area, a popular winter sports destination with ski slopes and trails suitable for all skill levels.
  • The geography surrounding Northwoods Boulevard is characterized by the stunning beauty of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Towering pine trees, alpine meadows, and picturesque vistas contribute to the natural allure of the area. Truckee Creek, a tributary of the Truckee River, meanders through the town, enhancing the scenic appeal of the region.

Overall, Northwoods Boulevard benefits from its location within the awe-inspiring landscapes of Truckee and the Sierra Nevada mountains. It serves as a gateway to the natural wonders, recreational activities, and residential communities that make this area a sought-after destination for outdoor enthusiasts and visitors alike.