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Grand Strand

North Myrtle Beach is located on the Atlantic Ocean along the Northeastern South Carolina coastal area known as the "Grand Strand". The City of North Myrtle Beach was chartered on May 7, 1968, as a result of the consolidation of four smaller beach communities, Ocean Drive Beach, Cherry Grove, Crescent Beach, and Windy Hill Beach.

Nine pristine miles of beach and approximately 15 square miles of land define the City as a growing mix of permanent residential neighborhoods, beach homes, hotels, motels and multi-storied condominiums. Theatres, shopping centers, restaurants, city parks and other amusements serve a population estimated at 12,000 and growing with another 3.5 million annual visitors. North Myrtle Beach is known for the family atmosphere, fishing piers reaching into the Atlantic, wide sandy beaches, and championship golf courses as well as being centrally situated to a very wide range of beautiful attractions and entertainment.

Comprising the North Strand are the Cities of North Myrtle Beach and Atlantic Beach in South Carolina and the unincorporated community of Little River, South Carolina.

Citizens in the North Strand Area take their politics, charitable giving, patriotism and volunteerism seriously. They are active in their churches and the many civic organizations that work hard to make their communities a better place to live, raise children and have wholesome fun.

Along with the South Strand, it is the golf capital of the world, offering over 160 championship courses around which can be found some of the best golf course home sites in the south. The North Strand is where fine coastal homes grace the Atlantic Ocean, overlook golf fairways and the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway. Tidal marshes provide magnificent vistas found in intensity nowhere else. It is where beautiful beaches greet the morning sun and year-round festivals provide continuous entertainment. All the way from small Mom & Pop hotels, cottages to majestic hotels, a wide variety of facilities accommodate the many visitors.

The internet has run rampant throughout the area. The high tech advantage to the consumer is well recognized and accommodations, restaurant reservations and golf tee times can all be obtained online. Chamber web sites in the North Strand receive more combined hits than any other resort community in the U.S.

Active Chambers of Commerce within the North Strand support local business and promote the area throughout the United States and the world. It is a community of entrepreneurs. The many chambers fill their week with ribbon-cutting ceremonies celebrating the business spirit of our citizens.

With the recent agreements between the South Carolina Department of Transportation and the North Carolina Department of Transportation, two major interstates will eventually come into the North Strand. Interstate 73 will enter from NC somewhere around Bennettsville and intersect with SC 22 (the Conway By-Pass). NC will extend I-74 to Brunswick County and turn south to intersect with SC 31 (the Carolina Bays Parkway) through Little River. As a result, the growth potential for the North Strand is phenomenal. These two interstates will provide a boom in tourism, providing easier and faster routes to the North Strand. They should also spur development of non-tourist based industries as business will now be able to easily move products in and out of the area. Stay tuned as the North Strand economy heats up!

"Quaint" is how people in Little River like to describe their community - but don’t misunderstand. Little River is a thriving and bustling community reflecting and sometimes leading the pace of the surrounding communities.

Walking around Little River, the visitor see a place where ancient live oaks, draped with Spanish moss, encircle unique shops and shelter fishing harbors along the waterfront. Many of the harbors have been in continuous operation since these ancient oaks were acorns. Once a prosperous port in the 1850’s, fishing and shrimp boats still depart daily and return with their fresh cargo for local restaurants and fish wholesalers. Their catch provide fresh seafood to the entire "Grand Strand" area.

In addition to shrimp, working boats bring in the world famous Little River blue crabs and such favorites as flounder, sea bass, grouper and snapper. For the sports fisherman, trips to the Gulf Stream can bring catches of tuna and marlin.

The steady pace of commerce on the waterway provides a fascinating view from the many restaurants located on or near the harbors. In the fall, luxurious yachts make their way south to winter in Florida, the Caribbean and other points. In the spring, the yacht-migration north provides a rare glimpse of the seasonal cycle of life that many of the prosperous follow.

Marinas abound through out the Little River area, taking advantage of the easy access from the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway to the Atlantic Ocean. Private yachts, graceful sailboats and a diversity of powerboats plying the waterway add to the appeal of the community. It it really the best combination of tranquility when you want it and excitement when you desire it. Use us as home-base to visit neighboring communities for all they also offer - great beach accesses, entertainment and beautiful vistas. Plan to visit us year round but especially in the Spring.

Each Spring for the past 24 years, Little River is home to the world famous Blue Crab Festival. From its beginnings almost a quarter of a century ago with sparse attendance, over 30,000 people now attend this two day event for entertainment, world class food, see and purchase the crafts of over 200 vendors and, of course, feast on blue crabs. The uniqueness of the festival comes from its very picturesque setting, the blue crabs and its ability to draw crafters and artists from throughout the United States.

North Myrtle Beach, the largest of the North Strand communities, is located on the Atlantic Ocean along the Northeastern South Carolina coast. It has a "small town feel with large city amenities." The City of North Myrtle Beach has a permanent population of some 12, 000 people but has restaurants, entertainment, accommodations and attractions to support 58,000 daily summer visitors and 10,000 part-time residents who call North Myrtle Beach their second home.

Thirty eight million annual visitors come to enjoy nine pristine miles of beach that lies within the city limits with some of those miles containing the widest beaches found in the "Grand Strand" area. Unique among the entire "Grand Strand", the City of North Myrtle Beach has over 160 beach access points for citizens and visitors.

In addition to the beaches, North Myrtle Beach is identified as a resort community where restaurants, accommodations and entertainment stress a family atmosphere. Where else can you find all this and horseback riding in the surf? It is the place where fishing piers reach deep into the Atlantic (over a 1/4 of a mile at Cherry Grove Pier), championship golf courses reside and deep sea fishing trips may be charted at marinas in the Cherry Grove section.

The North Myrtle Beach Aquatic Center will open in the Fall 2005, offering a venue for competitive swim meets and wellness services our citizens and visitors need not be without. With features like arthritis exercise classes, personal trainers, weight rooms, water therapy, cardiac re-hab follow up and a running track, the City of North Myrtle Beach will offer outstanding services to our citizens and visitors. Our visitors can now receive the same wellness therapy they were accustomed to at their home communities - or, perhaps, even better.

The Shag was originated in the Ocean Drive section, known to locals and visitors as "O.D." in the 1940’s. The Shag is a cross between the jitterbug and swing dancing with sleek moves and impressive footwork that was originally suited to a blend of rhythm and blues called beach music which also began here in North Myrtle Beach. Some great shag clubs found in "O.D." are Duck’s, Fat Harold’s Beach Club, the OD Pavilion, the Boulevard Grill and the Spanish Galleon. The Society of Stranders (SOS) sponsors two week-long shagging events in April and September that bring more than 35,000 shaggers to Main Street.